Rudolf and Death talking. I adore these two together under any context.

Disclaimer- Elisabeth and associated characters were not created by me.

Bad Timing

"I know who you are," Rudolf accused, staring at Death with drunken eyes that were simultaneously clouded and clear from the drink. "I know who you are. Don't you dare try to deny it."

"I never said anything, liebling," Death said softly. "Calm yourself. You wouldn't want to aggravate your condition, would you?"

"Why would you be here if you didn't want to aggravate my condition?"

"You're not on the ledger for today," Death assured. "And anyhow, I have privileges. I am allowed to visit old friends."

"Privileges," Rudolf laughed, a horrible drunken laugh. "You talk as though you are a prisoner. Of the two of us, do you really think that you are the one who is chained?"

"Well, this happens rarely," Death murmured.


"It appears I have come at the wrong time. Adieu, you petulant child."

"Don't you dare call me a child."


"I'm warning you..."


"Stop it!"

With an angry yell, Rudolf overturned the small table, and in two strides had reached Death, pressing his lips against the other's. Death pushed Rudolf away with a laugh.

"What did you think that did, Rudolf?" Death asked.

"Whatever the hell it's supposed to do," Rudolf said quietly. He looked for all the world like a disappointed child.

"Once again, you're not on the ledger right now, Rudolf," Death sighed. "You're drunk. Tomorrow you will wake up on the floor in a cold sweat and in utter horror about what you did tonight. You will fear every shadow on the wall and every step in the hall. And then you will know what it is like to flirt with Death."

"You think you know everything."

"I think that for good reason."

Death pats Rudolf's head, all condescension and fatherly concern.

"I'd lay off on the drink, if I were you, child. It can kill you."