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"Say it."

"Never", came the inevitable response.

The dark-skinned girl gave him a simple grin, and applied more pressure to his arm. He winced, gritting his teeth in his best attempt to not utter a single sound. He would not give her the satisfaction.

"Saaay it."

A hesitant, "No".

Even more pressure and even more wincing. The blond-haired boy failed to stop a much needed groan from escaping his lips, struggling under his friend's hold. He attempted to wriggle out from under her, but to no avail. She had the advantage.

"Come on. Say it."

"I won't." He growled, not liking the fact that she'd had him pinned down on the hard wooden floors for almost a minute now. "Let me up."

"Nah-ah. You gotta say it first."

" 'm not gonna say it!"

"Then Numbuh Five ain't lettin' you up."

He began to wonder how he'd gotten himself into this particular situation, when his thoughts were interrupted by her pulling his arm even further back. He gasped in shock, feeling a rush of embarassment due to the fact that the sound he just emitted wasn't nearly as manly as he wished it could have been.

"Say uncle!"

Ow, ow, ow. "Alright! Uncle! Uncle!"

The female smirked with accomplishment, releasing the boy's poor, injured limb and moving off of him. His arm gravitated to his side like a floppy ragdoll, but he was much too exhausted to cradle it or anything. How had he gotten himself into this situation?

"Maybe that'll teach you not to change the channel when Numbuh Five's watchin' some TV!"

Oh, yeah. That's how.