Title: The Secret Life of a Major General

Author: A. Karswyll

Summary: Loki's unethical experimentations didn't just include cloning of humans. One such experiment is about to thrust Jack O'Neill's life even deeper into secrecy.

Rating: M – Contains context suitable for mature teens and older. Not suitable for children or teens below the age of 16 with strong adult themes, references to violence, and minor coarse language.

Season: Season 8 Spoilers: 5.22 Revelations, 7.03 Fragile Balance, 7.13 Grace, 7.15 Chimera, 8.01-8.02 New Order, 8.07 Affinity, 8.14 Full Alert, 8.16-8.17 Reckoning, and 8.18 Threads.

Pairings: Samantha Carter/Pete Shanahan, Jack O'Neill/Kerry Johnson, Jack O'Neill/Samantha Carter

Genre: Adventure, General, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction

Category: Angst, Divergence, Drama, Human Relations

Content Warnings: Adult Themes, Kidnapping, Language, Sex, Sexual Situations, Violence

Characters: AF Maj Altman, NID Agt. Malcolm Barrett, CIA Agt. Burke, Mark Carter, Jacob Carter/Selmak, AF Lt Col Samantha Carter, Trust Agt. Devon, AF Col David Dixon, AF Lt Gen George Hammond, AF Maj Hadden, USA Pres. Henry Hayes, Hel, Dr Daniel Jackson PhD, CIA Agt. Kerry Johnson, CSAF Gen John Jumper, Robert Kinsey/Oceanus, Dr Caroline Lam MD, AF Maj Gen Hank Landry, AF Col Thomas J. Masiello, Charlotte Mayfield/Athena, AF Brig Gen Jack O'Neill, Jonas Quinn, AF Col Reynolds, Det. Pete Shanahan, Teal'c, Asgärd Supreme Com Thor, and Trust Agt. Weaver.

Challenge: Jack's Secret Life Challenge by SJ Shipper Forever.

Author's Note: The inspiration for this comes of course from SJ Shipper Forever's challenge. In order not to spoil the whole story, the challenge summary will be included at the end of the last chapter for those interested in knowing the challenge requirements.

Credits: I would like to acknowledge my fabulous beta fems—I am very grateful that we started conversing and say a big, HUGE thank-you. Fems, I have this to say especially in regards to chapters fourteen and twenty-nine: Ask and it will be given to you, Luke 11:9.

I am dedicating this story to "SJ Shipper Forever"—whoever you may be, and where ever you are—because without your challenge this would not have been written.

Research credits include English-Old Norse Dictionary compiled by Ross G, Arthur; Who's Who in Classical Mythology by Michael Grant and John Hazel; Stragate SG-1: the Ultimate Visual Guide by Kathleen Ritter; www. dreamlandrestort. com; www. hieroglyphs. net; maps. google. com; www. stargate-sg1-solutions. com; www. gateworld. net; www. monaco-alexandri. com; www. pantheon. org; www. rdanderson stargate/stargate. htm; and www. wikipedia. org.

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Complete: Yes Date: 6-May-2010 Word Count: 59,236