Chapter Fourteen:
Is This How It All Ends?
By DeansFallenAngel36 & Dean Winchester's Guardian Angel
There are some pretty graphic scenes in this chapter. Some material will be upsetting especially the ending. We are warning you that the ending is not a very happy one and we are waiting for the mob of people to come and get us with pitch forks and torches. But if you do then there will be no sequel.

Bobby placed an old tracking device over it a map in the middle of the table, "So you need a name, that's the whole kit and caboodle. With the right name, right ritual, ain't nothing you can't suss out."

"Like the town Lilith's in?" Sam asked as him, Lys, and Dean watched.

"Kid, when I get done, we'll know the street."

He begins the ritual and starts the swing for the pendulum. As the three watched, the pendulum begins to search over the map until it suddenly just stops, "New Harmony, Indiana."

Lys looked over at Sam and sighed, "I guess I will go get Candy."

"No I will go. I need to talk to her," Dean said and walked up the stairs.

Lys walked out of the room and Sam wasn't far behind her, "Hey Lys we still have time. Don't worry," Sam said pulling her to him.

"How did we let it get this far Sam? I can't lose her," She said as she cried into his chest, "I won't lose her."

"It's all going to be ok Lys. Somehow we will get through this together."

"What are we going to do? I feel like my life is spinning out of control Sam. I just want everything to go back the way it was." As Sam held her, Lys began to shake, "I am going to rip Lilith apart if she touches either one of them Sam. I swear I will," she seethed out. Sam had never heard Lys talk like this a part of him was worried but he knew the pain she was in right now because he felt the same way. All he wanted was Lilith's blood splattered in the walls.

"Don't worry baby. We will get her no matter what it takes," Sam said and kissed the top of her head, "I can promise you that."

When Dean entered the room, he saw Candy sitting on the edge of the bed with her hand on her stomach, "Its time isn't it?" she asked before getting up and walking over to Dean.

"Lilith is in Indiana so I guess…."

Candy just looked down and nodded, "So we should be going."

Dean looked at her as he felt the tear building but he knew he had to be strong, "Candy listen, maybe you should stay here and let me and Sam handle this one."

Candy looked up at him and smiled as she placed her hand on his face, "I know what you are trying to do Dean and it's not going to work. It's ok to be scared right now. God knows I am but I am going. I got myself into this mess and I want to be there to get myself out and if so some reason we can't," as she looked at him she began to sob, "Dean I don't want to die alone ok so just let me do this."

Dean couldn't hold back any longer. He pulled her against his chest and hugged her tight. He never wanted to let her go.

Later that afternoon, Dean and Candy packed the car as Sam and Lys got together ammo. Once they were done. They loaded up the car and Dean soon realized it wouldn't start and got out, "Do I look like a ditch able prom-date to you?" Bobby said walking over to them.

"No Bobby. Of course not." Sam said

"This is about me, Candy, Sam and Lys. Ok? This isn't your fight," Dean said to Bobby.

Bobby walked over to Dean and he was furious, "The hell it isn't! Family don't end with blood, boy. Besides, you need me."


"You're playing wounded. Tell me, how many hallucinations have you and Candy had so far?"

"How'd you know?"

"Because that's what happens when you've got hellhounds on your butt. And because I'm smart." Dean looked down on the ground as Sam watched him. Bobby hands Dean the distributor cap. "I'll follow. Don't be stopping to pee every ten minutes either."

"Hey I can't help it!" Candy yelled and Bobby just smiled at her. He had to save those kids. They were all the family he had left.

As the four were in the car driving down the road, everyone was quiet. Lys and Candy were fast asleep in the back and Candy had her head in Lys's lap, "Hey Dean?" Sam said.


"You know if this doesn't uh...this doesn't go the way we want, I want you to know…."

"No. No-no-no-no."

"No what?"

"No, you're not gonna bust out the misty good-bye speech, ok? And if this is my last day on earth, I do not want it to be socially awkward." Dean looked in the back before smiling at Sam, "You know what I do want?" He reached down to the radio and starts up Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive, "Rise and shine ladies!"

Candy sat up and heard the loud music, "What the hell Dean?"

"Bon Jovi?" Sam asked smiling.

"Bon Jovi rocks, on occasion."

And I walk these streets
A loaded six-string on my back
I play for keeps
'Cause I might not make it back
Been everywhere

Candy and Lys just smiled at each other and joined in, "Oh yeah."

I'm standing tall
I've seen a million faces
And I rock the boat
'Cause I'm a cowboy
On a steel horse I ride
I'm wanted


Dead or ALIVE

Dean begins to lose the will to sing and his smile is beginning to fade. Sam and Lys just continues to sing, laugh and smile, not noticing how Dean is suddenly taking in the lyrics, realizing how much they actually fit him and what is about to come. Candy leaned up and wrapped her arms around Deans neck, "I love you baby," she said and kissed his cheek.

Dean laid his hand on her arm and smiled over his shoulder, "I love you too."

Dean and Candy took the bottom of the house as Lys and Sam went upstairs. Dean stood protectively around Candy not wanting anything to happen to her or the baby. "There's nothing," said Candy and they went upstairs to Sam and Lys. Dean and Candy walked into the room Sam and Lys were in seeing the colt in Sam's hand about to shoot the little girl.

"Dean it's not her," said Candy and Dean looked at her not seeing a demon in the little girl. He rushed up to Sam and grabbed the gun. "It's not her! It's not in her!" The little woke up screaming.

The four of them got the little girl and her mother out of the house and stood in the living room.

"Now what?" asked Sam and Ruby walked in looking at them all.

"She's gone. She's not here," said Ruby.

Candy closed her eyes feeling her heart beating fast as she put her hand over her stomach. She felt Dean's arms wrapping around her and holding her to him. He closed his eyes, trying his hardest not to cry thinking of Candy and the baby, his baby…their baby. The baby the two of them had made together that was part of them, part of their souls will be gone in the matter of seconds.

"No, no," said Lys shaking her head looking at Dean and Candy then at Sam. "We-we have to do something. We can't…we can't let them die! No, we…" Sam grabbed her holding her in his arms as she continued to sob into his chest.

He looked up from Lys and looked at Dean, their eyes catching each others. Sam could see the fear in his oldest brothers eyes as he held his family in his arms one last time. Sam looked over at Ruby. "Tell me what to do."

"What?" asked Ruby. "Not it's too late."

"Sam don't," said Dean.

"Don't do it for us," said Candy shaking her head. "It's not worth going down that road."

"But I can do it," said Sam.

"No, it's too late Sam. I can't do it. I tried giving you a chance and you blue it. You screwed yourself and your family over."

Sam closed his eyes and they heard the clock going off. Both Candy and Dean looked at the clock tears in their eyes. Candy looked at Lys and they ran into each others arms. "Take care of Sam, ok? You're both going to need each other."

"Candy…no, we-we can figure something out…I can't do this. I shouldn't be here. You, Dean and the baby should be the ones alive. Not me." She shook her head and Candy stopped her and made her younger sister look at her.

"Lys, it's you and Sam now. You guys stay together, stay strong for each other." She smiled at her as more tears fell from both their eyes. "Have a family and grow old together."

She kissed her sister on the forehead then looked at Sam. "Take care of her Sammy."

Sam and Dean looked at each other, tears were falling freely from Sam's eyes as Dean tried to hold back his not wanting his brother to remember him like this but as the strong older brother that would always take care of him and be there for him.

Dean grabbed a hold of Candy's hand and they both heard a growl. "Dean…"

"I hear it," he said and they both turned their heads slightly. They both saw the hellhounds standing by the door.



"Dining room," said Sam. "Now!" The five of them ran into the dining room and closed the door. They poured salt around the doors and windows and waited.

"Give me the knife," said Ruby.

"What? Why?" asked Sam.

"I can hold them back."

Dean looked at Ruby and his eyes widened. "Sam that's not Ruby!" He looked at Candy who was right next to Ruby as Ruby grabbed her by the back of the neck. "Now give me the knife!"

"Don't do it Sam!" yelled Candy and she cried out as she felt Ruby's nails dig into her neck.

"Get off her you son of a bitch!" yelled Dean charging after her but Ruby slammed the three of them against the wall.

"Who is it?" asked Sam as the knife dropped from his hand

"Lilith," said Candy as she clenched her teeth in pain.

"Yup it's me."

"Where's Ruby?" asked Sam.

"Oh I sent her far, far away." She looked at Candy. "Somewhere you and your precious little girl will be going very soon."

"Please…" begged Candy as tears sprang from her eyes. "Not my baby."

Lilith laughed and looked at Dean. "This is going to be way too much fun." The four of them watched as she kicked the salt away from the door and they knew what she was going to do.

"No!" yelled Lys and Dean.

"Don't! It's me you want!" yelled Sam.

But it was too late Lilith opened the door and dropped Candy on the ground. "Get her boys."

The three of them watched as Candy was thrown to the ground by an invisible force, well to Lys and Sam, Dean could see the monsters ripping apart his wife and he watched as they scratched apart her stomach. Her screams and please screamed through his ears.

"No!" yelled Dean tears falling from his eyes. "No! Stop!"

"Oh Dean," said Lilith playfully pouting. "Leave the begging and suffering for Hell."

With a wave of her hand she let him fall to the ground and Candy's screams had stopped. Dean ran over to her and grabbed her face staring into her soulless eyes.

"Candace!" yelled Lys as she watched her sister and brother in law on the floor.

"Baby?" Dean ran a hand over her face smearing the blood everywhere. He looked down at her stomach knowing the baby was gone too. He looked up at Lilith with pure madness and murder in his eyes. "You son of a bitch!"

"Don't worry Dean; you'll be spending a lot of time with your family in Hell." With the snap of her fingers the Hellhounds attacked Dean and the same thing happened. They ripped him apart limb by limb. Sam screamed for Lilith to stop but she just watched in amusement as Dean screamed and cried in agony then silence.

Lilith smiled at her progress of the two dead Winchesters on the floor. Lys's sobbing was the only thing heard throughout the room. She couldn't take her eyes off her sister.

Dean and Candy were laying side by side on the floor soulless and dead.

"That was Bonnie and Clyde," Lilith looked up at Lys and Sam, "Now for Romeo and Juliette."

She put her hand out and Sam and Lys looked at each other. "I love you, Pumpkin," said Sam.

Lys sobbed. "I love you too." The next thing they know they are being blinded by a pure white light but it was quickly gone as soon as it came. They blinked and looked around and found themselves on the floor looking up at Lilith. She was just as shocked as they were.

Sam grabbed the knife and before he could do anything Lilith flew out of the body with a loud scream and then the body hit the floor with a loud thud.

Lys and Sam quickly crawled over to their siblings bodies and held them in their arms. They cried and looked at each other knowing there was one thing on their mind…vengeance.

Hell 30 Years

"Dean, how are you today?" asked Alistair.

"I was good until I saw your fugly face this morning," Dean smirked at Alistair.

"Always with the wit and comments. Don't you know they just tend to get you in trouble boy?"

Dean just looked away from him and then turned his attention to the door when he saw Candy being brought in. He hasn't seen her since he got there.


"Dean!" she yelled trying to run over to him but the demons had her.

"What are you going to do you son of a bitch?" yelled Dean looking at Alistair.

"Oh the same things we've been doing to her since she came to us," said Alistair with a smile.

Candy was put on a rack beside Dean. "Candy!" He tried to grab for her she was just inches from his touch.

"Dean," she sobbed. When she reached for him their fingertips touched and he smiled for the first time in years.

"Go get it," said Alistair and Candy quickly looked at him.

"No, don't do this to him! Don't you do it you bastard!" yelled Candy tears falling down her cheeks and she began to shake.

"Awe Candy I thought we talked about your such language and what it does to me," said Alistair playing with a piece of hair and then kissing her cheek.

She sobbed and looked away.

"Get your hands off her you son of a bitch!"

"Please don't show him," said Candy. "He won't be able to take it." She looked up at Deans face. "Don't look Dean. Don't look." He looked at her confused. "Dean just close your eyes and whatever you do don't…" She screamed as Alistair dug a knife right into her stomach.

"Don't ruin the surprise princess," seethed Alistair. "You would think the mother would want the father to see their baby…especially their first born."

Dean looked at Alistair with confusion written all over his face. He followed him with his eyes as he walked to the door where the demons were waiting with something in their hands.

"Don't look Dean," Candy just kept repeating over and over again. "It's not real. It's not real."

"Oh but princess of course it's real," said Alistair as he took the blanket off the baby.

"No," said Dean and Candy began crying like she usually did when she saw her baby.

"She's just so beautiful, has Candy's eyes," said Alistair looking down at the baby and then at Dean.

"You mother fucking piece of shit bastard! I'll kill you! I swear to God I'll kill you!" yelled Dean.

"Now now, Dean is that anyway to talk in front of your child." He kissed their baby's head.

"She's not real!" yelled Candy.

Alistair smiled at her. "Oh she's perfectly real. And you know what comes next, princess."

"No! No! Don't do that to him! Dean don't listen!"

Alistair handed the baby back to the demons and they walked out.

"No! Where you taking her? What are you doing you mother fucking son of a bitch?" yelled Dean. The next thing Dean knew he was hearing crying, a baby's cry. Dean threw his head back hard hitting it against the table as he closed his eyes trying to block out the screaming of his wife and the crying of his baby but nothing was working.

"I'm going to ask you again, Dean," said Alistair picking up the knife. "Will you take my knife and start to rip apart souls or do you want to witness what just happened and more for the rest of your life?"

Candy was sobbing and then screaming again as Alistair ripped through her.

"Dean," said Candy crying. "Leave him alone you son of a bitch." Candy spit out blood.

"Look Dean, I'll make you a deal," said Alistair walking over to him and wiping his wife's blood on his face from the knife. "I'll let her and the baby's soul free if you take my knife."

Dean looked over at Candy and could still hear the echoes of the babies cries in his ears. "I have your word they'll go free."

"Yes, you have my word but not until you rip apart Candace."

"No you can't expect me to do that to her! Anyone but her!"

"Dean would you rather your baby?"

Dean sobbed looking down. "You sadistic son of a bitch…I'll do it. I'll rip Candy's soul apart."

Candy looked at him wide eyed as Dean was taken off the table and he grabbed the knife. The two looked into each others eyes as he stood in front of her. She closed her eyes nodding. "I love you, Dean."

"I love you."

She took a shaky deep breath and opened her eyes staring into his for the last time knowing she will never get the chance again. "Make it quick."

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