I am so very sorry to inform you all that this story is officially on HIATUS, if you haven't already guessed :\

I want to apologize also for not having posted this any sooner...I have been so busy with life and uni, its been a crazy few months!

I hope you all understand and accept my apology...I wouldn't want to write the last of the story knowing that my heart isn't in it and I'd just be rushing the chapters simply to update but you all deserve so much more than that!

I do really genuinely miss writing and I'm excited to pick things up when I'm free...but I honestly do not know when that will be. I have uni exams running at the moment, so flipping stressful, among other things happening in my life right now.

I want to say a massive massive thank you to those lovely readers who've PM'd me and I am sooooo very sorry I haven't gotten back to anyone! That is literally how busy I've been!

Also...thank you so much to those asking how my mum is! She's doing well at the moment...in fact my mother's expecting a baby :D Words can not express how excited me and my family all are and this all just makes my life that much more hectic for this summer and years to come looool. When I said she was ill earlier...she was genuinely not good at all with the early months of pregnancy and had to go stay with my nan for a few weeks. But now she's doing much better :)

So yeah...I hope you all understand and accept my deepest apologies. I can't say when I'll be getting back to the story cos like I said my summer will be hectic! Nonetheless, I promise to try...my last exam is May 31st...which seems forever away :(

There's not much left of this story and I really really do not want to leave it un-ended so I will try to update once exams are over...but updates will most probably be slow :\

Thank you all for everything! Fanfiction and writing has been an amazing experience and I very much look forward to coming back to finish what I've started :)

Tas xxx