Founder's Day was a day created to remember the historical moment when the small town of Mystic Falls actually became something more than a settlement where people lounged. Those who worked long and hard in order to create an organized government and functioning society were to be remembered and celebrated for their hand in the creation of the town. Smiles were suppose to be abundant and laughing was suppose to flitter through the small town, ringing through everyone's ears in a way to show the joys of the day. Floats were made commending all those who had a hand in building the town and for those who were destroyed as they attempted to defend the town that they loved.

Rides were set up all over, holding laughing children that smiled and posed every time they passed their parents who would quickly snap a picture. The smell of a variety of delicious foods flowed through the everyone nostrils, enticing them to go and eat as they awaited for the main events of the festival. The day was beautiful, the sun was shining and the sky was a clear blue, having no cloud in sight. It was suppose to be a day of excitement that showed just how proud the people were of their town and its history. Nobody would have guessed the events that were about to plague the town on this very night. Nobody could have prepared for the losses sustained and the feelings that aroused as a result. The day would never be the same.


Elena Gilbert smiled brightly as she waved to the many people cheering and yelling in the crowd as the numerous floats rode down the cleared streets of Mystic Falls. Everyone was out and about today, celebrating the day when their beloved home had become a town. It was her favorite day out of the whole year, the one day where all her worries and troubles could be washed away for the moment as she celebrated the numerous events going on with her friends and family. She didn't have too much to actually be concerned about currently, anyway. Isobel had left town and her Uncle John held a powerless device in his hand. While there was still the threat of the many vampires that had escaped the tomb on the fateful day that Bonnie's grandmother died she had no real worries about them. She was positive that it would take them a long while to adjust to the current time frame and by than she was sure that the two Salvatore's would have a good amount already torn down. They couldn't go out in the sun, anyway.

Her thoughts had been mostly been centered around her prior engagement with Isobel and the words that had been spoken that day. She was more than happy that her mother turned out to be a disappointment. It allowed her to freely dislike her for the rest of her life and not dwell on what could have been if she had stayed. Her foster mother's memory would always burn brightly in the depths of her mind because other than her Aunt Jenna and foster father she was the only one that truly cared for her like a parent. She didn't know what Isobel meant when she said that bit about the brothers and Katherine.

'As long as you have a Salvatore on each arm your doomed. Katherine was smart she got out. But we all know you're not Katherine.'

She couldn't understand why she was doomed and she wasn't even sure why Isobel would even care when she had up and left her all those years ago. Not even when she had been turned had she had the decency to come and even check up on her just to see how she was doing or if she was still alive. That woman wasn't a mother and she was glad for it. Still she couldn't help but have this dread sort of feeling as she replayed the words in her head. There was something that she didn't know and while she wasn't exactly surprised by that fact she had an idea that the secret was bigger than anything she could ever imagine.

The other thing that had been bothered her where Isobel was concerned was the response she had received when she spoke about getting the device.

'Because he's in love with you,'She had said, as if the fact was obvious.

She wasn't sure how to take the reply, quite sure that it could have just been some rouse to get a reaction. Than again for all she knew she could be wrong about that, too. She didn't know what to think where the statement was concerned. She couldn't even fathom how to bring that up in a conversation without making it completely awkward either. At least for her she was sure Damon would come up with some sort of witty comment in response. Or he would completely agree with the comment and confess his undying love. She almost laughed out loud with that thought. As if he would ever do that.

Those words were the ones that reverberated through her head throughout the week, constantly repeating in her mind so she couldn't forget. She didn't think she could forget them if she tried. She didn't even know if she wanted to. She had been utterly surprised when she heard them but the uplifting feeling that had shot through her heart was undeniable. She just didn't know what it meant. Damon seemed to be as shocked as she was when Isobel said them and Stefan…well, Stefan looked kind of pained but she hadn't found a trace of surprise. He made it look like he had known that little secret already….

That was impossible, though. He couldn't know of something that didn't exist and she was quite positive that Damon didn't love her. Than again if he didn't than why did he look so concerned when they said Isobel was in town. Why had he said that she didn't have to see her? And what about all the other things he had done for her. He had compelled her brother to forget when she wanted him to. He had helped her get Stefan back and was worried about her when she came gallivanting in. He stayed with her when Stefan was regaining his old personality, he stepped in for him when he had gone off the deep end and left the Miss Mystic Falls pageant. There was so many things that he did and not once could she recall him ever asking for anything in return. She didn't know what to think about the eldest Salvatore anymore. All she knew was that she trusted him unyieldingly. There was no doubt in her mind where he was concerned.

Her Uncle John had been more annoying than usual this past week, constantly inquiring as to where she was going every time it looked like she was walking out of the door. She had almost lost his temper with him a couple of times but held back, unsure what the damage would be if she began to yell at him. He still didn't have the slightest clue that the device was useless now, the power taken away from it. There was going to be repercussions once he learned of what had happened and she only hoped that nobody was fatal injured when the truth came out.

Surprisingly Bonnie had been unusual quiet when in her presence this week, not that they were constantly around each other or anything. She had thought now that they resolved their differences that they would spend more time together as they got ready for Founder's Day but evidentially not. She saw Bonnie twice this week and both times it took a total of five minutes for her to come up with some excuse and leave. That wasn't what made her actions weird, however. It was the fact that her eyes never meet her own anymore and that was causing a deep sinking feeling to start in the pit of her stomach. She didn't know what was going on with her but she did know that whatever it was couldn't be good.

A sense of dread filled her body as a shiver ran down her spine at the thoughts she was currently running through her mind and she proceeded to shake her mind of anything negative. It was a beautiful day and everyone was happy. She had no intention of being the only one in Mystic Falls in a bad mood. Her eyes glanced to the side at Stefan and she saw his wide smile as he looked at everyone gathered on the sides of the street, enthusiastically waving to them. She turned away from him, a smile gracing her own lips as her eyes scanned the crowd before them.

Almost immediately they came to rest on the penetrating blue eyes that were currently standing out from the crowd. She wasn't too stunned to see that he had attended the festive but it did shock her a bit. His eyes zeroed in on her and immediately a smirk lit up his face, his eyes twinkling in amusement as he watched her. Her smile became brighter as she waved happily to him. His hand came up to his mouth as he wiggled all his fingers to her, waving in his own little way. A small laugh escaped her lips at his antics.

She felt the hand on her waist involuntarily tighten and knew that Stefan had seen his brother. He had been more…clingy than usual and there had not been a day during this week where he had not visited her. And she didn't mean five minute long visits of hello, she meant hours of his constant presences. As much as she enjoyed spending time with him there was only so much she could take before becoming utterly annoyed and sick of his relentless affection. She knew it had something to do with the words Isobel spoke but she didn't have enough proof to actually confront him on his concern on the matter.


He couldn't help the accomplished feeling that flowed through his body as he saw his brother's eyes darken and his demeanor shift to an annoyed state. Stefan was no where near pleased with his friendship with Elena and he loved to rub it in every time he possible could. It was just too much fun to see his brooding brother feel something other than sorry for himself. His jealously was not cute in any way but he enjoyed the irritation that radiated off him when he talked or looked at Elena. Of course not every time he did it was because he liked to torture his brother.

He rather enjoyed Elena's fiery little spirit and attitude when she was angry. Her nostril would microscopically flare, her blood would rapidly flow through her veins, her face would twist into one of rage and her eyes would glow brightly. It was a sight to see he had to say. He had never seen quite a reaction like hers before. Her witty comments kept him on his toes and her unpredictability made the games he played with her all the more fun. The girl had a wild side to her buried deep inside and he had every intention of allowing it to get loose.

He waved mockingly at his brother and raised both his eyebrows in a rapid movement before sending a smug smirk to him. He watched his brother's jaw tick in response and waited until the float was obscured from view before making his way towards their final destination, knowing his dear brother would want to speak.


He knew exactly what his brother had been up to this past week. He was trying to get under his skin, trying to make him lose his temper and explode so he would like a fool. As much as he hated to say it the fuse was getting shorter and shorter every time and he felt ready to snap at any moment. The small talk he had with his brother right after the incident with Isobel had only made matters worse because now Damon knew of his aversion towards his and Elena's friendship. Revealing it was more than a mistake and now he would have to deal with the repercussions of acting so rashly.

He had thought that he had to remind Damon that Elena was not Katherine and that the past would not repeat itself but the more he thought about it the more he became sure of the fact that his brother most certainly did not think she was. He was aware of how they bonded in Georgia and he blamed himself for it, knowing his actions caused the reaction she had. They were closer than he originally thought they were, the fact more than evident by Damon's obvious trust in Elena. Despite the hundred plus years of knowing him his brother did not hold such a deep trust with him. He supposed the past had a hand in that but it was still clear that Elena held Damon's unquestioned trust.

He didn't see it as a good thing, the little bond they had created, but he knew that attempting to break it would only cause problems between them all. Elena would not stand for it, holding her friendships above everything but her family, and Damon…well, he just couldn't be told what to do. He had no intention of getting on Elena's bad side because Damon decided to get to know her. He would subtitle make his presences known to both when they were discussing things and he would hint to both of them that the bond was not a good thing but other than that he was powerless. He couldn't understand why Elena wanted to be friends with the man who toyed with her friends like they were playthings, he couldn't reason her trust in him and he had no idea how they kept from ripping one another's heads off sometimes. Their connection was one that couldn't be understood or predicted and that was the one thing he hated the most.

He helped Elena off the float, grabbing her hand and making sure she didn't hurt herself as she jumped off.

When she safely landed he lightly kissed her hand and said, "I'll be right back, okay?"

She nodded, confusion clear in her eyes but all he did was smile and let her go. He turned on his heel and proceeded to the bench that was stationed in the middle of the small field, knowing his brother was on his way.


He walked slowly towards his brother, his hands deep within the pockets of his black jeans. His brother was fairly stunned to see him today, knowing his hatred for these kind of social events, especially when it involved screaming children and laughing adults.

The moment he was close enough his brother spoke and he wasn't surprised by the question that was asked, "What are you doing here?"

"It's Founder Day. I'm here to eat cotton candy and steal your girl," He replied smoothly, a smirk winding it's way onto his face as he lightly patted his brother on the shoulder.

Stefan let out an humorless smile, one side of his lips tilting upward. His head was facing the side but his eyes were staring straight at his brother.

"That will never happen," He said clearly, no doubt evident in his voice.

"I wouldn't be too sure about that," Damon responded.

Stefan shook his head lightly, "Elena is not Katherine."

Damon's smirk became more prominent at the statement and a twinkle entered his eyes at his next words, "No, she's not. She'll actually make a choice."

"It won't be you."

"We'll see," Damon said with a shrug, his lack of worry over the situation more than evident.

"No," Stefan began sternly, "We won't because you'll stay away from her."

Damon rolled his eyes at the comment, his head slightly shaking, "Good luck tiding that over with her."

A smug smirk than made it's way onto Damon's face and Stefan was more than positive that he knew Elena wouldn't stand for it. He knew that if he attempted to get her to stay away from him or even brought up the subject that it would cause an argument and he had no wish for that.

"Just stay away from her, Damon," Stefan repeated.

"I'll try," Damon said after a moment with a quirk of his lips, "But if she comes to me there's really nothing I can do about it."

"She won't," Stefan said with confidence.

Damon smirked once more, his eyes flickering to the person that was currently walking there way, "Really?"

Stefan noticed his eyes looking at something behind him and turned his body to the side, not at all surprised when he saw Elena coming towards them. She was smiling brightly at the both of them, her beauty enhanced significantly by the glowing rays of the sun that were cascading down upon her.

"Hey, Damon," She greeted once she stopped, "What are you doing here?"

Stefan immediately went to her side when she halted, his arms coming to wrap protectively around her waist as he kept his eyes trained on Damon.

"Oh, you know, just enjoying the festival and the abundance of cotton candy," He told her, his eyes twinkling in amusement once more as he noticed his brother's ridged stance.

Elena looked at his curiously, though she was still smiling, "I never pegged you for a cotton candy person."

"Well, Elena, I enjoy a lot more than just blood and killing," He slyly remarked, his eyes darkening a bit.

"And girls," She added in.

"And girls," He repeated with a smirk, "Maybe one day I'll tell you all the things I enjoy."

He winked at her once he was finished with his statement.

She smiled at his playful behavior and said, "You seem to be in a good mood today."

"How can I not be? It's a beautiful day, there's plenty of cotton candy lying around and the company is…," He paused for a moment, his lips and nose moving slightly to the side, "Well, your company is most welcomed. His," He said jerking his head towards Stefan, "Not so much."

She rolled her eyes, shaking her head at him but he could see the amusement running in her eyes at his comment, "Can't you be nice to your brother just this once?"

"Where's the fun in that?"

She let a small laugh escape her at his question, "You have a good day, Damon. Stefan and I have to get back to the floats. I don't want Caroline to have a fit."

"Does she even not have one?" He wittily remarked.

Elena sent him a disapproving look, though he still saw amusement in her eyes, "Behave."

"Don't I always?" He inquired as if bewildered by the statement.

Elena sent him a pointed look.

"Alright, alright," He said, placing his hands up in front of him as a mock surrender, "I'll be good," He vowed, blanching slightly at the last word, before muttering, "Whatever that is."

"Thank you," Elena told him sincerely with a smile.

He inclined his head towards her, his eyes sparkling as the sun shone on him. Stefan gave him an annoyed look before following Elena as she walked towards the floats. Damon allowed a smirk to grace his lips. Something told him that the two lovebirds were about to have an exchange of words and that it was not going to end well.

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