It took her all of ten minutes to get to the Hall at the speed she had been traveling. She had pressed the petal with her feet hard and did not allow her foot off it. She had reached one twenty in a matter of two minutes and almost smacked right into the Hall when she had attempted to stop the car. Evidentially the thing had no breaks and she was only glad that she didn't kill herself in an attempt to help her friends. She ripped open the door as fast as she could and quickly made her way into the house, cautious of everything.

Upon entering she saw nothing but the familiar stairs that lead up to the display cases of the founding families and the two archways leading to the other rooms. She walked forward slowly, her senses on full alert as she tried to hear or sense anything out of the ordinary. She frowned when a continuous banging sound flowed through her ears and walked to the side of the stairs, noticing a small door in the side of it. She pushed it open and peeked in, noticing a stairwell leading down to a stone hallway. As she walked down the stairs the banging became louder and she could hear someone screaming painfully.

Picking up her pace as her heart raced erratically she swiftly came to another staircase. She walked down and immediately saw that Alaric and Damon were present. Her eyes widened when she notices the state that Damon was in, his hands gripping his head tightly and his eyes shut as he screamed in pain. She had never seen him so vulnerable before. Alaric was near him, bound to a wooden pole that darted down into the cement floor. She went over to him first, shaking him awake. He awoke with a start, his eyelids popping open as his eyes frantically searched ar9ound the area. When he saw her he sighed in relief.

"Are you alright?" Elena asked him with worried eyes, noticing the blood that present behind his slumped body.

"Yeah," He croaked out before wincing at a pain in his head.

"What happened to Damon?" She questioned, her eyes glancing at the elder Salvatore.

"He can't hear you," A familiar voice stated from behind them, "He's incoherent at the moment and soon he will be forever."

Elena's eyes had widened the moment she had heard the voice and her body had whirled around on its own accord. She stared at the figure of her best friend and blinked, wondering just what in the hell happened to her. Bonnie looked so…sinister and malicious. Evil intent was dripping all over her person as Bonnie stared unflinchingly into her chocolate eyes.

"What have you done?" Elena whispered questioningly, ignoring the pain that busted from her heart.

"I know who I am now, Elena," Bonnie replied confidentially, her voice slightly different from her regular tone, "I can't allow these creatures to go on living."

All of a sudden a burst of fire made its way down the stairs, surrounding the room and its inhabitants. Elena felt the heat on her body immediately and knew that she had little time to get out. She had a feeling that the fire ran deep into the house and that she would have less than ten minutes tops to get out the house without it collapsing, perhaps even less.

Elena stared at her friend in disbelief, wondering just what had happened to the person that she had grown up with. The person who would stick by her no matter what and help her without being asked. The one she had cried with when her parents died and leaned on for support when she couldn't take life anymore.

"Bonnie," She whispered softly, "Stop this. They haven't done anything to deserve this sort of fate."

"They killed my grams, Elena," Bonnie responded instantly, her eyes narrowing hatefully, "That's enough for me."

"I can't believe you would do this, Bonnie," Elena told her, her eyes full of hurt and betrayal, "That you would betray me like this. As if our friendship means nothing. What have you become? Your not the person I once knew."

"Neither are you, Elena," Bonnie yelled back at her, her eyes flashing, "My friend wouldn't be consorting with the men who killed my grandmother and nearly drained her best friend. She wouldn't forgive the man that murdered her oldest friends sister!"

Elena could obviously see that Bonnie was hurt just as much as she was, perhaps even more so, but that didn't stop the fact that she was using her powers on Damon. It was the only thing she could think of that put Damon in the state that he was in. Damon was a strong man and he was not one to be so easily taken down. He had went down without even getting physically hit and that was something she found unbelievable. She wished that she could go back and change the events of time, that she could save Bonnie's grandmother and prevent the tomb of vampires from escaping but she couldn't and that was something that weighed heavily on her.

Bonnie was one of her best friends, or at least she had been, and while she had no desire to hurt the girl she would for her the sake of the people that stood by her side through everything she had recently been through. The ones that had saved her life more times than she could remember and made waking up everyday possible. Stefan most certainly did not deserver anything that was being thrown at him, his existence one of purity and peace.

While Damon was not as selfless as Stefan he had a good side to him, too, one that had been steadily emerging since the opening of the tomb, or maybe it was before that. She couldn't really recall. All she knew was that he was making amends on his own pace and that deep down inside he was a good guy, just slightly misunderstood. He didn't deserve to die like this, not when he was finally changing.

With determination shining brightly in her eyes she stared Bonnie right in the face, her voice sternly saying, "Stop the fire and leave Damon alone, Bonnie. You've caused more than enough trouble for one night."

Because for some reason she had this feeling that Bonnie had known about this all along. That she pretended to be clueless and sorry to get information. She hated the Salvatore brothers and while Elena understood it, she couldn't accept it. They meant a lot to her and that fact that Bonnie would try to take people so close to her away from heart wrenching on its own. The fact she had betrayed her by saying she did something she didn't was even worse. Bonnie had probably known about the incoming vampires, her ability as a psychic having expanded through the rigorous events she had been though. She had come here to ensure the Salvatore's demise and that was something that Elena could not allow to happen.

"Why? What are you going to do?" Bonnie taunted with a sinister smirk.

Adrenaline rushing through her as anger and betrayal fueled her movements, Elena lunged swiftly at her friend, catching her off guard. Bonnie seemed to be in shock by the action and Elena took this opportunity to deck her right in the face, the emotions she was feeling forcing her to cause something pain. It seemed to snap the girl out of it as she tried to grab Elena's face with her hands. Elena caught her wrist and a second later both were rolling around the ground, barely avoiding the trails of fire. Both were attempting to gain the upper hand by being on top and at last Bonnie managed to secure the position. Her triumph was short lived, how ever when Elena harshly shoved her off to the side. Bonnie's head hit the ground forcefully and she felt herself get lost in a slight daze.

Elena took this opportunity to stumble over to Alaric, her hands quickly going to the rope that bounded his hands. She fumbled as she untied the first one, looking at him apologetically when she accidentally scratched his wrist with her nail.

She managed to get one hand undone when she heard him tense and yelled, "Watch Out!"

She turned around and her eyes widened as a piece of metal was impaled through her left shoulder, breaking the muscles, skin and bone easily. Elena stumbled back against the wall, her hand on her bleeding wound as she cried out at the pain she was feeling. She stared at Bonnie and saw that was coming after her again, this time a wooden stake in her hand. Elena readied herself for the blow when Alaric grabbed her and pinched her pressure point. Immediately Bonnie slumped to the ground, unconscious.

She turned her attention to Damon, expecting to see him unconscious instead of in pain but found herself in surprise when she saw he was still screaming, his hands still on his head.

Frantically she turned to Alaric, "Why didn't it work? Why is he still screaming?"

"She wasn't doing that. It was the device your Uncle holds. It's doing something to his head," Alaric answered as he bent down next to Damon, examining his pained features.

Another pain rang through Elena's heart at the words. Bonnie had lied to her about that, too, huh? She glanced at her fallen form, a new strand of hate forming for the woman that she once called a friend. She was more determined than ever to save the people that she held dear because now she realized that this was all her fault.

"Get him out of here," She told Alaric sternly before whirling towards the stairs and darting up them, avoiding the flow of fire.

"Where are you going?" Alaric yelled after her.

"To stop this," She called back before disappearing out of his sight.

Alaric sighed before picking up Damon with difficulty, the vampires struggles and screaming doing nothing to help at the moment. He looked down at the form of the witch and contemplated leaving her there, but quickly crossed out the action. Instead he heaved her onto his other shoulder and slowly made his way out of the basement. He might have allowed their heads to hit a couple of things on the wall out, his body swaying more than once, but he figured that they would get over it.

Their life was worth the couple of bumps that would appear. The moment he was out the front door and a good fifty yards from the Hall he set Damon down gently. He took Bonnie into the woods, hiding her from the view of any of his current allies, knowing the tempers that each one had. It was the only deed he would do for her. Now she was on her own. He turned his back on her form as he ran towards the house, once more, hoping to make it before Elena got herself killed.


She ran as quickly as she could up the stairs, avoiding the gaping holes in the floor from the fire and sidestepping to avoid being burnt. The moment she was at the top she saw her Uncle and the Mayor, the two standing in the middle of the biggest room in the Hall. She quickly went towards them and they turned around from the noise she made as she approached.

Her Uncle seemed more than surprised to see her as he whispered, "Elena…"

An emotionless façade than appeared and he raised an eyebrow at her, "I'm shocked you made it here. I was almost positive that your little boyfriend here would keep you locked away. You should go home before you get yourself hurt."

"What your doing is wrong, Uncle John," She responded briskly.

"All vampires need to die, Elena. They deserve to be six feet under like all their victims."

"Not all of them are evil, Uncle John. They deserve a chance to live just like the rest of the world," Elena told him, her eyes glancing at Anna and Stefan.

They were off to the side, their bodies trembling and their hands grasping their heads as they screeched in pain. She hated to see them like this. They were hurting because of her.

Uncle John shook his head at her, "No, they..,"

Before he could finish his sentence the window directly behind him shattered and three shadowed figures busted in. Knowing immediately who they were John pointed the device at them. He managed to get two down before being overcome by the last one, the device being thrown out of his hand and across the room. Elena grabbed it with her good hand and quickly removed the middle part of the device. Almost instantly the mind numbing and pain that had been pulsating through the vampires head stopped.

"You have no idea what you've just done," Her Uncle yelled at her furiously, his body being held against the wall by the third vampire.

He's silenced a moment later when his throat is savagely ripped opened, the vampires fangs shredding them to bits. She looked away, horrified by the sight before noticing that the two vampires the third had come with were stalking towards her. She hastily moved back, fumbling to put the middle part back into the pocket watch. She screamed as they both lunged and was slightly shocked when one went flying back, a stake in his heart. The other one, however, caught her off guard since her attention was on the dead one and sank his fangs into her neck as she fell to the floor. She screamed in pain at the intrusion and struggled to get him off.

A few seconds later the vampire froze, his body turning grey as he slumped on top of her. She had no idea what happened until Alaric pushed the creature off of her. He grabbed her hand and helped her up.

"Are you alirght?"

She nodded mutely to him, her arm coming up to grasp her wounded neck. The one that laid directly above her wounded shoulder. Her eyes sought Anna and Stefan and she could see them coming out of the daze that they had been in, their bodies moving at a minimal pace. The sound of glass breaking caught her attention and another vampire came soaring through the window.

"Run, Elena," Alaric quickly told her as he pointed his stake gun at the vampire.

"But Stefan…" She muttered softly, her eyes glancing at him.

"He'll be fine. He has a ring."

"And Anna?"

"Go, I'll take care of everything," He assured her with a light grin.

She stared at him, a bit of hesitation in her eyes before nodding and retreating. She whirled around and quickly moved out of the room, going as fast as she could travel to the front door and stumbling out of it. She was sweating profoundly as she exited, the heat of the fire finally getting to her and her whole body felt like it was burning, her temperature way passed it's normal number. The first thing she noticed as she left the building was a groggy looking Damon sitting up, ideally rubbing his temple and looking like he had no idea how he got outside.


He was grateful for whoever ceased the racket going on in his head and promised that whoever it was, was going to get a huge smooch as a thank you. Unless of course it was his brother or Alaric. They would just receive a day free of his constant annoyance. Anna wouldn't get a kiss either, he might be threatened again by Jeremy if that was the case and he was pretty sure that the threat he had told the boy before would be enacted if that was the case. He doubted Jeremy had saved them, his brashness and wildly running emotions making him incapable of actually doing anything other than be a angst filled teenager. He could only think of one other person that could have saved them all. He wasn't sure what he would do if he found out she had saved them. He wouldn't know whether to thank god that she wasn't hurt or yell harshly at her for her lack of self preservation. He did know, however, that would most defiantly be getting that kiss from him.

He was slow to sit up, his head slightly pounding from the abuse it had taken. He rubbed his temples lightly, hoping to ease the tension that was surging through his mind. He looked around, surveying his surroundings and when his eyes caught her form they widened. Despite the throbbing in his head and his weakened body he stood swiftly, his emotions going haywire as he saw her dishelmed form. The moment her eyes meet his she runs to him, wrapping her arms tightly around his body, almost as if she were afraid he would disappear.

He held her close to him, one hand going around her lower back while the other spread across the back of her shoulders. Almost immediately the scent of her blood filled his nostrils and he had to forcibly restrain himself, holding her tighter as the urge to sink his fangs into her neck increased dramatically. He was in need of blood, his energy low due to the fact that he had used most of it to stay alive. He calmed himself down, thinking that this was Elena and that he had no intention of hurting someone that he was so close to.

"I'm sorry, I'm so, so, sorry," She whispered into his shirt.

He had no idea as to what she was apologizing for but that didn't matter at the moment. He was still on the fact that she was hurt and pretty bad by the suffocating smell of her enticing and delicious blood aroma. He pulled back slightly from her, cupping her moisten cheek with his hand and rubbing away the tears falling down them with his thumb, softly.

"Why are you sorry? What happened?" He questioned her, brushing her cheeks with his thumb even after the tears were gone.

Her eyes filled with more and he resisted the urge to groan at the fact. Immediately her head buried into his chest and she was sobbing lightly into his chest. He stroked her back soothingly as she let her emotions out and awaited for her answer, knowing she would say it in time.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't think Bonnie would do that and you were right about regretting putting your trust in me. You should have never done it. All it got you was hurt." She said so fast that he almost missed half the words.

He pulled back from her again and placed his hand on her cheek again, "Calm down, Elena. It's not your fault, alright? You had no idea of knowing that Bonnie would do whatever she did. And I will never regret that, okay? Never," He told her gently but with a stern tone, "Now can you please tell me what happened?"

As she opened her mouth to reply the house behind them exploded, the fire hitting the oil tank that was situated in the basement. Things went flying in all directions and Damon immediately turned Elena around, taking her to the ground as he protectively covered her body with his own. He grunted as a few things hit him but other than that felt no real damage done.

When he thought it was safe enough he lifted his head and looked down at her, "Are you okay?"

She nodded and he nodded, causing his eyes to immediately fall on the blood seeping from her neck and shoulder. She watched as his face twisted at the sight and she could tell immediately that he was controlling himself so he didn't sink his fangs into her skin. He shakes his head, shaking the vampire features from his face before attempting to move away from her. She struck out and grabbed the back of his head, holding him over her.

"Drink," She told him softly, knowing that he needed to. He had never lost control like that in front of her and she knew he was in desperate need of blood.

"I can't," He replied in an instant, shaking his head and avoiding her eyes.

"You have to, Damon. There are vampires all around here and your not at full strength," She refused to call him weak, knowing that he most certainly wasn't.

He scowled at her words, "I can protect you without drinking."

Her eyes softened at his defensive words and she smiled at him, "I know you can but I'm taking the chance of you getting hurt."

His icy blue eyes started deeply at her, noting the concern she held in her eyes. It was directed at him and he felt his heart swell at the fact. She didn't want him hurt. That was why she offered him blood, because she didn't like to see him hurt. She knew that he wasn't one to show weakness and lose of control and that doing it meant he needed the blood. He sent her a smirk, his eyes lightening a bit as he nodded. He lowered his head slowly and placed his fangs into the already punctured skin, lightly sucking as he drank.

He heard the increase of her pulse as her heart rapidly beat and felt the pleasure that was filling her body at the contact. She was the only one that would see the pleasurable side of a bite rather than the painful one he usually used. When he found he had enough he bit his own lip and pressed it against her opened wound. He squeezed into it with his fang and allowed droplets to fall in the wound. When he was satisfied that she had enough in her neck to close the wound he licked around it, wiping the smear of blood before kissing her shoulder lightly.

He than removed himself from her body, standing up and holding a hand out to her. She took it and he pulled her up. She wobbled a bit and fell into him, a result of the blood loss. He grabbed her around the waist instantly and held her to him protectively, his eyes gazing worriedly down at her. She grinned sheepishly at him, her cheeks slightly pink. He smirked at her in response before placing a chaste kiss on her forehead. She pulled back and looked up at him questioningly and he just gave her a charming grin in response, winking at her. She rolled her eyes at him and he pouted, causing her to laugh lightly.

There happy atmosphere was interrupted, however, when the sound of shattering glass was heard. Their eyes snapped to the house that was still somewhat standing and zeroed in on the person that was sailing through the air. Damon let her go, making sure she could stand before he zoomed off, catching the teacher before he skidded to the ground. He grunted as the teacher sent him to the ground from the force of the impact.

"Well, you just can't seem to get enough of me, huh?" Alaric teased lightly from above Damon, referring to when he carried him to the Hall.

"Shut up," Damon snapped as he shoved the teacher off of him and stood, dusting clothes off.

Alaric laughed at the disgruntled man and stood as well. Damon noticed that his brother and Anna had also come from the house and were currently making their way towards them. Anna looked a bit worse than Stefan, parts of her body burnt from the fire. He also happened to notice the four vampires that trailed them. The moment the Stefan and Anna reached them another four vampires appeared next to the other group.

"Oh wonderful, just what we need. Some more vengeful vamps intent on killing us," Damon said in an upbeat tone sarcastically.

"You should give up now. Your not going to win. Your out numbered," One of them spoke up.

"Actually," Damon drawled, "One of us probably counts as two of you so technically we're even."

"We'll see," The same vamp said before lunging at Damon.

The others soon followed and an epic battle commenced right before Elena's very eyes. There was scratching and punching, kicking and dodging and she was pretty sure she saw the glimmer of some fangs as well. It was easy to see that despite their weakened state the people she was rooting for had the upper hand in the fight. She was so entranced by the fighting that she didn't notice the leader of the group sneaking up behind her. When she feels a tap on her shoulder she looked back with a frown and feelings of dread. She screamed in surprise when she noticed the fangs and dark eyes behind her. Her friends immediately snapped their eyes to where she was.

The leader reached out as she stumbled back away from him, her body turned towards him. She went to move but he quickly grabbed her by the neck, picking her up off the ground.

"Elena!" Her name was yelled out of the two Salvatore brothers.

She dug into her pocket slowly, her eyes staring straight into the vampire's as she grabbed the pocket watch. Upon getting it out she pointed it at him and pressed the button, watching as his face contorted into pain and his grip loosened. He dropped her to the ground a moment later, his hands grasping his head as a shriek escaped his lips. She fell to her knees, holding her sore throat. The other four finished the remaining vamps, taking them by surprise since they were frozen by their leader's fall to a human girl.

Once the deed is done Stefan rushed over to Elena, grabbing her into a tight embrace as he soothingly rubbed her back and comforted her. It took him a moment to realize that a wetness was seeping though his shirt and he pulled back, staring at the blood staining her shirt. His body tightens as he fought to control himself, the closeness being too much for him since he had just gotten over the temptation of drinking human blood.

He turned his head away from her, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," She answered briskly, a bit annoyed by his inability to look at her.

He turned his head back long enough to show her a stare of disbelief.

She rolled her eyes at him as she grasped his head and turned it, moving aside the fabric that covered the wound on her shoulder. Before his eyes it was rapidly healing itself, the skin knitting itself back together. His eyes snapped over to his brother's, narrowing slightly as they went.

Noticing this Elena quickly intervened asking, "What are we gonna do about him?"

She jerked her head towards the yelling leader.

"Put him in a cell of course," Damon answered, his eyes darkened as he look at the vampire, "He has some explaining to do."

"Can the explaining be told later?" Alaric spoke up questioningly, "I need some sleep and a bottle of painkillers."

The five allowed small laughs to escape their mouths at the comment, though they were all in agreement. Everyone needed some rest. Nobody knew what else had happened on this night nor did they know what the future currently held for them. There were still a good number of vampires that were missing and they had to be dealt with before they exposed the rest of them. But for now they would think about just making it until tomorrow, knowing that even that could be a dangerous task to complete.

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