Hey everyone! So, first things first, apologies for being a bum and putting up absolutely nothing for so long. Bet y'all though I was dead.

Oh well. I'm not. ;D

So, next things next: to make it up to you, I've decided to post all the stuff I've been writing. Yes, I've labeled it as crap, but I want to show you that I've actually been working, so maybe y'all won't be so mad.

Some of it will be drabbles, some bits and pieces; there may be chapters or sentences. So, here's the beginning of it all! Enjoy!

Don't call me Nymphadora!

It had become her mantra, of late. With all the new people joining the Order, Moody felt the need to introduce her by her full name to everyone. But she was quick to correct him. She told them she hated the name because it was stupid. She did, and it was.

What she didn't tell them was that it scared her.

She hated her name because it linked her to the Blacks. Purebloods. Murderers. People who wasted their entire lives building themselves up and pushing others down. The family that had rejected her mother for marrying her father. And yet, Andromeda had still given her a Black name. A black name. It weighed heavily on her shoulders, suffocating her with implications. Somehow she felt that, if people knew her full name, they would link her with some of Voldemort's greatest supporters.

That's why she preferred Tonks. Even if it was her surname; it was light, human. No pretenses of superiority. But no shame of inferiority, either. It was humbleness and kindness and friendliness, all wrapped into a little five-word bundle. Just like her father. Just like her husband. And, one day, just like her son.

I hope to be able to post one or two things up once or twice a week.

Thank you for reading!