*Potential Vampires of Venice and Amy's Choice spoilers* This is based on my own experiences. Constructive reviews are warmly welcomed!

The Doctor was annoyed. Annoyed being a polite term for what he was feeling. Another alien species mocking him, feeding him small scraps of information about the cracks, about the silence.

The Doctor was so annoyed he didn't realise Rory wasn't at his side, nor was he within sight which was unusual, usually Rory hung around and lingered like a lost puppy in the doorway, a most annoying habit.

All around him the Tardis had changed, something had changed but he didn't realise it. Stepping back inside and closing the door on Venice the Doctor's mind swam with possible explanations, each as absurd as the last at least in his mind… Well he had burst out of a cake and revealed to Amy's fiancé that she'd tried to kiss him maybe they weren't so absurd? Making a mental note to ask Amy he looked up and finally allowed his eyes to focus.

Focus on a bottom.

There was a bottom in the middle of his Tardis.

Someone had their bottom in the air…


"Yes Doctor?"

Amy rolled back onto her haunches and stood up shakily still with her back to the Doctor. Curious as to how and why she was in such a position and so quickly, he rounded her, touching her shoulders gently until he realised.

"Oh." The Doctor looked first at Amy's tummy, eyes then tummy again. "Oh right… I umm… How exactly did this happen? This isn't my doing Rory I swear…"

"Rory?" Amy said perplexed. "Rory isn't here he's probably at the pub with his stag party still." Amy sat down on the ball she'd been leant over and bounced slightly. "I'm just trying to get it off my spine, you have no idea how uncomfortable this can get… Don't look at me like that you were the one who suggested I use a birthing ball in the first place"

"I can imagine… Hang on, Amy… A minute ago you were… Well Amy, how did this… Who's is it?"

"Come on Doctor what's going on? Are you testing me?"

The Doctor tentatively lifted the bottom of Amy's jumper, just enough to expose her very swollen, very real and very pregnant belly before dropping it like he'd been stung. "It's real." He poked her belly gently. Curiously.

"Of course it's real, and stop poking me."

"But that's amazing… How…"

"Hello there Doctor." A third voice offered from behind them, the Doctor turned on his heel and immediately had his screwdriver in hand. "There's no need for that, I am the Lord of Dreams and I'm sure I can answer all of your questions in time."

And there before them stood an older gentleman casually leant against one of the Tardis walls. This was proving to be an odd day indeed.

Ladies I cannot stress enough either how helpful birthing balls are, if you're pregnant or may be in the future consider investing in one it's getting me through my eighth month very well right now.