"Hello," the Doctor said. And then he said, "Lucy."

"Lucy's not in here," the girl said. "If she was, she'd be very angry with you."

"Fair point," the Doctor said. "I've taken the nanogenes away from you. You can't cause any more problems here. I'm sorry for what I did, but you killed a lot of people. I'm taking you to the Judoon."

The girl smiled.

"Sorry," she said. "How can you be sorry when my mother and father and brother lie in agony trapped in time?"

"I'll free them," the Doctor said, pained.

She laughed. "I saw so much in the TARDIS, Doctor of mine. You looked into the mirror and forgot that I could look into you. There's been a girl. Some little human, some Rose. She's here."

"She's not," the Doctor said.

"You lost your humanity, and lost your love. But she's still here, in this world, not very far off in the future. All you have to do is step into the TARDIS and it'll take you there. Step into your time machine, go to Rose's world. Be with her."

There was a long silence, but then, finally, the Doctor said something that made Martha's heart sing.


"No?" the girl snarled.

"Those times are over," the Doctor said quietly. "A human might say yes. But I'm not human."

And the girl retreated, her last card played.

"All of them will leave you, Doctor!" she hissed. "You may save so many worlds, so many people, but anyone you ever care for will one day leave you!." She whirled around to face Holmes and Watson. "And you two! Far too human, how many have you killed?" A slow and nasty grin came over her face. "The great Sherlock Holmes. So clever, but only one person in the entire world ever liked you!"

"Well," said Holmes, "that's enough."

In what seemed like desperation, the girl turned to Martha.

"You're in love with the Doctor, and he'll never ever have you! You travel with him, and you won't be what you were for very long! He's great and terrible and awful!"

"Well, there's always going to be someone who likes you," Martha said steadily, "no matter how awful you are."

She snatched the portable force-field machine from the Doctor and hit a big red button.

Daughter of Mine crumbled to the floor, captured in a bubble. She looked up at Martha Jones and Martha felt herself shiver.

Just a bit.

"Yeah," she said to the girl, "you lost. We're taking you to the Judoon."

The girl looked towards the Doctor.

"He always succeeds," she said, sneering, "that Master of mine."

"Don't call me master," the Doctor said.

Only Holmes heard the girl whisper, "I didn't."

Holmes and Watson stood with the Doctor and Martha beside the TARDIS.

"I'm sorry for everything," the Doctor said. "All the trouble I've caused. I have a lot of work now, I've got to free the rest of the Family."

Martha nodded.

"I'm not sorry to have met you, Doctor," Holmes said. "It's been an experience that will never be matched, so I thank you. But I imagine I shan't see you again."

"No," the Doctor said, "you probably won't."

Holmes nodded.

"I am a great deal like you," he said eventually, "but Doctor, I don't want to be, and yet I do. To save worlds! It is unfathomable."

"You'll work it out," the Doctor said. "Especially with Watson by your side."

Watson just smiled, sincerely, and then he turned to Martha.

"Martha Jones, I'm going to miss you."

"I'm going to miss you," Martha said. "John."

The two of them looked at each other.

"It's been great," Martha said. "Really it has." She crushed him in a hug and then let him go.

Holmes put his hand on Watson's shoulder, and said, "Well, Doctor, Martha, goodbye."

"Goodbye," the Doctor said.

They both turned to go, but then Holmes turned back and said, "Doctor. Be careful in your travels. That girl, that being, she had a grave warning in her voice."

"I'll be careful," the Doctor said. He smiled ruefully. "I always am."

Holmes and Watson walked away. Holmes still had his hand on his friend's shoulder. They rounded the corner and then they were gone.

Martha and the Doctor watched them go.

"You know, I sometimes wonder," Martha said quietly. "Were they...I mean, did they..."

"What?" the Doctor said. Then he realised. "Oh. Who knows? John Watson had at least two wives, after all. But...I don't know. And it's no matter, anyway."

Martha nodded.

"Let's go," the Doctor said. He opened the TARDIS door and let her go in before him. Then he said. "Where to, Martha Jones?"

Martha looked at him for a long time. The Doctor looked back.

"New York, for a bit of shopping," she said finally.

"A capital idea, Miss Jones, and I will join you."

He pushed down the TARDIS lever, and they left that world.