The sobbing sound was coming from the kitchen. Andy followed it from the living area to the large double doors. He could tell that it was Ellie. She was always crying about something.

Pushing open the doors he stepped in to find an empty kitchen. "Hello. Is that you Ellie?" Andy asked, looking around the large kitchen (which was restricted at all times). The crying continued though and then someone appeared from behind the large cabinet, decorated with china. Theta Pi was printed on the centre of the plates. It was a girl, she appeared from out of the darkness out of a light above. And it was Ellie.

With her hand, she was wiping tears from her cheeks, her red hair dangling loosely down the side of her face. It was Ellie. Her eyes were red and her skin was blotchy. She was a wreck, something was definitely troubling her.

"I'm sorry, I better get outta here." Ellie walked towards Andy to leave the kitchen through the doors he had come in.

Before she could step by him, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her in front of him. "Okay, what is wrong?" Andy sighed.

Ellie looked into his eyes, "It's nothing. I just had a little fight with Chugs that's all." She lied

He instantly knew she was lying"I don't believe that. When since does Chugs upset you. Whatever she says, don't listen to her. She's a bitch!" Andy laughed, Ellie began to smile. Andy was a great friend to Ellie and he was the right guy for Cassidy. He was going to be Valedictorian at Graduation.

Ellie's smile then disappeared. And she lowered her head.

Should I tell him? No Ellie, it's a dirty little secret you will have to keep forever. You promised them.

But Ellie couldn't hold this secret any longer, she had to tell someone or she would scream

"I really shouldn't be telling you this...but I need to tell someone!" Ellie cried aloud. She walked away from Andy and sat herself on top of one of the counters. Andy stood in front of her and crossed his arms, waiting for her to explain.

"Listen, you can't tell anyone about this or even anyone that I was the one who told you." Ellie pleaded. "You need to promise."

"Okay, I promise. So?"

Ellie lowered her head once again and tears were unstoppable now. They dropped from her eyes onto her blue jeans. She couldn't tell him any more. She didn't have the guts. She just couldn't. But she knew now that he wouldn't leave her alone until he found out.

Right, okay. Here goes. Gosh, my friends are never going to forgive me!

"Megan isn't missing. We...we..." Ellie erupted into another sob. It had been four months now since Megan "disappeared".

"What Ellie? What is it?" Andy was eager to know, he began to get frustrated and shake her by the arms.

Then, out of nowhere she began to scream. Luckily the other girls were either out or upstairs in their rooms. "We fucking killed Megan! We killed her, we KILLED her!!" Ellie roared, Andy stepped back a bit. Her head dropped into her hands. He took his hands from Ellie and dropped them to his side. He was in shock.

"We played a stupid prank on Garrett, we took Megan out to some creepy place and he killed Megan accidentally!"

"So Garrett killed Megan? And wait, who is we?"

"Me, Claire, Jessica, Chugs and Cassidy."

Andy's mouth dropped to the ground when Cassidy's name came into it. "Why didn't she tell me?" He asked Ellie.

Ellie couldn't talk, she just shrugged and continued to sob. She knew it was a really big mistake now and she set off running out of the kitchen in a flash. Andy wanted to know more, he was going to go after her but didn't.

"This won't do." Andy whispered to himself. "This just won't do at all. Something has to be done. And I'll take care of it. Oh hell I will." And he stormed out of the kitchen.