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Kisses for Himeno and Hayate! YAY!

Himeno was playing with her kindama Hayate had given her ..... and told her to throw away. She remembered nothing about the kiss, to bad Hayate did! Everytime they where near each other the air became thick with tension... provided by Hayate of course. Himeno had no idea what was going on when Hayate blushed and made excuses to leave.

Himeno flopped back on her bed, "Oh mom, I don't know what to do. He won't talk to me. He thinks I don't feel the tension in the air. I do mom I feel it and I'm confused. I've never felt this way about anyone and I feel it. With Hayate, I don't know this feeling and I can't tell what it is. Mom please help me," Himeno said.

"Himeno!" a shrill voice of the plant Leafe knight sounded and when Shin was around Mannen and Hajime where also sure to be by his side.

"Mawata said you haven't come out of you room all day" Shin said cutely and climbed up on her bed. Himeno sat up to face the Leafe knights.

"I'm fine just confused about some stuff" Himeno chirped happily she didn't want the boys to carry her burden.

"Come on Himeno lets go exploring the estate" Shin said eager to go and have fun. Himeno gave a small smile and let herself be lead out by the boys 'Know I said its bad to have things bottled up inside but I have no one to talk about it with'

"Himeno! Guess what! we're going camping!" Mr. Awayuki said as Himeno and the younger three Leafe knights attemtped to go outside and not get lost... No such luck. Stress mark showed up on Himenos head.

"No way"

"To late" Goh said grabbed her by her waist and hauled her outside.

"Let me go! Dammit! What am I? A quip-freaken- doll?! Put me down!"

"Ok" Goh said dropped her into the Door of Light.


"Caught you!" Sasame said and threw her to Hayate.

"What the hell is this pass Himeno day?!!" Himeno yelled.

"No we're going camping"



"I haven't been camping since my mom died....."

"Oh......" They landed soon.

"Himeno! Wasn't the ride down fun?" Mawata asked.

"Yeah sure..." Himeno sat down on a rock.

"Himeno? Whats wrong?" Shin asked appearing in front of the sad grief stricken Himeno.

"Nothing its just..."

"Those confusing feelings?"

"Yes thats it confusing feelings" Himeno said and ruffled Shin's hair.

Five hours later!!!!!!!

Things where settled out and a cozy camp fire was lit courtousy of Goh.

"Himeno were are you going?" Kei asked.

"For a walk feel kinda warm and I wanna see if the constilastions are the same here as the are on earth" She said with a small smile "I'll be fine" she added and walked away.

"So you gonna tell her?" Goh asked.

"Hm?" Hayate asked looking up from his burning mashmellow.

"You gonna tell her you kissed her?"

"What no!!"

"You know we could tell her" Takako said sitting up.


"But-" Kei said.



"No! Dammit screw this here," He thrust his mashmellow to Goh," I'm going for a walk," and so he did........ In the direction the Himeno went in.

"Should we tell them?" Hajime said to Shin and Mannen.

"No I don't think we should interfere" Mannen said.

"Interfere with what?" Sasame asked.

(Shin, Mannen, and Hajimes faces: 0_0 LOL)

"Nothing at all" Shin said and blew on his marshmellow.


Himeno found a cliff and sat down at the edge wondering about her mixed up feelings.

'I feel adoration, kindness, and something eles is this love?'

"I hate this. Damn why do I have to fall in love. I know we all have to fall in love once but why now? Why?" She asked no one in particular. The wind carryed her words to Hayate's ears.

"Wha?" He was feeling the same way but he was to chicken to say anything. He walked to her postion.

"Himeno" He whispered when he saw her. The way she looked when she was deep in thought made his stomach flip-flop. She looked behind her, Hayate moved into the moonlight.

"Hi" Himeno said and turned back to the scenery.

"Can I sit with you?"

"Sure." Hayate sat down next to Himeno.


"Yes Himeno?"

"Have you..."

"Have I?..... What?"

"Have you ever fallen in.... Fallen in love?"

"Yes" Hayate answered quickly.

"What ever happened?" Himeno asked.

"Nothing. I don't think she feels the same about me but some day I hope I can get the guts to tell her" Hayate turned to her.

"Oh... Who is she?"

"She's right in front of me," Hayate said "Himeno if you don't feel the same I underst-." Himeno silenced him with a kiss and the stars there only witnesses.

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