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BTW You know how they release Reiatsu in bleach and it explodes outwards and all that shit? Well Chakra now has that same property just for future reference.


"Normal Speech."

"Demonic Speech"



Chapter 1 – What Could have Happened

Within the filthy back streets of Konohagakure stood a lone boy, no older than 10 within the perimeters of what could only be described as a massacre. Various mangled corpses lay within close proximity to each other, or in one case repeatedly smashed into the wall by an incredibly powerful unknown force and then skewered with what looked like a bone.

The boy in question looked around with saddened eyes. The two marks on his forehead were rapidly becoming more prominent and were starting to turn red.

He closed his covered eyes and clenched his fist as he sighed sadly with a bittersweet grin on his face.

"The Ol' man can't help me now, not with this." Growing up around various criminals and demented homeless people really had an effect on the blonde's grammar, and as such the kind old Hokage had taken it upon himself to teach the boy he saw as a grandson some proper manners with marginal success, although some of the words that spewed from his mouth were better left unsaid.

It had started off as a normal day for Naruto, get dressed, get a shower have some breakfast, turn down an offer to become a ninja from the old man, meet up with his friends who were all retired ninja, sickened by the system, or criminals who chose the backwater parts of the village to prey on in order to avoid attention.

It was as at that point his day had gone sour, instead of them greeting him with open arms and various jokes about his height they had attacked and attempted to kill him. That was the point in which his instincts and newly founded Skill had kicked in and crushed them like insects.

He once more glared at the bodies that were littered around him with contempt, particularly glaring at two masked ninja. This was their entire damn fault!

"You're all stupid bastards, the lot of ya! Now I have to leave this fucking village because of you penny pinching idiots." He looked towards them and sent a silent prayer to whatever god was watching him to look after them for all of the good deeds they had done for him.

And to then kick their ass for trying to kill him.

With that he gathered his few meager possessions from the attic of a rundown house, once owned by one of his friends. He now had a long journey ahead of him and it would be best to get as far away as possible as soon as possible.

The Hokage watched with sorrow as his greatest regret ran freely out of the village gates, there was nothing he could do now but give the boy a chance. He had 3 days before the hunter Nin were assembled for his capture.

Within one of the many forests that surrounded the aforementioned village there stood a man at 5'8 with slicked back silver hair and pinkish-purple eyes. He wore a pale gray cloak with the front left open to show his chest and the peculiar pendant that hung loosely around his neck. And though the man looked about 22 he was closer to 400 years old, give or take a decade, he was also surrounded by his own personal slice of hell.

"Ha, you Konoha pussies really suck ass. Hardly even worth the sacrifice to Jashin sama..." The Konoha nin that were in question were either impaled to trees via kunai through their hands or strewn across the clearing with fatal wounds inflicted on them that were identical to the ones the man in question possessed just moments ago.

The man that he currently held up by the neck was long gone with nothing but a slit throat and bruising on his face.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your point of view, Hidan had missed one.

The last remaining ANBU charged forwards on shaky legs to try and gain retribution for the crimes committed against him and his squad of friends.

Hidan laughed at the man's plight and hurled his deceased friend at him to further add to his woe. He watched in glee as the body crashed into the charging ninja's chest and sent both of them hurtling at an old and sturdy oak tree.

The ANBU member looked up through the slits in his mask with squinting eyes and flinched when he saw Hidan looking down on him with that same sadistic grin he had worn throughout their terribly one sided battle.

He attempted to get up but Hidan drove the butt of his weapon straight into his face and knocked him back down, laughing as he did so.

"M-monster" the ANBU in front of Hidan trembled as his sheep mask broke apart to reveal his bloodied face. He had two kunai in a reverse grip and was fully intent on giving his life just to kill this maniac in front of him.

"What? Oi take the dick out of yer mouth and speak up, I can't hear ya." Hidan smirked cruelly as the ANBU shook with fury.

"You killed my friends you monster! You don't deserve to live!" It takes a lot to rile up an ANBU and Hidan silently praised himself for his achievement.

"You call these piss poor ninja friends? Haha, pathetic!"

"Shut up."

"Such unworthy souls, I kind of feel blasphemous sending such rotten pieces of shit to Jashin Sama."

"Shut up!"

"You have red hair and that's pretty distinguishable in Konoha, maybe I'll look for your shitty family and sacrifice them too."

That hit a nerve and something within the ANBU snapped as he dropped the kunai and clenched his hands into a seal for the suicide explosion Jutsu, invented in case they were ever captured.

"DIEEE!!!" The formerly sheep masked ANBU poured the remainder of his sizable reserves into the Jutsu and dived at the silver haired demon as Hidan's smirk turned into a small frown.

"Ahh shi-"

"JISATSU HARETSU!" (Literally 'Suicide Explosion')

With his final scream of anguish the ANBU member began to glow brightly before erupting in a brilliant flash of crimson, seemingly engulfing Hidan along with himself, the remains of his comrades, and anything else within 100 feet of the battlefield.

Naruto had been sprinting for about 2 hours now and he could safely say he was about 25-30 miles away from Konoha. He panted as he sat down on the tree he had landed on. He figured he had about a day before someone discovered the bodies, maybe 2 if the old man came through for him.

Naruto had heard something akin to a bomb being set off and had felt the earth shake about a kilometer from his position, he had nearly fallen out of the tree as a result.

"What the fuck?!"

Standing up and placing a hand on the trunk to steady him. He couldn't be more thankful at the minute for the pervert who had left him those scrolls on chakra control for his birthday. Despite not wanting anything to do with a ninja he did admit it was pretty cool to be able to run up walls and stand on top of water like he could now do.

Shaking his head to clear the images of Konoha out of his mid he set off warily within the direction of the explosion, curiosity leading his reason.

Before he had even arrived at the area burning flesh immediately assaulted his senses accompanied by a low growl and several curses. As he stepped into the now barren clearing he could see a heavily burnt man sitting down as his skin miraculously knit back together before his newly upgraded eyes.

Unconsciously his chakra had begun flowing out of his body and was crushing the stones and pebbles around him into fine grains with just his animalistic instincts kicking in, with survival being the most prominent.

Glancing up from his resting spot Hidan let his eyes rest on the possible new sacrifice before him, just as well this brat had come along because Jashin was quite displeased by that last bunch.

"Ah another sacrifice to Jashin Sama. Well come along Shithead I'll save you from heathenism." It looked strange for the man to be talking when the left half of his face was still slowly healing and all of the muscle tissue was showing.

Naruto gave the man a blank stare as the stranger in front of him hefted a lethal looking tri-bladed scythe onto his shoulder.

Naruto's new abilities will be revealed next chapter. Don't expect them to be similar to the old ones either and in my opinion this will flow much smoother.

But you can probably guess what at least one of them is.

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