Revelations Now Fully Known

Summary: Catherine and Robert from One Special Night and Nanny and Wilkes from Eloise come to Genovia to be with Clarisse and Joseph (Princess Diaries) .... in the 'universe' of and following the stories Now in a Mirror Dimly .net/s/2859266/1/ Then Face to Face .net/s/2895850/1/ and The Greatest of These is Love .net/s/3139966/1/

Warning: Reading this will force you to suspend your beliefs about time (since I've brought Nanny and Wilkes forward about 50 years just like in the preceding stories with these couples in the 'series'...) and medical knowledge (since I've just written about things I know NOTHING about and have used those vague assumptions as 'factual' basis in order for the story to 'work') and just about everything else (like the fact that I hate angst) ... so please forgive me for that! IN OTHER WORDS, TAKE THIS STORY WITH A TRUCKLOAD OF SALT!!! Just read what is written and don't bother questioning anything, because if you DO, nothing will make sense.... *grin*

THANK YOU to Kiki, Sue and tayryn for support and reading excerpts and offering suggestions and ideas and not laughing themselves sick at the absurdity of this whole story.....

Disclaimer: I don't own ANY of these characters, since the Eloise movies are the property of Disney and Kay Thompson, the Princess Diaries movies are the property of Disney, Buena Vista and Meg Cabot, and One Special Night was produced by kaBOOM! Entertainment Inc. for television. I make no money from this work of fiction... sigh...

"It's about time you two came to New York again instead of us coming HERE!" Wilkes said, smiling at Robert and Catherine as the two couples relaxed in the living room of the Woodward's 'holiday home'. "Now that Catherine is retired, YOU, Robert, have an obligation to your bride to spend more time with her instead of your business."

"Ah, but summer is the time to relax OUT of the hustle-bustle of the city," Robert said. "That's why we invited you and Nanny out to our vacation home... to help us celebrate Catherine's first couple of days as a retiree."

"And we're also celebrating the fact that Robert has FINALLY finished the new bedrooms and deck," Catherine chuckled. "But yes, we'd love to come to New York again to visit. Preferably before next New Year's Eve!"

"What are your plans now?" Nanny asked. "Being bored is not allowed, you know!" she frowned severely, but a small smile tugged at the corner of her lips.

The other three adults chuckled, then Catherine said, "Actually, we were thinking of taking a trip to Genovia. Clarisse and Joseph were very upset about missing our wedding last month, and made us promise to come as soon as we could. They actually asked us to come for their anniversary. And you know Clarisse was talking about starting up a Children's Hospital...."

"Why don't you two come with us?" Robert asked, his hand smoothing over his wife's fingers which curled around and held him tightly as she smiled at him.

"Perhaps we could..." Wilkes said. "Nanny?"

"Oh, for sure, sure, sure," Nanny smiled. "It would be nice to see Joey and Clarisse again. And Kay and Eloise will be in Paris for the next two months..."

"You still look after that child as much as you ever did?" Robert asked.

"Oh my Lord, no. She's in school now... and has another companion when Kay can't be around. Willy and I are just like her grandparents."

"Even though we never had the pleasure of having children of our own," Wilkes said pensively.

A peculiar expression crossed Nanny's face, and a similar one crossed Catherine's. Both men noticed. Wilkes said nothing, but, "What?" Robert demanded, not one to hold back his thoughts. He knew why CATHERINE had reacted that way, but had never thought about... "Nanny? DID you have a child of your own?"

"Robert!" Catherine scolded him softly. "Nanny is allowed her secrets..."

"No, it's all right," Nanny said. She took Wilkes' hand, then, and, somewhat pleadingly said, "I never had the nerve to ever tell you, Willy, but....well..."

"If you think I didn't know you had had... well..., relationships... before you met me, you don't have much opinion of my intelligence," Wilkes said comfortingly, patting her hand with his free one.

"But did you know I..." she swallowed hard, then continued in a very low voice, "I had a baby long ago? I... I was only nineteen..."

The other three stared at her in silence, Wilkes not liking the thoughts swirling about in his head – namely that Nanny had been about eighteen when she had met Joseph... Clarisse's Joseph. Wilkes had tried to forget the time he and Clarisse had seen Joseph and Nanny kissing... had tried to tell himself that it had been the innocent kiss both Joseph and Nanny had claimed it to be... but obviously the little green monster of jealousy still thrived in the back of his mind. Had Nanny borne Joseph's child? And where was the baby?

As if in answer to his unspoken question, Nanny continued softly, looking down at her hands holding Wilkes' slightly trembling hand. "It was so long ago...but I've never truly forgotten. I gave my baby up for adoption without ever seeing her... I signed the papers then I left the city... the country... and never went back."

Wilkes gulped at that. She HAD to have had Joseph's baby! Just before leaving England! He felt his heart beginning to pound furiously, and tried to will it to slow down before anyone noticed.

"Nanny!" Catherine was horrified. "Oh, Nanny, I'm so sorry!" She was up out of her chair and hugging Nanny right away.

Nanny blinked back her tears and hugged Catherine back, then glanced shyly at Wilkes who was still staring at her, open-mouthed, much as Robert was. "I'm so, so, so sorry, Willy. I wanted to tell you... but I didn't know how..."

"I envy you!" Catherine said unexpectedly and fiercely. "I know it's wrong, but I envy you! I wanted a baby so desperately, and Tom and I..." She choked on her own sudden tears, wanting to cry aloud for her babies who had never had a chance to live.

"Catherine, honey..." Robert came to life then. "Remember that one special child? You told me last Thanksgiving that you had never thought of it that way..."

"It's just that I can't forget either of the two babies that I miscarried at six months," Catherine sighed. "I KNEW them... Whenever I think of them, even now, I can picture what they look like. Back then, I could envision a little girl growing up who had Tom wrapped around her little fingers, or I could see him showing our son how to throw a baseball. I imagined what the first days at kindergarten would be like, the first days of high school, and then of college. I fancied how proud Tom would have been when his son confided his first love to him or how I would talk about boys with our daughter,.." Catherine shook her head and, looking at the others' sympathetic faces, she tried to remember what she had wanted to say. She took a deep breath and took Robert's hand for support, squeezing it hard. "Yes, it was hard not being able to conceive again... and we tried for so long... but to lose a baby after feeling it move... The first time it was heart-breaking to see my dead daughter, and the second time, when they told me the baby was dead, I refused to even SEE it or hear about it. I just couldn't. It was agony knowing I'd lost another. I don't even know if it was a boy or girl. Tom and I were on vacation, visiting my parents in California... and..." Her emotions overcame her and she had to stop speaking.

Nanny hugged her friend fiercely. "Aoww, Catherine, that's so, so, so sad! But at least you don't have the worry about whether or not your baby had a good home. Yours BOTH have the best possible home with the angels, even if you would have preferred their home to be the same as yours. It's strange but in spite of the pain of thinking about her, I've followed my little girl in my mind since her birth as well... she wouldn't be little any more, of course. I hope she went to a good home, and for sure, sure, sure I hope she is a good person... but aoww, it breaks my 'eart sometimes to think I'll never know her." Nanny said, the tears shimmering in her blue eyes so much like Catherine's. "It must be the same for you." Then she tried to smile. "I've told Eloise over and over and over again that it's a terrible thing to have a broken 'eart..."

After a moment, Catherine pulled away from Nanny with a pat of gratitude, then said huskily, "Well, I suppose me having miscarriages was of some use... I was only nineteen myself, and after the last one, when a doctor told me I would never be able to have any more children, my parents urged me to go to medical school and learn how to prevent such things... so that's why I became a doctor specializing in paediatric cardiology..."

No one spoke for a moment, then Robert shifted uncomfortably and finally growled, "Hey, damn it! This is supposed to be a PARTY! What are we doing, letting you women start to cry and mope and...?"

"You're right. It's just not done! We... we just have to... well, fake it until we make it!" Nanny said firmly. "Joey told me that a long, long, long time ago. If we pretend we're happy, we WILL be! My stars, stars, stars," she added, sliding back beside her husband, "I AM happier with my Willy than I have ever been in my life. I don't have to pretend to know that!" Her lips met Wilkes' in a quick, hard kiss.

"So am I, my love," he whispered, savagely suppressing the unwanted feelings of jealousy. He KNEW Nanny loved him now, whatever she might have felt for Joseph in the past... the DISTANT past.

"I am happier than I thought I would ever be again this time last year," Catherine agreed, kissing her own husband who enthusiastically returned her embrace.

"So am I. I'd have bet a thousand dollars last year that I'd NEVER be truly happy again, and that's no metaphor. But then Catherine came into my life... then old friends and new... and damn, what a terrific new course my life has taken! I think this calls for a toast! To us!" Robert grinned, and they all lifted and drained their glasses.

Conversation then moved from the personal to more general, and they talked about Genovia again, and Joseph's marriage to Clarisse that had shocked many people in their own country as well as the rest of the world.

"It will be their anniversary in a week," Nanny said pensively. "Remember when Eloise made us get up in the middle of the night to 'attend' the televised wedding? Oh my Lord, what a night! It was good of you to come, Wilkes..."

"I could not possibly have stayed away... after all, we weren't married yet, so it gave me the chance to sit beside you... and do a little kissing and cuddling while Eloise was asleep on the floor..." Wilkes chuckled, watching the flush rise on his wife's lightly-freckled cheeks.

Just then the phone rang. "I'll get it," Robert announced, rising from his place on the couch beside Catherine.

"It's probably one of your daughters calling to see how Catherine enjoyed her last day of work, for sure, sure, sure!" Nanny chuckled.

"They DID come around to accepting that you and Robert are married, didn't they?" Wilkes asked Catherine, handing his wife a cold glass of beer before refilling Catherine's wine glass then his own.

"For the most pa...," Catherine began, then forgot what she was saying as Robert started talking excitedly.

"Joe! Good to hear from you! Nanny and Wilkes are here with us, so are your ears burning? We were just talking about your surprise wedding last year. Getting ready for the big anniversary ball?... What is it?..... What? Who? My God! And... I see... How is Clarisse taking it?... Damn it, I can imagine... If there is anything we can do, Joe..." He turned and gestured for Catherine to turn on the television as he listened to Joseph's.

All three people in the small living room of the cabin jumped to turn on the television, then listened horrified as the announcer said, "--ing news from the small country of Genovia where the young woman born and raised in the United States was crowned queen last year. Queen Amelia was rushed to the hospital just a few hours ago, and is reported to be in serious condition due to multiple car accident which has claimed the life of one security guard, critically injured two others, and sent ten others to the hospital with undisclosed injuries."

"WHO?" Nanny and Wilkes both were quickly at Robert's elbow.

"Here's Nanny, Joe," Robert handed the phone to Nanny and wiped his forehead.

"Joey?" Nanny asked, "How IS Mia?"

"She's not good, but although it's serious, her injuries aren't life-threatening. No, it's... it's Charlotte and Shades... they don't know yet if either will live..." Joseph's voice broke.

Nanny caught her breath. Charlotte had been a wonderful friend since they had met just over a year previously. "Can we come?" was her next question.

"Clarisse and I would love it if you could ALL come... Actually, Genovia One is on its way now to San Francisco for Mia's mother Helen, her husband and baby. I can arrange for it to stop in New York City for you. It would only give you about six hours to be ready..."

"Wilkes and I can be at the airport then," Nanny said, mouthing "six hours?" to Catherine and Robert who both nodded. "And Catherine and Robert say they can be ready too."

"I can't tell you how much this means to Clarisse and myself," Joseph said, his voice shaking with the intensity of his emotions. "You're all wonderful friends..."

~ C&J ~ C&R ~ N&W ~ To Be Continued.....