Author's note: So I was sitting in my car with my best friend Shila listening to The Gorillaz while waiting for my Cousin to get out of Special K so we could drive up to Mount Lemmon and Shila oh so randomly goes "Mudsx2D seems absolutely adorable for some reason." So yeah here I am with a Murdoc x 2D story xD

Disclaimer: Pffft I WISH I owned The Gorillaz

"Hey Muds, I think jus' realized sumfink…" 2D stared at his 'best mate' who was lounging lazily on the couch beside him. Murdoc let out a slight growl before opening his eyes and looking at the blue haired sod. It was a strange moment for 2D to realize something, because of the simple fact that 2D was basically a brainless twit who only sounded smart when singing.

"And what might that be, face-ache?" Murdoc raised a brow in fake curiosity.

"You have real pretty eyes." 2D smiled at the sadist with his signature gaped tooth smile. Murdoc could only stare at 2D.

"I could say the same thing for yah." Murdoc mumbled before looking away from 2D.

"Really?" 2D's eyes widened.

"No. Now bugger off." Murdoc replied and closed his eyes again. 2D stared at him for a moment before doing something spontaneous and rather out of the question. He placed his hand on top of Murdoc's. The sadist's eyes snapped open and he glare at 2D who was looking at Murdoc's hand.

"What in the bloody hell are you doing, face-ache? I should beat you…" Murdoc growled at his mate. 2D looked up at him, his expression rather unreadable. He then smiled at Murdoc.

"I realized sumfink else, Muds."

"…What is it now?" Murdoc was actually curious this time as seeing that 2D was on a roll in the intelligence department.

"I love you." 2D continued to smile. Murdoc's face flushed rather visibly and he was tempted to hit the numbskull that was 2D. But instead he growled out three simple words:

"Love you too."

This story was crap wasn't it? I know it fails, a lot, like A LOT. And I made Murdoc out of character cuz that's the way I roll 8D! Kay yeah anyway R&R criticism is welcome.