Yo everybody it's Kingsithis here with a new story challenge from Challenger anyone who writes should look at his challenges and take a few and he gives really good ideas if you are stumped or just need some now this is my first Naruto/God of war story don't flame because they will be ignored or shot right back at you my motto what go's around comes around so don't flame

Chapter 1 of Naruto Reincarnation of Kratos champion of the ninja gods begins now

On top of a long forgotten mountain stood a lone figure staring at a village being destroyed by a demonic 9 tailed vixen of course all humans thought was she was a male fox but this figure in particular knew better along with some others on another plain of existence. This Figure was none other than Kratos the demigod who became a true god then became a mortal then a god again sighed remembering what the new gods had told him about this day.

Power of the Flashback

"Kratos do you know why we brought you back to life" "I have no clue Kami-sama why have you brought me back to life". Kratos said with a little hatred for thinking he was going to be used by another set of gods/goddesses. "Kamui please open a future crystal to show Kratos what you saw about a young boy who is the reincarnation of the famous Gargoyle Goliath." Kami said. Kamui nodded and opened the future crystal showing Naruto being born then some huge fox attacking the village the sealing then the assassination attempts on the young boys life then dying at the age of 16 because his supposed best friend stabbed him through the heart with a lightning covered hand.

Kratos was very pissed off at what happened to his good friend he met in Tarturaus reincarnation. He asked if he could be reincarnated in an adult body to take care of the young boy. But the Gods/ and Goddesses said they did not have the power to do that but they could put his spirit in Naruto but not have it sealed so he could come out in a solid clone and it would change when he stepped in it to become him. Kratos agreed but this would not happen for another 5 years on this exact day. Over the span of the 5 years Kratos waited he found that these gods and goddesses were compassionate towards the humans where as the gods from mount Olympus were not they treated the humans as

slaves and even raped some of the women and sometimes men just to show they could.

Power of the flashback end

Now here Kratos stood watching the ninjas fight a losing battle until a big ass toad landed in front of the giant fox/vixen and then there was a flash of light and Kratos saw Shinigami-chan seal the Kyubbi into Naruto and then after the Yondaime died pulled Kratos soul and put it inside the boy but not in the seal so he could leave in the clone.

Sarutobi found young Naruto and left to inform the council that Naruto had the kyubbi sealed inside him not knowing the consequences of his actions.

Council chambers

Every council member was in attendance for this meeting including the Gods and goddesses but they were hidden invisible to even the Byakugan.

"I have called you all here to tell you that the Yondaime died fighting the Kyubbi but also won the battle by sealing it inside new born baby" Sarutobi said. "We must kill this baby before it becomes strong enough to kill us kill the demon before it can regain its strength" a pink headed banshee screeched. "No we must turn it into a weapon of war for the village I will be happy to train the monster into the perfect weapon for the village" Said a bandaged up man named Danzo. "you will do no such thing I was given a message a few days ago by the Shinobi god council this baby is their chosen 1 to fight an evil that is starting to become a bit to powerful for their liking and if it is not stopped than the world and they will be destroyed" Sarutobi yelled "I say we hold the demon ransom and force the shinobi gods to destroy our enemies and make us the supreme rulers of the world" Danzo said with a hungry look in his eyes at being able to control the gods and goddesses. The civilian council and Koharu and Homura agreed. Kami and the other gods and goddesses were getting extremely pissed off about what those insolent mortals were trying to do so they summoned the devil dog and holy dog Cerberus and Arceus respectively.

Kami spoke in a very angry tone "Arceus give young Naruto your mark as your summoner". Arceus nodded and bit Naruto on the left shoulder where a white paw print appeared Cerberus you will also be his partner since you can't be summoned except by a god or goddess so you will be his partner do you understand we will use your eldest son as the gate guardian since you are needed here you were good in training him take good care of our champion and you will be rewarded when you are summoned for meetings okay" Cerberus nodded and went over and bit Naruto and gave him a partner tattoo on his right shoulder.

The council chamber had grown deathly quiet in the last few minutes because they were staring at a white dog like creature come and bite naruto on his left shoulder than what looked like a black three headed dog do the same only he stayed where as the white one went up in golden smoke. "You all disgust me you would dare try to make us your servants when we are the ones who gave you you're precious bloodlines like the sharingan and Byakugan and the animal bloodlines like inuzuka and aburame do not harm our champion the consequences are very severe". Some idiot civilian member said lets turn the goddesses into breeding machines so we can get powerful bloodlines and they are super hot with giant boobs. The council member was then eaten alive by a giant insect no one had ever seen or heard of they all turned and saw a human looking being standing there with a tick mark above his head "you were staring at my imoutou when you said that and I will not let you do that for even thinking it is going to get you killed sorry tozi" "It's ok Insector-nii".

That's it for chapter 1 next time council meeting continues then time skip to day of graduation and you meet Naruto's 1st mate till next time read and review Ja ne