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Raven was watching while Naruto was tearing through the people who captured her when she got to this world and was turned on at the sight of his rippling muscles and golden Tattoo that went down his body. "Wow he is so hot I want to mount his powerful tool and Wait no bad raven bad raven".

Raven was having dirty thoughts while watching the brutal deaths of the Senpuu clan and their crab summons with the help of both Master Jaw the Megaladon king and Karren the Kraken queen who were ripping the Crab summons apart by teeth from Master jaws and tentacles death hugs by Karren who was enjoying her kills since she and her kind ate crabs.

Naruto had taken his gun blade jyu out and started charging fire magic into it and started shooting it at the Sennpu clan and they were turned to ash instantly only a few were lucky enough to get out of the way of the blast.

"Nitro fire blast" Naruto yelled as a greenish fire came out of the gun and followed its targets until it hit them every time they turned or went a different direction it did the same and in no time they were incinerated as well.

Naruto done with the slaughter of the clan or he thought he was went over to Raven who was looking at him with a blush on her pale grey skin thinking of how Hot Naruto is and how she should claim him as her mate for life since she was half demoness on her hated fathers side.

"Excuse me miss are you ok I hope nothing happened to you while in their care" Naruto said worried for the young woman in front of him.

"No they were about to rape me if you had not come at that exact moment they said they had a job to do but they wanted to have a little fun first before you guys got here I think they have another girl hidden in their hideout which is full of more of those men and another girl they captured I think they said her name was Karai."

Now Naruto was mad girls being used as nothing more than sexual releif was something that he could not and would not stand for so he asked which way they were and Raven pointed to the big ass mansion in the distance Naruto started to walk there but immediatly fell forward clucthing his arm in pain he looked down to notice that the word Krakken appeared on the seal where he kept the scroll than dissapeared into the seal he guessed this is what happened when the rogue summons from the ancient scroll came back or were forced back by combat.

Naruto started to transform into his new form and almost succeeded until he fell flat on his face that is when Kratos Naruto clone appeared and said that he forcefully unlocked the second part of my Spartans blood and it knocked him out since he was not used to it give him about an hour and he will be up and ready to go. They all nodded and sat their for an hour and right on the dot Naruto woke up and yawned "I needed that nap" he heard three girls giggle and looked and saw they were Haku Demona and Raven he smiled at them and Haku and Demona gave him a three way kiss and said in unision "Raven wishes to join the harem are you up for it we already know you have to have multiple wives and since you are dating us and Shino's sister and know that you have to have more we allow her to be in." They finished and before Naruto could speak Raven put her soft pale pink lips to his and lip locked with him when their lips touched Raven saw fire works and Naruto felt like he was melting like butter on a bonfire flame.

When they finished the kiss to allow themselves the blessing that was air Raven said "That was my first Wow" and Naruto said "That was your first and you kissed like that I can only think what you will be like with practice" he chuckled at the thought and she punched him lightly on the arm and then they rushed to the others and set off to free this Karai girl that Raven had heard them talking about. On their way they ran into some competition the monster of mist Hoshigaki Kisame he was in his Akatsuki cloak and was actually a spy in the organization for the Gods and Goddesses and decided to go with them on their journey they reached the Senppu hiding house and heard the sound of Clothes being ripped they meaning Naruto broke the door down just in time to see a very naked young woman who matched the description of Karai and she was about to be raped by 6 different men at the same time.

"Get away from her mortals before I rip what you hold most dear from your bodies Oh wait I will do that anyway"

Naruto started out regular but started transforming into second class demigod mode he looked the same except now he had more muscle mass and his weapons all had a bright orange glow to them as if they were being given their weilders energy.

"For the crimes you have commtitted Rape , killing for the fun of doing so kidnapping and raping children as well as teenagers killing anyone who says you are wrong I sentence you by the power of my Avatar for the Shinobi Gods powers to the 9nth pit of hell where your souls will be tortured for the whole of eternity as well as never being able to escape."

With that said Naruto took out his hellfire pikes and started going all crazy on them like his past self Kratos as well as his team Demona who was in her Gargoyle form ripping them to shreds and Haku who was using her Ice abilities to grow Ice wings and tail like a man named Hitsuguya from a show called bleach that she likes and had been practicing his technique to make it real Zabuza had pulled out his weapon and was just going around chopping heads off and laughing while he did it and Hoshigaki Kisame was using Samehada to eat their chakra and then using it to use high level suiton jutsu on them that was very destructive and very deadly.

When they were done Naruto went over to Karai and took a scroll labled extra girls clothes that his fiance's made him carry for them since they had already filled all their scrolls and unsealed an outfit for her and then turned around to give her privacy to get dressed.

When she said it was ok to turn around he and everyone else did so and their jaws hit the floor she was a sight to behold and looked deadly with the weapons she had in her possession.

her weapons were from the legends of the Shinobi world the Tengu blade and the Dagger of time said to be able to rwind atleast a minute through time when one was skilled enough.

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