The Legend of Zelda:

Child of Time

Part three of the Imp of Fate Trilogy

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Chapter 1

Skull Kid screamed. He was falling, falling through blackness. He had no idea how long he had been falling. Had he been falling forever? It seemed like it. Had any of his life before been real? Had it all been his imagination? Had this always been his existence? He could not tell. Where was Tael? He wondered as he stopped screaming. Where was his best friend and companion? Was he only a product of his imagination as well? Skull Kid said and thought nothing as he continued to fall. Finally, he had an idea. Maybe he should check his hat...Skull Kid pulled his hat off. A purple fairy flew out eagerly. "Whew! I thought I'd never get out of there!" Tael looked around. "Where are we?"

"I have no idea, Tael. I have no idea." Skull Kid was strangely happy, for he knew now that he had not imagined Termina, Hyrule, or everything else. It had been real. Then he frowned, suddenly realizing something. He was dead. He had to be. He had seen Majora's ultimate attack racing towards him. He was definitely dead, and so was Tael. Weren't they?

"Skull Kid...are we dead?'

"Maybe. I'm really not sure. If this is the afterlife, it's not worth the trouble of living to get to." They said nothing. They continued to fall, waiting for some sign, something. They wondered if they would ever stop falling.

"Skull Kid?"

"Yes Tael?"

"I'm worried about Sis and the others. I hope they're okay."

Skull Kid sighed. "Tael, we both know they're definitely not okay. We both know that Majora and Ganon will not kill them, but make them as uncomfortable as possible before Majora's father arrives. Then they will be killed. For all we know, it may have already happened. There's no way to tell time in this place. I don't know how long we've been falling, but it's been awhile."

Tael sagged. They continued to fall, not going anywhere. They said nothing. They could do nothing without feeling worse about their situation, and wondering if this truly was death. They tried to black out, to forget themselves, but they failed. Was this how it all ended? Over a thousand years of life, only to spend an eternity falling? This stunk. Nothing changed. Time passed. More time passed. They weren't getting anywhere. Still more time passed. And more time. And more time after that. How much time passed? Neither one knew. It seemed like an eternity. At last, something changed. They could see strange lights ahead of them. As they fell past, the duo could see that they were crude paintings, made on a wall of some sort. That meant they must be in a vertical tunnel of some sort! But neither of them could see a beginning or an end to this tunnel. The paintings continued to flash by. They were quite pretty, though crude. That's when Tael lit up. "Skull Kid, I think I see
the light at the end of the tunnel!"

Skull turned his head up. Since he was falling face-first, that meant he was looking down. "Hey Tael, if we're falling, doesn't that mean we'll hit the ground when we reach the end of the tunnel?"

"Uh oh...Skull Kid, I'm so sorry! It looks like you're going to die, and there's nothing I can do about it."

"It's okay Tael. I wouldn't mind seeing my mother again. Oh well, here goes. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he screamed. They reached the end of the tunnel. Skull Kid came through. His eyes were shut in anticipation of the death awaiting him. He waited for the hard impact of the ground on his face and instead landed on...a flower? Skull Kid opened his eyes and got up, confused. This large pink-and-green flower had broken his extremely long fall? He looked around. He was in a cave of some sort. Right in front of the flower was a pool of water. In the middle of the cave was a swirling beam of light emanating from an unknown source. Strangely enough, there seemed to be shapes in the beam. At the far end of the room was a door. Tael flew in through the hole in the ceiling.

"Skull Kid! Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Tael. This flower broke my fall. Strange...does this room look familiar to you?"
Tael looked around. " does seem familiar. But why?"

Skull Kid shrugged. "There's a door at the other end of the room. Why don't we try it?" They walked over and went through the door. It led into a corridor that curved to the right after several meters. At the end of the corridor was another cave, with more of those flowers. He was on a mesa. There was a door on the other end of the room, on another mesa. There didn't seem to be a way to get to the other mesa. Skull Kid pondered this. It didn't look like the jump would be too far. He backed up, and ran towards the edge of the mesa. At the edge, he jumped, soaring across the floor of the cavern. He grabbed onto the edge of the mesa, stopping himself from falling. He climbed up and went through the door. He groaned. This cavern was huge, and had no visible floor. The chasm was peppered with mesas, and more flowers. Huge, twisting tree roots came down from the ceiling.

"Think you can make the jump, Skull Kid?" asked Tael.

Skull Kid was a little nervous. "I think so. I hope I don't fall though. If only I had a way to fly across the chasm. Wait! That's it!" He reached into his pack and took out the vial of white fairy dust, since the black had been emptied by himself during the previous battle. He ingested the dust, gaining the power of flight. Skull Kid soared across the chasm followed closely by Tael. While in the air, Skull Kid looked for another door. He saw a ledge far to his right that had a tunnel opening. He flew over to it and touched down. He ran into the tunnel and stopped, confused.

He was getting a strong sense of deja` vu and so was Tael. They had entered a man-made corridor that seemed to be twisted, so the floor curved into the ceiling. The corridor ended in an upside-down door. Skull walked down the corridor, getting really confused as he continued to stay level with the floor even though it was twisted. Finally, upside-down, he and Tael went through the door. They found themselves in a cavernous room. In front of them was a stream that fed through a large waterwheel, which connected to multiple gears, turning a large wooden post that went up into a hole in the ceiling. A bridge went across the stream. Still feeling they had been here before, Tael and Skull Kid crossed the stream. At the other end were a set of stairs, which led up to the landing where the wooden post was. They climbed the stairs and reached the landing. On the wall to their left was a strange pattern. To their right were three steps that led to a set of large wooden doors with
another strange pattern on them. Having nowhere else to go, they went up the steps and were about to go through the door when suddenly..."You've met a horrible fate, haven't you?" asked a voice behind them.

Skull Kid and Tael screamed and turned around to find the Happy Mask Salesman! Skull Kid blinked. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

The Happy Mask Salesman grinned. Of course, he always seemed to be grinning about something. "I am here to help, my friend." He said.

"Where is here, anyway?" asked Tael.

"Hey wait!" exclaimed Skull Kid. "I remember now! This is the Clock Tower in Termina!"

"Yes and no. This only appears to be the Clock Tower in Termina. If you recall, the two lands have merged now, forming Hymina. You are actually somewhere else. The cave, the tunnel, this room...all an illusion."

"But why?"

"To test you."

"To see if I'm eligible to join the blessed dead?"

"Dead? Oh no, no, no! You aren't dead! You're very much alive, both of you!"

"But I was killed in the battle with Majora! Wasn't I?"

"No, you were pulled away seconds before death. You are merely being tested to see if you are worthy of meeting with the being who pulled you away. The falling was a test of patience. The caves were a test of strength and intelligence. This last room was merely an opportunity to talk to you before you meet your mother."

Skull Kid was surprised. "The Goddess of Time?"

"Yes. She pulled you away because of the coming dilemma. It was not time for you to die just yet. You will need to fight the demon again, but next time you will be ready.'

Skull Kid groaned. He would have to fight Majora again? Oh well. "Hey! Don't we get a chance to recuperate? I mean, how long ago was the battle?" asked Tael.

"One week ago." The duo gasped. They had been falling for that long? "I am also here to answer any questions you might have before being admitted to your mothers presence. What would you like to know?"

"First off, just who are you?"

"I am one of your brothers."

"A god?"

"Yes, but only slightly older than you are. I'm really more of your great-great-great-great-great-great nephew. I'm a pretty minor god."

"What are you the god of?"

The Salesman pointed to the large bag of masks on his back. "What do you think?"

"Oh, you're the God of Masks." Said Tael.

"Correct. I go from dimension to dimension, buying and selling my wares to make people happy. I have the perfect mask for just about everyone. I spend about twenty years in any given dimension, though I do travel to others when my mask supply is low."

Skull Kid nodded. "Next question. Why didn't Majora recognize you as a god when you had him?"

"Who says he didn't? Why do you think he couldn't make me put him on?"

"Point. All right, next question. Why didn't you tell Link the truth about Majora?"

"I didn't want to make him change his mind and run away. He may be the Hero of Time, but I'm not good at gauging the courage of mortals. I made up that whole ancient tribe thing as an excuse for the mask's origins."

"Why didn't you stop Majora yourself when he possessed me?"

"Even when he was weakened, he was far stronger than I will ever be. I am only the God of Masks. He is the Demon of Power. I don't really have much in the way of power at all." He said sadly.

"I thought you guys couldn't interfere directly in mortal affairs." Said Tael

"That rule only applies to the bigger, older gods. A god like myself is almost not a god at all, more like an immortal with certain powers. But I am a god, just not an important one. Does that explain everything to you?"

"Yeah, pretty much." Said Skull Kid.

"Then before you leave, let me give you a gift." He pulled off his bulging sack, opened it, and started rummaging through it, looking for a specific mask. "Ah hah! I've found it!" The God of Masks pulled the mask out of the sack and showed it to Skull Kid. Skull Kid and Tael screamed and backed right up to the double doors. The mask was Majora's Mask. "Nononono! You have nothing to fear! It's harmless, see?" He put on the mask. Nothing happened. The eyes didn't glow or anything. The God took the mask back off. "Link exorcised Majora from the mask. It's empty, lifeless, and powerless."

Skull reluctantly took the mask from the God and stowed it in his pack. "Um, thanks, I guess."

The Happy Mask Salesman/God of Masks grinned again. "You can go through the door now."

"Goodbye." Said Tael and Skull Kid. They turned around and went through the doors. They entered someplace...else. It was dark, so they could not see, even with Tael's light. Of course, since he's purple, it wouldn't have helped much anyway. Suddenly, the lights came on. They gaped. First of all, the door they had come through was not there. But that wasn't even remotely amazing compared to where they were. They were standing on a huge floating platform. It was floating in the middle of a room bigger than the entire land of Hyrule-or Hymina, as it was now called. It was a chamber made completely out of crystal. It was beautiful. It shimmered and gleamed. They could see many tunnels leading away from the chamber. It seemed to be a nexus of sorts. From one of the tunnels, something glowing approached. It came towards them at high speed, finally reaching them. It was like a white fairy, but several times bigger and without any wings. Skull Kid immediately knew what it was.

"Yes Skull Kid. It is I, the Goddess of Time, your mother." Tael hid behind Skull Kid's head, quivering in fear. Skull Kid stepped forwards not sure what to say to his mother. Finally, he burst to tears and ran to her, giving her a hug. She hugged him back. They stayed like that for a few minutes. Tael felt like crying too, remembering his own dead mother. At last, the embrace was broken. The Goddess of Time hovered above them. "Skull Kid, I am happy to see you are all right. I have wanted to speak to you in person for a long time, but could not due to the laws I myself put into place."

"Then why did you bring us here now?" asked Tael, working up the courage to speak to the supreme deity.

"I brought you here because there was need. Skull Kid's original purpose is coming into play, and he must return to Hymina to fulfill his destiny."

Skull Kid was confused. "I thought my purpose was to be the friend of the giants."

"That was what everybody thought. I actually created you for another purpose, a destiny that will be revealed to you in time. I cannot see the future clearly, for it is in constant flux, but I occasionally get visions, premonitions of what will happen. I foresaw that Majora would arise again, and I also saw that the only way to stop him from fulfilling my brother's ambitions would be to create a being who may be able to stop him."


"No, Skull Kid. That being is you."

"ME?" asked Skull Kid in disbelief.

"HIM?" asked Tael in equal disbelief.

"Yes Skull Kid. You. You are the only one who may stop Majora. I cannot send my daughters to deal with him as I did before, or even deal with him myself. That would be going to close to breaking the rules. Remember, we cannot interfere directly in mortal affairs, even if they are godly affairs as well."

"But you brought us here!"

"Neither you or Tael are mortals."

"Oh, right."

"Besides, you are here to be trained to fight Majora, so this is more like indirect interference. A loophole of sorts."

"Makes sense to me." Said Tael.

"So, how do we get started?" asked Skull Kid.

"I'm glad you asked. Mike! Please take my son to Farore's suite. Goodbye Skull Kid. I have urgent business to attend to. Good luck. I love you." She flew away.

Another ball of light flew up. This one was closer to a fairy's size, but had feathery wings instead of butterfly ones. He looked at Skull Kid and Tael. "If you will please follow me, I will take you to mistress Farore's room." Mike started to fly off the platform. Since Skull Kid was still under the effects of the dust, he was able to follow.

As he and Tael followed Mike to one of the openings in the chamber wall, he had a question. "What are you?"

"I'm an angel."

"Really? I always pictured you guys as looking more humanoid."

"It's a common misconception. Just like the one that the greatest gods are humanoid as well."

"What is this place, anyway?" asked Tael.

"This is the Chamber of the Crystals, at the heart of heaven. The chamber is the center of a palace for all the gods. These openings lead to the rooms for each of the gods, and to the outside."

"Can you take us outside?"

"No. Heaven is for the dead only. If you see what it's like, you might be tempted to suicide to get here, and that would disrupt the balance of things."

"Is it true that suicides go to Hell?" asked Skull Kid.

"No, you only go to Hell if you do too many bad deed. Of course, the term is figurative."

"How so?"

"A bad deed is basically something bad you do because you want to. You know, like stealing or killing. If you do it by accident, it's not counted as a bad deed. It also isn't considered a bad deed if you have to do something bad in an attempt to do something good. For instance, I hear that you used to rob from the rich and give to the poor. Even though it was a mistake because you kept robbing from the rich after they had become rich instead of poor, you had good intentions. In a way, that's what really counts. Also, if you feel guilty for something you've done, it means you have a good chance of going here. Those who feel no guilt almost always end up down there." He continued down one of the openings, followed by the duo. Mike stopped outside one of the doors in the large, shiny corridor. "Well, here's your big sister Farore's bedroom. Oh and here's a little tip: whatever you do, don't make her angry. You'll regret it. Well, I gotta go now. Good luck." He flew away.

As he touched down on the corridor floor, Skull Kid took a deep breath and knocked on the door. It opened. He walked inside. Tael flew in. Skull Kid knew his big sister Farore was known as the creator of the first life forms in Hyrule and patron of heroes and forests, so he had expected her bedroom to be like some sort of huge greenhouse. He was completely wrong. The huge room did have a few flowers and one or two trees, but other than that, the main part of the room seemed to be a large arena, with bleachers surrounding it. Around the center arena were various weapons in display cases, and a few areas that were obviously for training. There were several cases close to him, so he decided to take a look. In one case was an axe. A plaque on the case said "Battleaxe. Galadriel." Another case had a small sword made from a material Skull Kid was not familiar with. The label said, "Goblin-sensing rapier. Bilbo Baggins." The case next to that held a large katana. All the plaque
said was "Sword. Jack." The case after that held a bow and a quiver full of arrows. The plaque said, "Bow and arrows. Robin." The next case had a large sword. The plaque said, "Excalibur, Arthur." Farore, a large green ball of light with a core of gold, flew towards them. "Skull Kid! It's good to see you, little brother!" She held Skull Kid close in a big hug. Skull Kid welcomed the embrace. She finally broke off. "Mom told me all about your new quest! You're here for training, right?"

"Yeah, but what kind of training?" asked Skull Kid.

"You're going to be battling hordes of monsters and the favored child of evil incarnate! You need to learn how to fight."

"But I already have a dagger that magically makes me proficient."

"Do you actually know how to use it other than to stab?"


"My point exactly. All the dagger does is keep you from poking your own eye out. It only makes you proficient enough not to damage yourself with it. I will teach you how to really use it, and several other weapons."

Skull Kid shrugged. "Works for me."

"Great! We'll start right away. Your fairy is pretty weak. He'll need training too."

"Hey! I am not weak!" shouted Tael.

"You'll need to be stronger than you are now. You will need to become a guardian fairy in order to help Skull Kid. However, you will have to give up the ability to heal."

"Well...all right. I'll do it, but just for Skull Kid." Said Tael.

"Good. Ares, one of my sons, will train you. He's waiting for you in the room with a book painted on it." Tael flew off, looking for that room. Farore turned back to Skull Kid. "Now, I will train you how to use your dagger properly. I will also show you how to use a shield, and how to combine the two skills when necessary. And it will be necessary. Now, if you'll just follow me to this ring over here..." She led Skull Kid to an elevated boxing-style ring.

Tael entered the room with a book painted on it. Inside was a small library. At the far end was a screen and a short red man in heavy armor, with a large sword in a scabbard on his back. It was Ares, one of the gods of war. He looked up as Tael entered. "Ah, you are the one I've been waiting for?" he asked. Tael nodded. "Good. We'll start your training right away."

Tael floated over, landing on a table. "How do we do that?"

"By teaching you the weak points of various monsters. I will show you several slides of monsters in Hymina, and they're weak points. When I'm finished, I will grill you over those monsters to see if you have them memorized. Are you ready?"

"Ready!" said Tael.

"Good. We'll begin with the Deku Baba." The screen behind him turned on, showing an image of a Deku Baba.

"Ooh! I know this! The weak spot is its stem!"

"Very good, but do you know where Deku Baba's come from?"

"Yeah, from bad nuts that fall far from the Deku Tree."

Ares beamed. "Very good! I guess you can tell me all the monsters that dwell in the forest and their weak spots on sight then?"


"Then let's test you." The screen showed a picture of a Hiploop.

"Hiploop. A large insectoid monster that hatches from eggs laid by female Hiploops. When masked, are invincible until the mask is pulled off. When unmasked, you have to hit them with an attack before they ram into you." A picture of a Dragonfly came on. "Dragonfly. A cousin of the Hiploop, born from eggs as well. They are armed with electric stingers and can be killed by projectile weapons." A picture of a Wolfos came on. "Wolfos. A canine monster that has hard fur and can walk on its hind legs. Its tail is its weak spot." Next up, a picture of a Stalfos. "Stalfos. A human that has been victimized by the curse on the Lost Woods. Otherwise, it is the corpse of a person that has died in battle unfulfilled." Ares showed a picture of a Skulltulla. "Skulltulla. A giant spider that descends from the ceiling to catch its prey. Its front is protected by a hard, skull-shaped carapace, hence the name, but its back is completely vulnerable."

Ares applauded. "Wonderful! Of course, you already live in the forest so of course you know this stuff. Let's move on to field monsters..."

After a few hours, Skull Kid had mastered the techniques Farore had taught him. "Wonderful! There are more advanced techniques I could try to teach you, but they require double-jointed arms and six fingers. Now, let's move on to the final test." She led Skull Kid over to the arena. "To complete your training, you must defeat three powerful opponents using the techniques I have shown you. You may use the shield." Skull Kid stood in the arena. Farore flew over to the stands, where a large throne with popcorn holder waited.

"Uh, these opponents aren't going to kill me, are they?"

"No, they are merely to test your skills. And don't feel bad about killing them, they are merely illusions. Of course, they are illusions that hurt. And since they aren't quite real, your dagger won't kill them instantly. Of course, it wouldn't with most monsters, but I am testing you with undead monsters because of their difficulty. Normally, one or two stabs from your dagger would kill them. If you fail, we must train you all over again." Skull Kid grimaced. The last few hours had been extremely grueling. His sister was a harsh taskmistress. "I can read thoughts, you know." Said Farore.


"It's okay. Now, let the battle begin!" She leaned back in her throne and started munching on her popcorn. A lone Stalfos appeared. Grunting, he approached Skull Kid, his shield raised. Skull Kid kept his shield up, waiting for his chance to strike. When the Stalfos prepared to lash out with his sword, Skull Kid darted in and struck him with an underhand stab. The Stalfos groaned and jumped away, keeping his shield up. When he was about to attack again, Skull Kid repeated his earlier maneuver. He did this twelve times until the Stalfos finally crumbled to dust. Farore applauded, then told Skull Kid to pick up a bow. There was one lying on the ground, with a quiver full of Light Arrows. The minute he picked them up, the lights dimmed considerably and a huge flock of bats appeared, pouring into the center of the arena from all corners of the room. They clustered together and finally pulled away, revealing a horrible monster. It was completely black, and floated above the
ground. It seemed to have a ragged cape and cowl, with no true body except for a green jewel in the midst of the darkness. As for its head, it was a pointed mass with horrible orange eyes and a red mouth filled with jagged teeth. The monster was enshrouded with extra bats, and wielded a huge scythe. As it floated towards him, Skull Kid tried to remember where he had heard of this monster. Than he remembered how Link had told him of a horrible vampire creature that Majora had created and placed in the Stone Tower Temple during his possession. It was called Gomess. Skull Kid recalled it was weak against light. Skull Kid carefully aimed with one of his Light Arrows as the monster floated closer. Skull Kid shot the arrow, stunning Gomess and causing the bats to fly away. Skull Kid knew he didn't have much time, so he switched to his dagger, ran over to the monster, and performed an overhead cut on the jewel. Gomess roared and tried to slice his head off with the massive scythe.
The bats returned to their master. Skull Kid backflipped away from the beast's swings until he was far enough away to use another Light Arrow. He repeated the process until finally, the monster wobbled and split into its separate bats, which fell to the ground dead. They vanished. Skull Kid panted, taking a short breather. Farore applauded. "Congratulations! This last battle will be the hardest, so be prepared. Your arrows are now completely normal." The room stayed dark. A huge severed hand flew out of the shadows and tied to bang on the floor, but found it was not as stretchy as the drum it was supposed to play on. Another hand appeared and discovered the same thing. Finally, a huge upside-down torso with no waist flew out of the shadows. It had upper arms but no visible lower ones, yet still was attached to the hands somehow. Its neck led to a single glowing pink eye for a head. Petals like that of a flower surrounded it.


The monster tried to squash Skull Kid with one of its hands. Skull Kid jumped out of the way and shot the hand with an arrow. The hand writhed in pain. Skull Kid shot the other hand as it tried to punch him. Finally, he shot the beast's eye, sending it crashing to the ground. Skull Kid ran over and performed a few jump attacks on the eye. Bongo Bongo flew out of Skull Kid's reach and tried to slap him. Skull Kid squeezed off another arrow. Skull Kid continued the process until the monster finally gave up. It floated high in the air, its hands on the ground, and slowly turned black as pure shadow. It then melted into a purple-black pool of stuff, which shrunk, evaporating. The lights came on. Farore clapped and whistled, cheering for him. Skull Kid grinned. He had passed the first part of his training. Soon, Farore showed him and Tael the exit. "Thank you for all the help, Farore." Said Skull Kid.

"Yeah, I can now tell you when the annual migration of the Mountain Tektite happens and where it goes." Said Tael.

"Ares said you were one of the best students he's ever had, and that's saying something! Well, good luck on your quest." She flew close to Skull Kid and gave him a final hug and kiss for the road. "I love you little brother. Show `em what you're made of!"

Skull Kid nodded and walked outside, where Mike the angel was waiting. "Well, how'd it go?"

"Great! I passed her course with flying colors."

"Excellent. Well, follow me. Your next stop is Mistress Nayru's room." He started to lead them down the corridor, but stopped because Skull Kid wasn't following him. "What's wrong?"

"I, uh, can't fly anymore."

"Oh. Well here, let me give you a lift." Mike flew over and picked Skull Kid up with invisible hands. "Comfortable?"

"Yes, very."

"Good. Now, let's go." Mike flew down the corridor, passing through the Chamber of the Crystals once again. He took them to another corridor, in front of another door. He put Skull Kid down. "Now, here's the room of your big sister Nayru. Here's a tip: Don't mention the recent debunking of Rofurnertim's law of Universal Cheese. She knew he was wrong, but thought he was quite handsome. Well, I have to go. Good luck!" he flew away."

"Such a nice angel." Said Skull Kid. He knocked on the door. It opened. He entered Nayru's room. It looked pretty much how he expected it to. It was basically a large library. By large, I mean the library was the size of New York City, horizontally and vertically speaking. It contained every book that had ever been written in life or death, for many great authors continue to write stories in their afterlife. Fortunately, Nayru quickly located him.

His big sister Nayru was the same size as Farore. She was a ball of blue light with a core of gold. "Ah, Skull Kid. I was wondering when you would get here. I've been waiting for you. I am here to initiate the second phase of your training."


"No, that would be more Din's department. I am going to teach you about science and physics, the natural laws of the universes and how our very existence clashes with those theories. We will perform experiments to demonstrate the laws of nature to you. Come." With that, Nayru led Skull Kid through the aisles of her massive library to a worktable. "Here is where you shall learn. The only precaution you must take is to always wear your safety goggles." She said, indicating a pair of safety goggles on the table. Skull Kid put them on and began to learn about laws of nature that many Hylians knew, like the law of universal gravitation and entropy, but others such as the law of conservation of energy and of nuclear energy. Most of this would probably be useless to Skull Kid, but you never know when a certain fact can come in handy. (If you don't know what the things I mentioned above are, wait until you take high school physics) After twelve hours of hard work and multiple
explosions, Skull Kid and Tael had learned all the physics Nayru could teach them that made sense. "I won't bother trying to explain other, more highly advanced forms of physics, such as the law of lukewarm fusion or the theorem of space/time conversion."

"Thanks." Said Tael.

"Your training is almost complete, Skull Kid. Al that is left now is to visit Din, who will educate you of magic."

"You mean she'll teach me magic?" asked Skull Kid eagerly.

"No, I said she would teach you of magic. She will not actually teach you how to use it?"

"Why not?"

"She will be able to explain it better than I. Now it is time to say goodbye, little brother. Good luck on your quest."

"Thanks," said Skull Kid, as he turned to walk down one of the aisles. He paused then turned around. "Which way is the door?"

"Take your first right down that aisle than turn left, right, left, left, left, right, left...Oh, I'll just do it myself."

In a flash, Skull Kid and Tael were at the door. "Thank you!" yelled Tael."

"You're welcome! And keep your voice down. This is a library after all."

They exited the library. Mike was waiting for them. "Oh, there you are! Ready for your final training session?"

"I'm ready." Said Skull Kid.

"Good. Hop on." Skull Kid jumped, allowing Mike to pick him up. They flew through the Chamber of the Crystals once more, heading for the next corridor. Mike dropped off Skull Kid in front of yet another door. "This is the room of your big sister Din. Whatever you do, don't comment on Buddhism to her. It'll make her really mad." He flew off.

"What's Buddhism?" asked Tael.

"I don't know. And I'm not sure I want to know." He knocked on the door. It opened, and they went inside. And they gaped.

This chamber was as far from what either of them expected Din's chamber to be like. They had been expecting lava and caves, monsters and mazes. Instead, it was a pleasant meadow with an elevated pavilion in the middle. The ceiling was enchanted to look like the sky. They walked over to the pavilion, looking around them. As they got on top of the pavilion, they were able to see a pool, and a small forest and other meadows with similar pavilions. The pavilion itself was empty. A minute later, a large ball of red light with a core of gold floated up. It was Din. "Ah, Skull Kid. I knew you would come at about this time."

"Um, hello Din."

She gave him a big hug. "Oh, it's so great to see you! Ready for your final bit of training?"

"Magic?" asked Skull Kid.

"Sort of. I will teach you about magic, but I cannot teach it to you myself."

"But why not?" whined Skull Kid.

"In Mom's premonition, she saw you wielding magic against Majora. However, it came from within you. She said that for this to pass, you must not learn how to actually do magic. I am merely going to prep you for your final battle by showing you how to contact your inner magic. But first, I need to explain something to you. It conflicts with almost all of the laws of physics that Nayru taught you."

"I'm listening." Said Skull Kid.

"Magic can break every law of physics, for magic is like a separate set of physical laws. A case in point is you. The laws of Entropy state that all objects lose energy over time, until they finally come to a halt. In other words, everything dies. Now, look at yourself. You are an immortal, a being with an indefinite life span. Since you can live forever, you do not lose energy until you finally die. Instead, you maintain it constantly by living. This is a defiance of entropy. Do you understand."

"Pretty much, yes."

"Good. Now, to begin you're training." She floated down to the pavilion floor. "Sit. We shall start focusing on your inner self, looking for your magic. Close your eyes and focus on something that makes you happy." Tael and Skull Kid obeyed. Skull Kid concentrated on fries. They had made him pretty happy. If he focused on his friends, he wouldn't be happy, because he would remember once again that they were endangered. He calmed down under the influence of the mental fries. "Now that you've found something that makes you happy, keep that image in your mind and focus more on your heart focus on the power there. In time, you should..."

"Found it." Said Skull Kid.

"Found it." Said Tael.

Din was surprised. "You both found it that quickly? Then that means mother is right. I have no need to teach you anything more. You may go."

Skull Kid got up. "Wait, you mean that was it? That was all the training?"

"Yes. Now, before you go, here's another big hug." She gave him a big hug, kissed him on the cheek and flew away.

Skull Kid and Tael stared after her. "Well, that was easy." Said Tael.

"Yeah. Come on, let's go." They climbed down from the pavilion and headed for the exit.

They went outside the corridor to find Mike once again. "I'm surprised you finished so quickly. Well, now that your training is finished, your mother wishes to speak to you once again." Mike picked up Skull Kid and flew him to the Chamber of the Crystals. He dropped him on the center platform and flew away.

A minute or two later, the Goddess of Time reappeared. "You have completed your training ahead of time, my dear. This will be an advantage. Now, you are probably wondering what you must do to save the world, correct?" Skull Kid nodded. "Then listen carefully. Four of the six sages are imprisoned in their own temples. What's more, the four new sages are trapped in them as well."

"New Sages?" asked Tael.

"Just like each of the temples in Hyrule had an unawakened Sage, so did the temples in Termina. The future Sages of Termina have been captured and placed in the temples. Since the lands have merged, that means the four temples in question will now have two Sages each."

"Oh, I get it." Said Skull Kid.

"But that isn't all. A thousand years ago, when the Hylian temples were built in the first place, each of the original Sages created a Dragon out of elements to be the guardian of the temples. Six hundred years ago, the guardian dragons were slain by poachers. You are going to try to change that. Let me outline your quest: One, you must liberate the Sages from the temples. Two, you must confront Ganondorf and kill him, not just defeat him. Three, after midnight on the eve of the Carnival of Time, go to the top of the Clock Tower and play the Oath to Order. Instead of summoning your old friends, the giants, you will be calling forth the magic necessary for the Sages to resurrect the dragons. Once they are reborn, the dragons will allow you to travel to the moon and confront Majora for the final battle." She paused. "It is necessary that you fulfill the first two parts before going to the Clock Tower. The eve of the carnival is when the solar equinox will occur. The planets
will be in their yearly alignment, and great magic can be used during the six hours of the alignment. Even as we speak, Majora is gathering the ingredients for the spell that will release my brother from Hell. He will wait until the last half-hour to cast the spell, for the magic will be strongest then. You must defeat him before time runs out, or at least distract him long enough for the sunrise. After that, Majora will need to wait another year to cast the spell." She flew closer. "You have five weeks to complete the assignment. Skull Kid, you are the only one that can do this. This is your destiny, the purpose for your existence. We are all counting on you. I am counting on you. Good luck." She gave Skull Kid a big hug and kiss. "I will see you again once all the Sages are freed. Good luck, my son. I love you." There was a flash of light, and Skull Kid and Tael were somewhere else entirely.

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