Okay, I've got some news that'll probably make all .00053 of you who read this kind of unhappy. Hahaha! I'm just kidding! I know I'm talking to myself. Anyway, I'm putting this story on hold for a while. A long while, probably. There are a lot of reasons for this. To placate all 0.00053 of you (I wish I had that many readers) I'll just give you the list.

1: I started this because I was angry. I can't stand stories that present humans as cattle. The idea for this story was kind of born of Dragon Ball cosmology. What do I mean by that? The way the Percy Jackson franchise is presented is that power is on a stepped scale. That is to say, the gods have their own power hierarchy that is above the demi-gods' hierarchy that is above the monsters' that is above the humans. I hate this type of power scale. And if you read between the lines of both the books and the original myths, it doesn't work that way. It's more like Dragon Ball where 99.999 etc. percent of the universe is outclassed by that planet's god (or gods), but anybody can surpass anybody else. It's just no one had, or the few that had never got a straight fight. Hercules was as strong as any god, and the gods were tricked into eating some poor yutz (I can't be bothered to remember who…). And to take one from Percy Jackson, barely trained Percy fought Aries to a draw. Percy even fought off Chronos, who was stronger than all the gods combine. Yeah, possessing Luke so he wasn't at full power, but he was still Chronos. So yeah, it's not unreasonable to think an extraordinarily well trained, extraordinarily talented pure-blood human could fight on the level of a demi- and by extension full-fledged god. Like I said though, I was angry, so I phrased some things a little too extremely. Not saying any of the scenes were off, just the details. But it set the wrong tone, so basically all I wrote on the story so far is a little skewed. One of my rules for writing (especially fanfiction) is "don't write with an agenda". I was totally writing with an agenda.

2: I'm just not that into Percy Jackson right now. That's a simple one. When I inevitably get into the franchise again, you can strike this from the list.

3: I'm entering a more difficult part of the story to execute. Exposition may be boring, but at least as far as the Percy Jackson franchise is concerned, at least it's easy. The story proper? That takes some TLC that I don't have because;

4: I'm working on a lot of stories right now. And not just what I'm posting right now. Also having a lack-luster Percy Jackson fic I have to drag myself into doing is only making the rest of my work weaker and go slower.

5: This is one of my older stories, and frankly, I'm embarrassed by its low quality.

6: There are other stories I'd rather work on instead, like I am Darkness which is almost complete, Fire, and not least of which an Ace Combat fic I haven't even started yet due to my already idiotically huge (and self-imposed) workload. I can't concentrate on this story when I'm thinking about those. That hurts those stories, and virtually cripples this one.

ALL OF THIS HOWEVER, DOES NOT MEAN SHADOWY PAST IS OVER! I will finish this story. Not to be morbid, but my death is about the only thing that will ever stop me from fulfilling that promise. It's just going to take a long-ass time, if you'll pardon my French. (Where does that turn of phrase even come from?) I don't know how long it will take for me to get back to Shadowy Past, but I will. In the mean time, my other stories should come out much faster.

When I do finally get back to Shadowy Past, the first thing you should expect is some rewrites. This may be a total reboot like with my Avatar: Endless Waltz, or it may be the change of 2-4 paragraphs in as many chapters (the latter being the more likely).

If my self-deprecating gags at the beginning were wrong and I have any faithful readers seeing this, I'm sorry, but it's for the best. I'm not uploading nine chapters than quitting. That's been done to me and it ticks me off. A lot. But this story is going wrong. It is not however, unsalvageable. I can fix it, just not now. Not that I have any right to ask you, but don't give up on Shadowy Past just yet.

And now, if I may shamelessly plug my other stories; I am Darkness, Red's Quest: Fire, Avatar Off Center, Avatar: Rise of the Dragon Knight, Avatar: Endless Waltz, and Mobile Suit: Alternate Gundam are all currently being worked on at a regular pace and are markedly batter! If you'd like to continue supporting my work, check out those. Also, the more people who read I am Darkness, the more people will read the Author's Note of Duel 26. Ha! Who am I kidding? Even people who reviewed Duel 26 didn't read that…