I smiled as I walked into the coffee shop, as I heard the bell ring I welcomed the feeling of being....home. The coffee shop brought so many memories it was were Alice, Rose and me grew up. Looking around the beautiful yet worn out brown velvet wallpaper I finally found my two most best friends ever in the world Alice and Rose.

Alice also known as the pixie, fashion guru and omelet. ( omelette's because she loves Omelets)Alice had a bubbly. When one meets her they never know what exactly to do with her. She is always able to cheer someone and she has killer looks.

My other friend is Rose also known as Aphrodite, Chinese noodles and some other word to inappropriate for this introduction. Rose was confident and always knew what to do I time of needs.

Finally right now beside my two best friends in the world were Emmet ,roses boyfriend, and Jasper, Alice's boyfriend,. Unfortunately these two are also my brothers I know sad it it not. Whats even worse is that we are triplets, I mean we do not look alike and have different personalities but me and jaz and em all have become masters in planning pranks but we have had our epic fails.

Jasper (Jaz), Emmet (Em) and I have been in rough times always having nannies and maids looking after us in fact I do not think my parents even know how I look like. Us three only know we do have parents who send us checks every month for 800,000 dollars. I mean we have seen their face and heard their voice but we have never felt their love. They do not feel like parents more like agents sent from god to keep us safe.

I , however, am moving to Florida today as I am attending college their. We were at the coffee shop because it was my farewell party

"Hey guys" I said with a smile.

"Hey Bells"they said with enthusiasm.

"We are gonna miss you Bella" sobbed Emmet.

" hh em I will love you guys a lot too im so sorry I have to go but its education I'll be back soon bro

and jazz . Prank on boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And with that me and my brothers and my unofficail sister in laws. My last days. Little did I know it was all going to change

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