Behind Stained Glass

by Mackenzie L.

The purpose of this companion story is to reveal more background and insight to Stained Glass Soul. The chapters posted here deal with both Carlisle and Edward's thoughts throughout the story.

I update this story as Stained Glass Soul progresses, so if you are reading Stained Glass Soul, it would be beneficial to keep up with this story as well. I always make notes at the bottom of my chapters in Stained Glass Soul, so that readers don't miss when something complementary is added here.

Disclaimer: The Twilight Saga belongs to Stephenie Meyer

Chapter Index

Each of the chapters in Behind Stained Glass either takes place during or is somehow related to a specific chapter in Stained Glass Soul. Here are the chapters listed by their compatibility, for easy reference.

1. (Index)
2. "Scarlet Salvation" — SGS, Chapter 4: "Left to Burn"
3. "No Way to Rush a Miracle" — SGS, Chapter 15: "Carried Up the Stairs"
4. "Peace Not As Powerful" — SGS, Chapter 19: "Flood Follows Drought"
5. "In Shades of Gold" — SGS, Chapter 21: "Blood Test"
6. "Caduceus" — SGS, Chapter 23: "The Music of Gratitude"
7. "Annaliese" — SGS, Chapter 25: "A Nuisance Called Pneumonia"
8. "The Fires of Heaven, The Waters of Hell" — SGS, Chapter 26: "Watch Her Wilt"
9. "How Bright Does It Burn?" — SGS, Chapter 27: "The Dangers of Daydreams"
10. "Peacock Blue Ink" — SGS, Chapter 28: "Much Needed Distractions"
11. "If Only" — SGS, Chapter 29: "How Lovely the Scarlet Path"
12. "A Taste of The Doctor's Medicine" — SGS, Chapter 31: "Untouchables"
13. "The Worst Curse of All" — SGS, Chapter 34: "When it Rains it Pours"
14. "An Exploration of the Heart" — SGS, Chapter 34: "When it Rains it Pours "
15. "The Apology" — SGS, Chapter 35: "Silent Burn"
16. "The Heart Grows Fonder" — SGS, Chapter 39: "The Blizzard Between Us"
17. "The Warmest Welcome" — SGS, Chapter 40: "Piece by Piece"
18. "Shepherd or Sheep" — SGS, Chapter 41: "Heart Shaped Soap"
19. "Black Swans and Driftwood Dancers" — SGS, Chapter 42: "The Gifts Worth Giving"
20. "The Missing Memory" — SGS, Chapter 43: "The Memory and the Music Box"
21. "To Carve a Place in Her Heart" — SGS, Chapter 43: "The Memory and the Music Box"
22. "Unmasked by Moonlight" — SGS, Chapter 44: "Hands in Harmony"
23. "Why Candles are Holy" — SGS, Chapter 45: "Christmas by Candlelight, Part I"
24. "Whims of a Miracle Worker" — SGS, Chapter 45: "Christmas by Candlelight, Part I"
25. "A Breathtaking Blessing" — SGS, Chapter 46: "Christmas by Candlelight, Part II"
26. "The Body is a Temple" — SGS, Chapter 47: "No Shame in a Safe Haven"
27. "Wishing on Fireworks" — SGS, Chapter 48: "Seal this Contract"
28. "A Dungeon with Velvet Curtains" — SGS, Chapter 49: "Where Art Thou Going?"
29. "Of Roses and Baby's Breath" — SGS, Chapter 50: "Unlikely Valentine"
30. "Hot Blooded Surrender" — SGS, Chapter 51: "As the Clouds Cry"
31. "A Different Kind of Touch" — SGS, Chapter 52: "Slightly Incredible"
32. "Much to Write About" — SGS, Chapter 53: "Laundry and Sunshine"
33. "Leaving His Mark" — SGS, Chapter 54: "Thank You for the Dance"
34. "Forever's Final Hour" — SGS, Chapter 55: "The Final Symbol"
35. "Here I Leave My Heart" — SGS, Chapter 56: "Finding Faith"
36. "Justice for the Lonely Soul" — SGS, Chapter 57: "Those Unheard are Sweeter"
37. "Pure as Doves" — SGS, Chapter 58: "Belated Engagement"
38. "Sealing the Wounds" — SGS, Chapter 59: "One Step Further"
39. "Skipping Milestones" — SGS, Chapter 60: "Eternal Covenant"
40. "Striking a Chord" — SGS, Chapter 61: "Never Close Enough"
41. "The Last Supper" — SGS, Chapter 62: "Vows"
42. "The Source of the Spark" — SGS, Chapter 63: "The Key and the Rose"
43. "The Fire Unleashed" — SGS, Chapter 64: "The World Unlocked"