~Chapter 1~The beginning of them

I scurried down the hall keeping my eyes on the ground, hoping no one would notice me…

"Hey Mally wait up!" Kaleen screamed running after me.

"would you shut up!" I franticly whispered to her when she caught up to me.

"well someone's in a bad mood today" she said rolling her eyes .

"Guess what!?!" she screeched

"What?" I asked innocently "O wait, did u finally find out what the to little arrow shaped buttons by the elevator mean?" I said jumping up and down clapping excitingly.

She jabbed her elbow in my rib.

"Hey watch it I'm fragile" I joked

"very funny" she said standing with her hands on her slim hips glaring at me.

"but anyways.." she said DANIEL COOPER JUST PICKED UP MY BOOKS FOR ME!!"she squealed happily jumping up and down.

"cool, happy for you." I said giving her a small smile .I crammed my books into my book bag and hurried off. "Bye!, see you tomorrow!!" I called over my shoulder. As I hurried off in the direction of the back entrance to the school, trying not to trip over my own two feet, I ran in to something hard and fell down with a thump!

O my god!, I'm so sorry, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going" are you ok???"

He said holding a hand out to me. I stood up by myself, "I'm fine think you, but watch out where your going next time pinhead….. That's when I looked up and saw who I was talking to…Daniel Cooper.

"I-I-I-m uh I-I m-mean"I stuttered

He looked startled, but then he just laughed, "so where were you heading to ??"he asked his bright green eyes glinting with curiosity.

"home, duuuuuuuuh.."I stated getting my nerve back and walking past him and heading towards the door. " What's your name he called from behind me?/"

"it's Mally if u must know "I said, he had a madding look In his eye's….

"u know mally your so not like other girls.."he stated

"tell me about it" I mumbled, I turned back around and stocked outside..

"hey wait up!" he said running up behind me. "hey I can walk you home ,little girls don't need to be walking around town all alone when all these murders are going on." he said suddenly serious.

"I don't need you to walk me home Daniel, I take care of my self just fine, thank you. I stated then I stalked of down the sidewalk towards 2nd street and turned right on to maple and walked up my driveway and took out my house keys. But some how they were already in my hand, o well maybe I had pulled them out while I was walking. I thought.

I put the key in the key hole and was about to unlock it, when I heard rattling behind me, I spun around quickly, but nothing was there…. Must be imaging things I thought. I opened the door and went upstairs to my bedroom and shut the door. I reached under my bed and found my diary and pulled it out and started to write….

Dear mom,

Today was ok I guess these days just aren't exciting as they used to be when u were in them, Daniel Copper offered to walk me home today, but I told him no. Dad's still working two jobs, I hardly ever see him anymore mom, I miss him mom. I've already lost you I don't think I could stand losing him two. Things will never be the same……

Love sincerely,

Your daughter


I placed my diary carefully back under my bed and looked out the window. The sky was gray, colorless and it was raining, (like always).

I looked at the clock 3:15, crap! I thought I forgot to pick up groceries, I grabbed my raincoat and slide on my rain boots and slide out the door.

I hurried down the sidewalk, I made it halfway to the store before I realized someone was following me….I turned around sharply…

Daniel was right behind me. "D-Daniel??, What are you doing here??"

"O nothing I was just strolling around"

Really I thought? "In a dark Alley way??"

"let's just say you and I have different place's we like to walk Mally" he said smiling ,stepping forward…

"I stepped back "well I better be going" I said turning away.

"don't you want to stay?" he said suddenly two inches away from me, I could smell his breath…I started getting dizzy and was about to open my mouth when someone said

"No actually, she doesn't want to stay…" said somebody coming out of the shadows .he had blond hair and bright green eyes. I had never seen him before. Daniel started backing away. "No Daniel don't go…"I said hardly realizing what I was saying. Suddenly there was a arm on my shoulder and my head cleared . I jerked away startled. It had been the blond haired boy….

Daniel was glaring at him…

What in the world of worlds was going on!?!!!I thought

Then Daniel just took of running…

"are you ok??"the blond guy asked

The blond haired boy was looking at me curiously…

"I t-t-hink, w-who are you?" I asked.

"My names Cam, nice to meet you Mally" he said giving me a dazzling smile.

"h-how do u k-know my name??" I stuttered

He just smiled "because that other guy just said it"

My knee's felt like they were going to give out and I was going to collapse.

"o, w-what was that all about?" I said feeling light headed "and w-what do u want?"

"nothing really and I really think you need to be heading home, I'll walk you home."

He said

"why does everyone keep on offering to walk me home!!!? I'm not a little girl !"

He spun around "who offered to walk you home?" he said that dark color back in his eye's.

"ummm, Daniel" I said

"Mally listen to me, don't ever go anywhere with him. let's just say he's not a very good person…." he said looking me in the eye's. " can you promise me you'll stay away from him?" he held my shoulders staring straight into my eye's.

"o-ok I-I promise" I said, feeling a state of peace spread over my entire body.

"ok, lets go Mally it's getting late" he said

"okay" I stumbled behind him. wondering why I was falling this stranger feeling completely safe.

"are you ok he said looking back?"

"I-I'm f-f-fine" I said

Finally we made it to my house. "umm, thanks for walking me home" I said warily

"it was pleasure he said smiling"

"bye" I said turning around to open the door

"be safe Mally, have a goodnight" he said walking out into the night

I ran in the house and up stair's to my room and slammed the door, forgetting all about dinner…

I plopped down on my bed and pulled out mom's old picture from behind my pillow. Then my door crashed open I threw the picture back under my pillow and turned to face him…

"yes d-daddy?" I squeaked

"don't you daddy me, I work hard all day while all you do is sit on your but doing nothing!" where's my dinner!?"

I shivered "I'm sorry I forgot to fix dinner" I whispered

He pulled me off my bed by my hair and threw me on the floor and then kicked me HARD. I screeched in pain "maybe now next time you'll remember you worthless good for nothing girl!" he stormed out slamming the door.

I crawled to my bed and curled in a ball and grabbed my diary out from under my bed and began..

Dear mom,

He hurt me mom, he hurt me…please mom if your out there some where give me a sigh. I cant take this anymore!' I cant keep telling lies and covering up for him. I NEED YOU ,make me an angel so I can fly far away from here I chanted over and over…

Love sincerely,

Your daughter


I slid my journal back under my bed and prayed somehow that dad would stop drinking, that mom could somehow come back to life and just maybe that I could have one really true friend…that actually cared, who I could talk to and trust secrets with and who was loyal threw thick and thin.

I got in bed and went to sleep thinking about my mom…..how much I missed her…

Then next morning I tip toed downstairs, only grabbing a apple and headed out the door and ran all the way to the end of my street(safe I thought whew!) I walked quickly down the sidewalk until….

I reached the school quickly only to see the blond haired kid staring at me…..cam

He walked over to me "good morning" he said cheerfully

"umm, excuse me but I don't really know you thank you for saving me or what ever but I have a lot to deal with right now, without all this strange stuff going on.." I said heading towards the school door.

"Mally wait!" he said grabbing my arm. I spun around staring at him "is this some kind of joke to u , I have a lot to deal with without having to deal with all this crap!" I said getting hysteria.

He looked furious…

"Mally this is by no means a joke to me!!" he yelled in my face.

I flinched back thinking he was going to hit me…

His eyes looked shocked for a second, then they looked sad.

Dang it why did I always have to make people sad!! I thought.

"I-I-m sorry Mally, I would never hurt you, you know that right?"

"acutely I don't really know you at all." I said looking down at my feet

"Mally I'm only here to…." he suddenly looked at the school clock " you better get going " he stated

"bye" I murmured wondering if I was having a dream.

"bye he said smiling" and then he was gone…

I hurried up the school steps, bursting threw the doors and hurrying down the hall way to math class. When I walked in the classroom, Kaleen called out my name showing me she had saved me a seat. Making me the main focus of attention for the moment. I hurried to my seat looking down at the floor.

The teacher walked in and began the lesson, I tried to focus, but my mind kept on wondering back to cam… who was he?, why was he here?, what does he want with me?

I was so busy thinking I dint even notice the bell had rang.

" Mally?, Mally stop day dreaming and come on!" Kaleen said sounding annoyed.

I got up and quickly started down the hallway with Kaleen..

"What's been up with you lately, you've been acting strange.." Kaleen stated.

"I've just been busy lately, all this homework's kind of getting to my head." I lied smoothly.

She looked at me strangely for a second and then said "well I'll see you after school" she said hurrying away to history.

"ok, " I said going up the stairs to Biology ,I entered the classroom to find all the seats taken except one….the one by Daniel. Now that was strange he always had crowds of people circling him usually. He motioned me with his hand to sit with him.

I stared ahead blankly not believing what I was seeing. Daniel Cooper wants me to sit with him..

I walked hesitantly toward the seat beside him. He smiled and taped the seat like he wanted me to seat there. I sat down .I dropped my book bag on my side of the desk and stared at it unsure of what to do.

"Hi ,I was wondering how would you like to go to the movies with me after school ?" Daniel said hopefully

I stared at him in shock. Was I hearing right? Ok now I'm sure I'm in a dream!

"yes" I blurted. What is the matter with me, why'd I say that I thought. Say no, but for some reason I count say no to him. I turned away from his eyes.

"great we can go right after school "he said smiling.

"o-ok " I stuttered. What was wrong with me!!!

The teacher began but I was in a daze the whole time until the bell rang signaling that it was time to go home. I gathered my stuff up and headed to my locker . I quickly stuffed my stuff in my locker and shut it and hurried off.

Please don't see me. Please don't see me. I recited in my head over and over.

"Hey Mally ready to go" I heard Daniel call from behind me. I turned around to tell him "I changed my mind".

But my head went blank and my mouth opened with out my brain telling it to do so.

"yes" I said horrified of my self as soon as it came out of my mouth. I turned away quickly staring at the wall and said "one second I have to go to the bathroom" I said scarred now. There was something about Daniel that felt threatening to me ,I know crazy right? I hurried down the hall bathroom to the girls bathroom and went in.

All I knew was something was wrong, very wrong…

I looked around for another exit, then I saw the window, perfect I thought.

I wrenched the window open and being the slender brunette I was slipped threw the window out on to the school grass.

Whew safe I thought. But then I saw shoes and looked up to see a furious Daniel. It scared me to death. But he was just in t-there.. How -how Could he get out here that quick? I thought my mouth hanging open like a moron in shock. The only thing I knew for sure that something was wrong and I needed to get out of her now!

He yanked me to my feet. I twisted and turned trying to break his grip.

"Don't fight me sweetheart we don't want this to get ugly now do we?" he whispered in my ear making me shiver.

I kicked him in the you know what's and took off. I kept on running till I got to my truck and locked the door. I sat there breathing hard. What had just happened ? I looked out the window to check and see if he was there…but he was no where to be seen. Good I thought whew he left. I slumped in my seat relieved. Maybe I was dreaming ? I had to be? Right? This stuff just doesn't happen!

Then I heard a tap on my window….and I screamed