Epilogue: Under the Blue Moon


He felt something warm.

"Shiki-sama, sleeping in will make Akiha-sama very angry."

The black haired man rolled sideways, scrambling for the glasses he left on the headboard before opening his eyes.

He remembered last night... seeing Sensei again after everything that happened with Arcueid. Still... he knew that life was gone, thinking about it wouldn't do any good. "I'm up," he confirmed with a light yawn, standing from his bed, "Good morning Hisui, how are you today."

The maid smiled and nodded firmly, "I am doing well."

"That's good," he said, stretching his back, "I wouldn't like it if one of you was having a bad day."

"Shiki-sama, it appears you have received a letter, an invitation."

"An invitation?"

She nodded, letting her bright hair fall over her eyes slightly, "Yes, I do not know who sent it, but Akiha-sama seems to be troubled by it."

"Jeez, she's always worrying over the small things."

Hisui reached into the small pocket of her uniform and retrieved the envelope, putting it into his hands.

There was no return address on it.


With no hesitation, he retrieved his knife from the small desk by his bed and cut open the envelope, letting the letter fall into his hands.

'The Midnight Tavern at nine o'clock, come alone.'

A chill raced down his spine.

"Shiki-sama?" asked Hisui softly, "Is something the matter?"

"N... no, I just feel a bit funny."

"Who is the letter from?"

"I don't know."

'But for some reason,' he thought, 'I know it's not good.'