Life without Andy

Profile: Monty

Hey Andy. I'm back here at the cemetary again. It's never the same as talkin' to you when you're actually here, but this is gonna have to do I guess. Mama doesn't cry as much anymore. She's just really quiet most of the time. She tries to act like she's happy, but I know she's fakin' it. I still miss you, remember I said I always would. Baseball season went well. I had the team win and everythin', but it didn't feel right, 'cause you weren't there. I'm startin' to understand girls a bit better. I mean, that's good for a seven year old.

The last time we talked I was six years old. That's how old I was when you left, remember?

Daddy is still comin' to see me, but it still don't feel right. It's never gonna be the same since you left. He lives with this new lady, and I don't like her. She tries to be like Mama, but she ain't Mama!

I like the new school I go to. Since we moved it was hard to find friends at first, but then I got goin' to school and it was easy. When people ask me if I have any brothers or sisters I just say no. I don't like talkin' much about what you did to yourself.

But I'm doin' good as always. My grades are good, and I'm tryin' for basketball. Some older boys taught me how to do lay-ups, but I still would've wanted you to teach me instead.

I'm gonna make you proud of me one day, 'cause I know you're lookin' down on me. I love you big bro. Oh, and I still got my Teenage Warrior Space Soldier. He remembers you. He says one day you'll be proud of him, too. You'd better believe it.

Bye Andy See ya later