Penny rolled her eyes and put down her magazine at the first *knock*knock*knock, "Penny." Glancing at the clock, she took in the time – almost 10pm - sighed and waited.

*Knock*knock*knock. "Penny."

Penny stood and crossed the room, waiting by the door. There was no point in opening it until the third knock.

*Knock*knock*knock. "Penny."

"What's up, Sheldon?" She asked as she swung open the door. Her arms automatically crossed in front of her as she took a slightly aggressive stance, second nature by now, ready to bite back against whatever condescending remark fell out of his annoying mouth.

Only Sheldon didn't look annoying or condescending this time. In fact, he looked a little scared. Penny's arms fell to her side. "What's the matter, honey?" she asked, instinctively reaching out to touch his arm.

"Leonard's in the hospital and I need you to drive me there," he replied.

"Oh my god. Is he hurt?"

"Why else would he be in the hospital?" Sheldon looked at her as though – as usual – he was still trying to determine whether she was a sentient life form. Penny took a deep breath, willing the anxiety that had flared up in her chest to calm down. Sheldon wouldn't be able to cope if she got emotional.

"I mean, do you know what happened?" she asked, reaching for her coat and purse.

"The doctor who called me said he was attacked."

"Attacked? Like by a dog?" She locked her apartment door and they turned together toward the stairs.

"No, by a human," Sheldon replied. "They won't release him unless someone is there to pick him up."

"Who would attack Leonard?"

"I don't know, Penny. We need to go to the hospital." Sheldon gave her that look again and headed down the stairs in front of her.