Hey, it's me, Bella. This is, sadly, First and True's last chapter. Maybe I'll write a new SC fic soon... but for now, ENJOY FT'S BONUS CHAPTER!

Disclaimer: In this scene, I own nothing except myself, Zakuro, and Yayma. (If you're curious on who they are, keep reading!)

The teenage girl pushed her glasses up her nose one more time. Ikuto groaned. "For the love of catnip, STOP DOING THAT! You don't even need glasses!" "How do you know?" the girl snapped. "Maybe I do! And besides, they make me look cool and knowledgeable." "Sure." Ikuto muttered.

The girl spun around to face...uh...the computer screen, I suppose. She started waving like a maniac. "HI!" she exclaimed. "This is the First and True bonus chapter, where you find out which ending, One or Two, won through your votes! I'm you're host, Bella Grimm, and you can call me Bella-chan, while everyone here with me in this surprisingly spacious dialogue room must call me Bella-sama!"

Ikuto glared at her. "Why? We don't respect you. Besides, everyone knows who won anyways. Even your readers." "SHUT UP!" Bella shrieked. "I ENJOY DOING THIS! AND I AM STILL THE WRITER, SO I COMMAND YOU SHUT UP UNTIL I TELL YOU TO SPEAK!"

Ikuto unwillingly fell silent. Bella called to her assistant. "Astridaine-san! Please bring in the other characters!" (A/N I didn't ask Astridaine's permission to do this, but I wanted to thank her for sending me the list of Japanese family honorifics, so THANK YOU, ASTRI!)

"Right away, Bella-chan!" Astridaine called, and opened the door with a dramatic flourish. Then almost got crushed by the rapid horde of Shugo Chara characters. Utau immediately headed towards the podium, ready to glomp Ikuto. "No!" Bella shrieked. "STAY, ALL OF YOU!" They all froze. Bella exhaled in relief. "Okay. Would Amu-chan and Tadase please come up and join Ikuto. Tadase, you stand here, and Amu-chan, please stand in the middle. Thank you. NOT YOU, THOUGH!" she screamed at Tadase, who appeared to have gotten used to it by now.

"Now," Bella told the remaining characters (i.e. Utau, Kukai, Nagihiko, Kairi, Yaya, Rima, and Hikaru, who didn't really appear in this story, but he's so dang cute,) "would all Tadamu supporters please move to this side of the room." She gestured to stiff lines of wooden, hard-backed chairs with scars and knots. No one moved. Tadase started to sweat.

Bella giggled. "Now would all the Amuto supporters move to this side of the room?" She gestured to an area filled with white plush couches, golden wood armrests, and matching silk pillows. The entire crowd quickly moved to that side, with occasional murmurs on the quality of the furniture. Ikuto and Bella smirked. Tadase looked more than a little worried. Amu cast him a sympathetic glance. "Astridaine-san!" Bella called. "Would you please bring all the nice Amuto supporters their complimentary popcorn and Sprite." "Of course! Be right back!"

Twenty minutes later, Tadase had managed to go through three stages of loss, Amu had glanced nervously at Ikuto seven times, Ikuto had smirked at her eight times, and Bella and Astridaine had finished handing out the popcorn. "All righty then!" Bella said, satisfied. "One more thing. Amu-chan, your Humpty Lock, please?" Amu gasped. "What?" Bella smiled evilly. (A/N Anyone watch Pandora Hearts? If you do, like Sharon smiles at Alice sometimes.) "Now, please, Amu-chan." Amu hastily gave it to her.

Bella looked at curiously, then shrieked into the keyhole. "GET OUT HERE, YOU LAZY CONCEPTS! CHEER YOUR PARENTS ON!" Nothing happened. Everyone got up and started to slowly inch out of the room. Bella glared at it. "Just to remind you, your existences depend on this. I'm just saying."

Immediately, two teenage girls popped out of the keyhole, pushing and shoving. The blue-black haired girl landed on her feet next to Ikuto, smirking as the blond girl fell on her butt next to Tadase. Bella shivered. "Oh my God... Ikuto taught Zakuro-chan to smirk. Creepy." Ikuto pointed to the dark-haired girl. "You! You're that weird girl I met in the second ending! Who are you?"

Everyone sweatdropped at Ikuto's apparent lack of ability to put two and two together. Bella shrugged. "Anyway... Zakuro, please move over to the Amuto side. Yayma, to the Tadamu side you go!"

They did so. Zakuro immediately was lavished with sparkling apple cider and a lifetime supply of Junior Mints. Bella took pity on Yayma. "Hey, Astridaine. Do we have any extra popcorn for Yayma-san?" "Uh...nope." "Oh. Oh well. MOVING ON!"

She climbed back up to the podium. "Big thanks to everyone who read, reviewed, favorited, and alerted this story! Thank you all very much! Extra special thanks to those who voted and GakuenAliceGRL, who reviewed every chapter of this story!"

Everyone applauded politely. Bella bowed, with much hand-flourishing. "Now...what you've all sat through my very long introduction for! The number of votes the second ending received was..."

She paused for dramatic effect. Yayma crossed her fingers. Tdase held his breath. And Amu, foreseeing what was about to happen, crept, almost imperceptibly, closer to Ikuto. "...zero votes!" Bella finished, grinning evilly at Tadase. She looked guiltily at Yayma. "Sorry, hon. I might not like your dad, but you're super cute!" Yayma nodded dejectedly, and disappeared. "And now..." Bella continued, veerrryyyyy slooowwwwllllllyyyyyy.

"JUST TELL US HOW MANY VOTES THE AMUTO ENDING GOT SO WE CAN MOVE ON WITH OUR LIVES DAMMIT!" Zakuro screamed at her, throwing Junior Mints at Bella. Bella ducked, then straightened and smiled at Zakuro. "I like you. Anyways, the Amuto ending got eighteen votes. Hooray and all that crap. Ikuto, you can talk now."

"I'm good." Ikuto said, snaking his arms around Amu. She yelled and tried to beat him away, but he just smirked and kissed her neck. All the Amuto-shipping characters stood and cheered, then left. Zakuro knuckle-bumped Bella, then disappeared back into the Humpty Lock. Bella and Astridaine clinked glasses with satsifaction, and Bella waved to recapture your attention. "BYE! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! I REALLY, REALLY APPRECIATE IT! NOW PLEASE CONTINUE ON WITH YOUR LIVES!"