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The Untold Stories

Chapter 1: Weaknesses

It's 7:30 PM and Narumi was putting his finishing touches on the hair of his last client for the day. Although Ochiai was in a business trip, he was still able to make Narumi work over time. Damn that Ochiai and his authority to manipulate me, thought Narumi. He wanted to go home so badly. He wanted to be home by dinner. Kiri was alone at home since their kids were having a sleepover at their grandparent's house.

"There, finished", Narumi said to the customer, satisfied with his work. The client checked her hair while Narumi looked at his watch.

"Thanks, I really like this style. You really are the best hairstylist in Japan", the client said while she headed to the door.

Narumi smiled inwardly. You haven't seen my wife work yet, he thought. Yes, Narumi was finally able to admit that someone was better than he was. Not just anyone, but Kiri, his wife, whom he fell in love with not just because of her outstanding skills in haircutting, but also her smile, by which anyone rarely sees, and her caring and loving attitude, though she seems to be indifferent at times. But he wouldn't change anything even if his life depended on it.

Just as he stepped out of the building, there was a sudden power outage. Without thinking any further, Narumi dashed over to their house. He suddenly remembers when there was a blackout 10 years ago.


He had just left the Koshiba Salon and headed home when suddenly the streets became pitch black. Kiri was all alone at the salon. Worried for Kiri, he ran back to where she was and found her under the table. This was when he learned that she's afraid of the dark (and cockroaches).

And many years later, she still is. This made Narumi ran faster.

As he arrived at their doorstep, he turned the knob and found out that it was open. This girl…she haven't changed at all, he thought angrily but still worried with his wife's well being. He closed the door then locked it.

"Kiri! Hey, Kiri! Where are you?!", he shouted and no one answered. He had a feeling that Kiri was under their bed. He went upstairs and to their room. He looked under their bed…He was right. Kiri was there, all curled up like a ball, wither head under her hands.

"I'm here now", he said out loud with tenderness evident, "there's no need to be afraid".

"Sho…Shougo?", Kiri asked softly.

"Yes, it's me. You can come out now", he said gently.

Without second thoughts, Kiri went out of the bed and straight to Narumi and hugged him. Narumi hugged her back. This is the only time when Kiri is vulnerable and he's making sure that he's the only one who is allowed to see it. This was Kiri's weakness, the dark, and Narumi's weakness as well, seeing her at this state.

They stayed at that position for how many minutes then the lights came back on. Both of them stared at each other until Narumi broke the silence. "You really should have locked the doors. Anyone can get in, you know?"

"I was waiting for you", Kiri said, looking down at her hands. This made Narumi smile. He cupped Kiri's chin and made her look at him. "I'm already here, Kiri", he stated. Kiri blinked twice then stood up.

"It's getting late. We haven't eaten dinner yet and it's getting cold", she said while going out of the room.

Narumi stared at her back and chuckled, she really haven't changed at all, he thought.

The End

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