Hello readers!

I have not been on Fan Fiction for some time, indeed more than a year! I am ashamed of myself and for anyone who has taken the time and trouble to read any of my stories then I offer my most sincere apologies! There is one special reader who has taken the time to contact me and given me some reviews about my story and I am going to dedicate the rest of my story to her – Maddie – you know who you are! Thank you for contacting me and spurring me on to write more of this story and no doubt more of my other unfinished ranting's!

I read fan fiction all of the time and lately I have done more Beta work as I felt no one was bothering to read my work, alas I was wrong, there are some kind people out there who have taken the time to read my work! I cannot thank you enough!

Well enough of the blethering for the time being as I must get my muse head on now and start writing more chapters for my story entitled LOVE BRINGS PAIN LOVE BRINGS JOY (not the best title so if anyone out there can think of anything better then I am open to ideas!)

Chapter 12 is being penned as you read this notice so please can I ask you to be patient for a little longer and I can promise you it will be worth the wait!

Thanks again MADDIE for being there and reading my story – Thank you to all the others who have very kindly given me reviews and please please keep on reading as that's what makes it all worthwhile!


PS If anyone can come up with any scenarios that would work in this story then I am open to suggestion to adapt their ideas into my story – also I am considering doing some stories relating to Rookie Blue (my newest fav programme) and if I can get my head around it Emmerdale but only based on Nikhil and Gennie as I am a romantic at heart! Again ideas would be welcome so feel free to share…