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"Its Sandra."

His heart skipped a beat as the words came from Bennet's mouth. He gave him a worried, questioning look.

"Claire just called, she said Sandra collapsed. She called the ambulance, but I have to go home. She's my wife." Bennet explained.

The Haitian nodded slowly, and wished he could talk to Bennet, to ask him questions.

Is she alright?

Whats wrong with her?

...Did I do this?

He knew it could be anything. Dehydration. Too much sun. All he knew was that she collapsed, and so many little things could cause that.

But how could it not be in his mind that it was him?

Bennet was irresponsible. He let his wife discover too many things, because when that happened, he could call the Haitian and make everything go away. Anything that she saw, she didn't have to remember it by the next day.

How do you know there isn't a maximum amount of times a person can be wiped? What if after too many times, the person becomes sick?

...I must have done this.

All these questions he couldn't speak aloud.

When Bennet informed him that the problem was subdural hemorrhage, he looked at the Haitian with accusing eyes. A bruise on her brain, he explained, on the part of her brain that controls memory.

His heart filled with guilty pain at this new discovery.

I'm so sorry.

I didn't know.

Why are you looking at me like that? Like I decided she needed to forget, again and again. That was you. I never would have erased anything at all if you hadn't told me to.

This is your fault.

"Claire told the doctor that I knew a man that could make you forget things. She told the doctor that's why Sandra's sick." And now Bennet was asking silent questions of his own.

How does Claire know?

The Haitian's face stayed perfectly still and expressionless as he answered silently.

She knows because I told her.

Bennet turned away, annoyed.

"She's going to be okay, and the doctors are releasing her from the hospital."

The relief swept over him.

"Do you think your power did this to her? Can it do that, make people that sick?"

I don't know. My power has hurt people before, but I didn't know it could do this. If I had known, I never would have erased a single second from her mind.

"I guess it can. That seems to be the most likely possibility."

People seemed to always feel the need to fill up both sides of the conversation around him. Even though Bennet was quiet usually, he was no exception. Answering his own question.

Yes. It does seem the most 'likely possibility', that I did this to your wife. Sandra.

The Haitian could almost hear Bennet's explanation to Claire about him.

'Sandra is too good to be allowed to remember such bad things.' he would have told her. And, Bennet was right. Sandra was too good, too pure and kind to have to be exposed to the things that were brought upon her because of her husband.

Although, he couldn't deny that Bennet loved his wife. The pure rage and anger in his voice when he had told The Haitian that Sylar was to die, the look in his eye and the tenderness of his voice as he assured Sandra he would make all okay.

Although, if he was being honest, it wasn't Bennet that made it 'okay'.

It would always be The Haitian.

So, I don't really like how this story ends, but I couldn't think of any other way to end it, and I couldn't think of any way to continue it. I know its kinda short, but here it is.