"(Here he comes now, handsome devil)" Kat said dreamily as she held the rope in his small paws. The other end of the rope was tied tightly around a boulder that Kat had spent the better part of his night looking for. The boulder was suspended above the door of Coop's room where in a few seconds the boy would step out and be crushed by the boulder. The young boy had finished putting his clothes on and was about to step through the door.

"(You only hurt the ones you love)" Kat whispered to herself as her paw released it's grip on the rope he was holding, he heard Coop scream her name and she saw the boulder hit the floor. She saw no blood so he assumed that the boy had moved before the boulder fell. The female smiled at his crush's reflexes. In her culture a courting ritual was testing the body of a potential mate through many physical tests, the fact that Coop had passed many of the tests made Kat proud. But it also made her angry how her love always tried to stop her plans that didn't involve him. It also irked the alien how his potential mate continued to try and expose her secret identity and get rid of her. It almost seemed as if the boy didn't like her.

"Mr Kat!!!" The female flinched at the ear-splitting call of the other human in his life, Millie. The female human was kind to her, and she enjoyed her company, the only thing he didn't like about her was how she seemed oblivious to the fact that 'he' was actually a girl.

"There you are mr. Kat" Millie said as she picked her up and carried her towards the kitchen. Kat smiled as Millie carried her to the table, and her smile grew as she saw her potential mate sitting across the table from her. He obviously took it the wrong way as he glared at her.

"You'd better not try anything funny Kat,i'm watching you." Coop said quietly so only she could hear, his father and Millie appeared oblivious to the fact that Coop had threatened a lady of her stature. Kat took no notice and continued to stare at her crush. She remembered the dream she had during the hours she had slept last night where she and Coop were in a back alley sharing delicious frisky bits. Coop had the same clothes and hair he always had, but he was a creature of Kat's origin. She sighed as she remembered how his lips had tasted in her dream.

"Meow" Kat said happily, while the rest of the family ate. He wasn't sure if Coop could ever understand that her mews and purrs she made around him could be translated into 'I love you'.