Okay, here are a few fun facts, last words, and stuff about this story. At the end there will be a few shoutouts to people who've reviewed.

Okay, first i'll talk about the early days of when I first started writing the story.

I was intrigued when I found out that some animals actually used violence towards eachother as mating rituals. The thought went through my mind for awhile, then when I started watching KvK the idea of Kat using the same ritual intrigued me. Of course, this was weeks before I actually wrote the first chapter.

For weeks before I started writing the story it was in my head. But every time I sat down to type, my mind went blank. I didn't expect this story to ever write itself, it was frustrating cause it seemed like such an interesting idea.

Then one day I decided to push through the block and write the story. It turned out pretty well, except for one gruelling detail, which most of you will be familiar with. Kat's Gender.

See, when I wrote the story, I hadn't decided on whether Kat would be a boy or girl. On one hand, making it a girl would make it more 'normal' so to speak. While making him a boy would stay with the show a little more. I ended up making him a girl because I figured it would make the story fluffier and sweeter. Which I imagine it did.

However, and I didn't realize this at the time, while I was writing the chapter I debated in my head whether I made the right decision. Which cause me to confuse Kat's gender a few times. The fact that behind me was an episode of KvK where Millie scream "Mr. Kat" didn't help much either.

But I got the chapter done, and for awhile nobody gave the story much of a glance. Then after a few days it became hugely successful and one of my fastest growing stories to date. Currently the story has a whopping 1867 hits and an equally impressive status of over 500 visitors.

Heck, looking at this story I felt like I was writing 'Through his stomach' again. But looking at how badly I screwed that story up I decided to end this quickly before my crazy instincts took their toll. I went insane for a while if some people can remember, and my stories paid the price. I don't really think I can apologize enough for my behaviour in the past.

This story has received praise from old and new fans alike. I am satisfied with the results I have achieved through this story, though it is not my best work it apparantly has found a home in many peoples hearts and minds. I enjoyed writing this story and reading the fine reviews from fans. Sort of makes me sad how i'll be leaving fanfic fairly soon.

Yep, i'll be leaving fanfic in September. I'm going to college, and I fear I won't have time for the site. More details will unfold as I reveal them.

That's all for this story I guess