Author's Note: I'm sorry it's been so long between chapters! I've been stuck writing billionaire BDSM as my author pseudonym, Amy Valenti, and various other stuff's been going on. I've moved house, don't have a crappy noisy neighbour anymore - yay! My cat died and that was horrible, but happily I'm fostering for the local animal sanctuary these days, so things are looking up. :) Once again, you can thank ncislove and the Facebook Gabby fans for not letting me forget about this fic, even though I haven't watched NCIS since the middle of season 9. Hanne, as always, this one's for you... :p

If Abby had her way, Gibbs would believe her flight gets into Washington Dulles just before ten at night, but his gut instinct picked up on her lie the instant she told it. According to his sources at the airport, she'll be getting in at around seven, which makes him pretty sure she wants to sneak up on him.

He toys with the idea of going to meet her, but decides that if she wants to surprise him with an early arrival, he'll let things play out the way she's planned them. After a quick shower, he kills time in his living room, flicking through a book but not actually taking in any of the narrative.

He hasn't felt anticipation this strong in god knows how many years, but the thought of Abby spending time here, in his home, as his girl… Until tonight, he hadn't realised how much he craves it. The approach of every car engine makes him pause; every shift and creak of the house settling has him on alert for her presence.

When she finally eases the front door open, it's stealthily enough that he wouldn't have noticed if he'd been in the basement or upstairs. He holds back a smile and pretends to be oblivious, turning a page of his paperback.

She sets down her luggage and closes the door equally as softly. A familiar noise Gibbs can't quite identify follows, and he tries to puzzle out what she's doing, only working it out when it's repeated again – she's unlacing and taking off her boots.

Part of him wants to end the charade right now, to call out to her, but he remains still, affectionately amused by her efforts at stealth. She'd make a lousy field agent and an even worse Marine sniper, but she's a fantastic forensic scientist and even better at being Abby Sciuto, and that's all he needs.

She gets halfway across the living room before something in his body language tips her off to the truth. "I'm not fooling you, am I?"

"Nope." He drops the book and gets up to find her standing a few feet away, wearing a long, black coat. Her makeup is darkly alluring, obviously applied with seduction in mind, and her hair is down rather than in its usual pigtails, which makes him long to run his fingers through it.

She gives a melodramatic sigh. "Damn. Should have left the boots on."

Immediately, his imagination kicks into gear, his cock beginning to stir in response. "What are you wearing under that coat, Abbs?"

She takes a teasing step back as he advances, then another. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

As much as he wants to lunge forward and kiss her until she's begging him to undress her, he restrains himself. "Show me."

The wall prevents her from backing up any more, and she leans against it as he approaches slowly. "I could… Or you could find out yourself."

Gibbs reaches for the buttons holding the coat closed, keeping enough distance to prolong the anticipation. "Did you wear this on the plane?"

"I might have made a quick stop at Ziva's on the way here." Abby carefully pulls off the reading glasses he'd forgotten he was still wearing and sets them aside.

"Hmm." The last button slips free, and Gibbs parts the fabric to find that she's wearing the same underwear she posed in for the Valentine's picture she sent him. The coat slides to the floor, forgotten, as he admires the contrast between her fair skin and the sheer, dark fabric of the bra, thong and stockings.

The urge to kiss her intensifies, and he's dropping to his knees before his brain even makes a conscious decision. Tugging her panties down over her hips, he presses his lips to the warm, inviting skin hiding her clit from view. She gasps shakily, then gives a soft sigh of encouragement that makes blood rush to his already hard cock.

She widens her stance, giving him room to work, and he parts her folds with his tongue, the familiar musky scent and taste of her arousal making his head spin. Her clit is easy to find, and he avoids it on purpose, smiling against her skin as she whimpers a frustrated, "Gibbs…"

He kisses, nuzzles, nibbles and licks until she wriggles impatiently, trying to guide him where she wants him. Then he turns his attention to her clit, caressing it lightly with his tongue, gratified when her thighs tremble a little under his hands.

"So good," she murmurs, tilting her hips to meet each stroke of his tongue. "God, I missed you…"

Without letting up, he slides a hand down to cup one of her calf muscles, then guides her foot up off the floor to rest on his shoulder, parting her legs even more for him. Abby cries out as he pushes his tongue a little way inside her, then returns to suck her sensitive clit into his mouth.

As her vocalisations grow more breathless and desperate, he works a finger inside her, then a second, curving them up to find her sweet spot. Abby almost loses her balance and he steadies her with his free hand against her stomach, pressing her against the wall.

"More," she pleads in a whisper, grinding her clit firmly against his tongue. "I need…"

He knows from experience exactly what she needs. Faster and harder, he lavishes attention on her clit. Her pussy contracts around his fingers, telling him she's close, and he urges her the rest of the way with both his mind and his body. Let it go, Abbs…

Her breath seizes, and he knows he has her. For one interminable moment she trembles, every muscle taut, reaching for the inevitable. Then finally the climax ripples through her, squeezing his fingers in wet, rhythmic waves as she bucks mindlessly against his mouth, riding it out.

As he finishes with gentle licks to enhance the afterglow, she sways. "Gonna fall—"

Pulling back, he uses both hands to help her slide down the wall into his embrace. Breathing hard, she straddles his lap and lets him draw her against his chest. "Now that's a welcome I could get used to."

He doesn't bother to reply, just enjoys the feel of her in his arms, running his fingers up and down her spine as she slowly calms. He's still hard for her, but is content to ignore his own desires for now.

Abby draws back after a couple of minutes, expression glowing with satisfaction as she gazes into his face. "Did you get hotter while I was away?"

Gibbs guides her lips to his, letting her draw her own conclusions. She tastes the need beneath his slow, unhurried kiss and ups the ante, slipping a hand into his lap to find his cock ready for action. With a purr, she shifts closer, grinding her bare mound against the denim covering his hard-on. "Can I help you with this, Gunny?"

"You never have to ask, Abbs."

Smiling wickedly, she leans back enough to pull at his shirt. He relinquishes it without a fight, unclasping her bra in return and pushing away the material to expose her hard nipples. "Cold?"

Undoing his jeans, she presses her breasts into his palms. "Not when you touch me."

It only takes a little more manoeuvring for them to get rid of the rest of his clothing, and she settles back on his lap, her wet slit resting enticingly against his erection. "So… do I return the favour and use my mouth, or would you prefer…"

She trails off as he guides her to her knees, then down onto his cock. Her eyes fall closed as he fills her, inch by solid inch until she's sitting on his thighs again. She feels so damn good around him that it's a struggle not to just spill her onto her back and pound into her, but he holds back, letting them both adjust to the intimate connection.

"That answers my question," she murmurs with a smile, and squeezes her internal muscles tightly around his cock before beginning to ride him.

He growls his pleasure, taking her lips in a fierce kiss as he grips her hips, facilitating her movements. She moans in response, tearing her mouth free of his. "Take me. I'm yours."

The words send a fresh surge of adrenaline through him. He gathers her closer, all but supporting her entire weight as he lifts her out of his lap and slams her back down again, over and over again. Abby shamelessly rubs her breasts against his chest, clawing at his back, giving herself over to him as he roughly uses her body for his pleasure.

Dimly, he registers that she's close to another climax and changes his angle just a little, aiming to push her over the edge. She almost sobs out her release, digging her nails into his skin as she comes hard around his cock. Her scratches inflame his skin, the contrast between pleasure and pain making him groan appreciatively.

A couple more thrusts and he's done, tension flooding from his body in waves of ecstasy as he spends himself deep inside Abby. She's practically boneless in his arms now, her fingertips tracing dreamy circles over his back, soothing the skin she scratched in the heat of passion just moments before.

With a final shudder of completion, he drops his head onto her shoulder and waits for equilibrium to reassert itself. Quiet minutes slip by as they recover, and neither of them seems in a hurry to move. Only when a shiver runs through Abby does Gibbs finally encourage her to her feet and wrap her in the blanket he set aside for exactly this purpose.

When they somehow get to the couch on limbs still weak with residual passion, Abby curls up next to him, draping the blanket over them both. "Did you need that as much as I did?"

Gibbs nods, smoothing tendrils of her hair back from her face. "Missed you."

Without the pressing concern of his libido to cloud his mind, it dawns on him that things are different – not hugely noticeable to the average eye, but he's always had a keen sense where Abby's concerned. She seems to have lost weight, and though the exhaustion in her body language could just be from jetlag and the aftermath of mind-blowing sex, he doubts it. "You look different."

She looks away, a sure sign that she's hiding something. "Is that a positive statement or a critical one?"

He takes a second to order his words. With Abby, the issue of looks isn't the hot zone it would be with many women—he's never in ten years had the 'does my butt look big in these pants?' conversation with her, thank god—but she's never taken his criticisms lightly. "A concerned one. You been taking care of yourself?"

She sighs and rests her head on his shoulder. "If I say yes, can we change the subject?"

Gibbs waits, holding back his rising frustration. If she were back at NCIS, he could make sure she eats and sleeps regularly, take care of her. Until a big case came around, he reminds himself. Then you'd be skipping food and rest right along with her.

"I've been a little distracted," she admits finally. "But my research is coming along great—"

"Stop," he tells her gently, and leans forward to pick up the small pile of takeout menus on the coffee table. Handing them to her, he continues, "Choose your food. I'll order in; we'll eat and then go to bed. You're on vacation now."

Abby takes the menus from him with a sheepish smile. "Am I even going to be allowed to leave the bedroom over the next week?"

"Doubt it." He kisses her lips lightly, then gets up to put on his pants. Her husky noise of appreciation as he walks across the room amuses him. "You want coffee, or Caf-Pow?"

"I'll let you use your fine Special Agent deductive skills to work that one out," she teases.

For a moment he contemplates bringing her a coffee, but can't bring himself to deny her the first Caf-Pow! of her visit and opens the fridge instead. "Caf-Pow! it is."

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