What To Do with Pirelli:

His breath came in heavy, labored gasps. He had just killed a man! He had to; if he had gotten away then he'd end up back in jail…or worse.

Sweeney heard the door slam in the pie shop down stairs, the boy!

The barber jolted to his feet and his eyes shot around the room. A body in the floor, swimming in blood, and mixing with the spilled tea from the still simmering kettle he had brandished in his madness. He had to get rid of the bloody Italian's body, but how? Sweeney saw the hopefully empty trunk in the shabby corner, and an idea flashed into his mind. He bent down and wrapped his bloodstained arms around Pirelli's limp body, the barber briefly noticed a heartbeat, the buggar was still alive, that complicated things. He returned to his task.

Sweeney dragged him across the floor, both of them looking ridiculous, with Pirelli sprawled in an incredulous coma, his face smeared with his own blood. And the murderous barber, grunting in haste and frustration, his rear poking in the air as he hobbled backwards across the room. He could hear Mrs. Lovett's shout at that boy to stop, he had to do this quickly!

Sweeney slumped the body against the dark green chest, and ripped the lid open. He took a moment to think about how to get him in the trunk. He decided to pull his torso over the brim by gripping the collar of Pirelli's shirt. Then he folded his legs in like a beach chair and snapped the lid closed. Sweeney licked his lips, and stared, wide eyed at the mess of blood and tea in the middle of the dank room. He swiped up the cloth from the barber chair and began to mop up the spill. He threw the filthy rag in the corner as he heard the boy's footsteps pounding toward the stairs.

Sweeney swiped up the kettle and stumbled over to the stove top on the other side of the room. The child's cries came louder now as the madman pulled on a calm face and regained his composer. He began to pour the remains of the tea into a mug as Toby shot into the room, the bell clamoring in protest."Signor, you've got and appointment!" Sweeney still didn't know how he pulled that off, but was glad no one had been there to see him do it.