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Chapter 16: The Idiotic Ending

I hugged Temari closer to me, trying to shield her form from these two "friends" of Itachi. The bigger one, Sasori, started to slide towards our side of the room. My friends pulled out their weapons and aligned themselves in front of Temari and I.

The blonde one also took a step forward and froze. Sasori glanced at him for a mere second. "Deidara...what the hell are you waiting for?"

Deidara shrugged his shoulders. "Don't know. Something doesn't feel right. Probably nothing." He continued his trek towards us.

In the backround we hear a faint cry, scream if you will. It was getting closer and closer. I heard pounding of footsteps running in the halls, the doors were being slammed open and shut as if they were looking for something, the person was breathing hard, seemed to be trying to get a warning to someone.

Then he emerged in our hall. He was wearing the same exact cloak as Deidara and Sasori were. Black cloak with blood-red clouds in no certain order. His face had a mask on it, bright orange (clashed with his cloak if I must say) and there was one little eye hole. The mask had a circle pattern on it, like a little kid had drawn black circles all over it to get the hypnotizing look. The mask though, it was like he was trying to hide something. Something nefarious and sinister, a facade. I would still wonder from that day what he was hiding, and when he was going to strike. From where I was, all I could tell was in the eye hole it was pitch black, but if I looked deeper and a hell lot closer, I could see a faint of red. Identical to the red Itachi had in his Sharingan eyes. If this guy had the Sharingan we would be in a lot trouble. This guy might be a genius...

"! Tobi was looking everywhereeeeee for you! Your a very very veryyyyy hard man to find! Tobi missed you soooo much you have no FREAKING idea! Don't ever leave Tobi again Senpeiiii!" Then he grabbed onto Deidara in a tight hug.

"..." Deidara's eye began to twitch out of annoyance. The mask guy, well Tobi, still hadn't let go of him, and the anger grew visibly. He began to shake, his eyes were closed, his fists were balled up. Then he snapped.

"TOBIIIIII! GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME! I HATE YOU, YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT!" He shoved him off of him forcefully and began to dust himself off, as if Tobi had germs.

"B-B-u-t-t Sen-p-p-a-i...Tobi was just wo-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-ie-d about you. Tobi is no piece of...poop." Then he began to sob into his arms. Deidara was giving this idiot a glare that could kill. If it did kill...well Tobi would be just bits of ashes by now.

Deidara looked at us then at the crying gay maniac on the floor. "This is sooo not worth listening to his tears. I'm leaving Sasori." He jumped out of the window and started to run away from the half destroyed house. Tobi glanced up and noticing his 'beloved' senpai leaving, wanted to chase after him.

"Deidara-Senpaiiiiiiiiiiiii, don't leave Tobi all by him loneosme self! Tobi will follow you to the ends of the moon!"

A faint cry echoed his exclamation. "Dammit, leave me alone! Secondly, it's to the ends of the EARTH you dipshit!"

"Dipshit? Tobi thought you said he was a piece of poop. Now Tobi is poop dipped in something? Sennnnpaiiiii your confusing Tobi's thoughts...and WAIT UPPPPP!"

At this delightful conversation, Sasori took his leave. Saying something about not standing a chance. It would be 1 to 4.

The rest of us, stood there in utter silence. Not knowing what to say at these events that happened before our eyes.

"If your wondering, that is why I clung onto you even more Shikamaru...Deidara is always followed by that idiot." Temari spoke quietly.

We all nodded our heads, half listening to her. I shook my head and took her hand, heading for the front door.

"Lets get outta here. Before anything else...weird...happens." I told everyone. I can't believe I even had the thought that Tobi could be a genius..

It didn't matter though, I had Temari back and that is all that matters to me.

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