Authors Pre-Note: ***WARNING*** Lemons and smut! Quite a bit of it. Be warned now. NOT FOR CHILDREN

Elena leaned back against the headboard of her bed, arms crossed and legs sprawled out before her. Her eyes remained fixated on the silver locket and chain lying on her desk across the room as she reached out one arm and grabbed the glass of water that had been placed on the bedside table twelve hours earlier by her Aunt Jenna. The water was stagnant and she scrunched her nose at the unappealing taste, but forced down a gulp to quench her achingly dry throat anyway. She sat the glass back down and returned to sitting stone still, staring at the necklace.

The necklace was the cause of it all. It was why she had sat in the same place for exactly twelve hours and forty-three minutes. It was why she had sat there alone. It was why Stefan was so angry with Damon, even though Elena wasn't sure if Damon was really to blame.

Every night, as Stefan prepared to leave Elena's room for the evening, he would lightly touch the necklace that hung gently below her throat, kiss her cheek, whisper goodnight, and go.

Elena knew how important it was to him that she wear the necklace at all times. It was the only protection he could offer when he wasn't by her side. Although he couldn't be there to protect her physically, he blessed her with the promise of always protecting her mind. With that necklace, Elena would always have control of her thoughts and actions when coming in contact with those that could take her control away. "Those" meaning vampires. "Vampires" meaning Damon.

Stefan had asked – no, begged – her to never take the vervain-filled locket off. And she had promised.

Promised. Elena groaned, and her shoulders sagged an inch.

The day he begged her to wear it always, she took his hands into hers, stared into his loving eyes, and promised.

Yesterday she broke that promise. At the time of taking it off, breaking the promise didn't cross her mind. She didn't think of how she had ensured Stefan that she would never take it off. The only thought running through her mind was, This necklace does not match.

Elena lifted her hands and rubbed them over her face and into her hair.

How shallow, she thought to herself, I took it off because it DIDN'T MATCH?!?! The words she wanted to scream echoed in her mind.

After the fact, the necklace not matching seemed so very inconsequential. It was a stupid reason for taking the necklace off and she hated herself for being so self-absorbed that she couldn't suck it up and wear the necklace with the dress.

But she had been self-absorbed. She had been shallow. She had only been concerned with matching her accessories to her outfit. And she had willingly chosen to take the necklace off.

Elena shivered lightly, but refused to get up and grab a jacket, or pull the blankets over herself, or close the window that had been left open by Stefan when he stormed out.

Instead, she forced herself to recall the events of the previous day. She wanted to try to figure out if what happened had been because she took the necklace off, or because she had participated of her own accord.

"Oh, Elena," Jenna gasped, clasping her hands together in front of her face as Elena descended the staircase. "You look just…wow." Her eyes glistened with forming tears as she stared in awe at her niece.

Elena blushed and went to stand in front of her. "Just wow?" she giggled and glanced down at her outfit.

Jenna had given her the floor-length gown the prior week to wear for the nights event. The dress had belonged to her mother. The black silk hung perfectly around her delicate frame. The front of the dress dipped low, stopping just below her breasts, and the back, starting at her waist, flowed down her body perfectly. Had the back of the dress extended only an inch lower, her rear would have shown for everyone to see. The top of the dress tied in a bow behind her neck and the ends of the two tie straps dangled elegantly against her bare back. Her rich brown hair was twisted into a sophisticated up-do with a few loose curls framing her face. In her ears she wore simple diamond studs, and around her neck – nothing.

Jenna rolled her eyes. "You look so beautiful."

Elena smiled and swung her arms around her aunt. "Thanks, Aunt Jenna."

"I just can't believe how grown up you are," Jenna sighed as she returned Elena's hug.

Elena laughed. "Well, it had to happen some day, I suppose."

"I suppose," Jenna nodded and stepped back. "Your mother would probably say you're too young to be in this dress."

Talking about her mother had always been difficult for Elena. Although the pain was beginning to subside, and she probably owed that to Stefan entering her life, she still wasn't entirely ready to face that road yet. The road that would lead her to accepting her parents passing and her finally moving on.

Elena smiled sadly and nodded. "Yeah. She probably would."

Jenna instantly understood the mistake she had made and worked to change the subject. "So, are you looking forward to this Founders' Gala?"

Elena rolled her eyes. "Oh, yes. I always look forward to standing around in uncomfortable heels while people praise the town."

Jenna laughed. "Don't ya' just love the priorities that come with being a Gilbert?"

"Woo. Hoo," Elena sighed. She had always hated being a child born into a founding family. She hated the attention. She hated feeling like she was bonded to this town. She hated the galas. Thunder rolled outside and taps on the roof and window began as the rain started to fall. And she most definitely hated the galas when they were in crowded family mansions due to rain.

"So is Stefan picking you up?" Jenna asked as she went to find Elena an umbrella in the living room closet.

"No, he went out of town for a bit," she replied, thinking to herself about how he should be done hunting about now, "but told me he'd meet me there."

"Ahh. Got'cha'," Jenna nodded, coming back into the room with the families black umbrella. "You need a ride then?"

Elena had been planning on driving herself, but the thought of trying to find a parking spot in the too-small parking lot made her cringe. "If you wouldn't mind."

"Yeah, yeah. No problem," Jenna agreed, handing Elena the umbrella. "You're going to need that more than me," she said, pulling her own hood up over her head. "See ya' out there." And with that, she opened the door and ran out into the pouring rain to get the car.

Elena smiled to herself. Thank God for Aunt Jenna, she thought with adoration. She risks being soaked just so I won't get wet. She really is the next best thing to Mom. She sighed at the thought of her mother, pulling up a memory of her mother struggling to carry her and that same black umbrella to the car when she was just a child. They had ended up slipping in the front yard and landing right in a mud puddle. They were covered in the mud, and her mother just laughed and laughed as she loaded them back into the house to clean up.

Tears threatened to form as Elena felt her face growing warmer. She shook her head, lifted the umbrella, and stepped into the rain, hoping it would wash away the potential tears and the memory.

Jenna mumbled under her breath as she honked her horn at the stilled traffic leading into the extremely long driveway of the mansion that belonged to the mayor of Mystic Falls. Vehicles were backed up with, it seemed, no possibility of continuing further.

Elena sighed to herself, thinking about how Stefan was probably already inside waiting for her. At the rate this line was moving, which was not at all, she would reach the mansion when the gala had ended. Although that idea seemed tempting, she didn't want Stefan to be alone.

"Hey, you know, it's okay to drop me off here. I can walk up there," she said, reaching into the backseat for the umbrella.

"Elena, we're still a little over a mile away," Jenna replied, shaking her head.

"Seriously. It's not a problem. I'll probably get up there quicker by walking."

Jenna opened her mouth to respond, but knew Elena was right. There was no way they would reach the front any time soon. She sighed. "Okay, but be careful. Watch where you're walking in those heels. There are lose rocks on this driveway and I would hate for you to fall."

Elena smiled again at how caring her aunt was. "I will, Aunt Jenna. I'll see you tonight," she said, cracking the door open and opening the umbrella before stepping out herself.

"I love you!" Jenna called before the door shut.

Elena turned to look at her and nodded, acknowledging that she had heard her and that she loved her, too.

Jenna backed up slightly, and then turned around in the opposite lane, heading back towards their home.

Elena held onto the umbrella tightly as she started forward, wrapping her free arm around her waist, frowning into the cold.

She had only been walking for two minutes before she felt an arm wrap around her shoulders and someone crowd under her umbrella with her. She gasped and tried to jerk away from the intruder.

"Hey, now, I'm just trying to get out of the rain. No need to be so rude," the male voice chastised in a velvety smooth voice, holding her in place.

Elena looked up to the face and let out a sigh full of relief and disgust.

"Why can you never let anyone know you're approaching?" she scolded, slightly glad his arm was holding her still or else she may have fallen due to the shock.

Damon smirked down at her, "Well, where's the fun in that? I would be giving up the opportunity to see the look of sheer terror in your face."

Elena rolled her eyes and pushed at his side with as much force as she could conjure up. "I'm so glad you enjoy me being scared. And no, you may not share my umbrella."

Damon laughed. "Then it's a damn good thing I didn't ask then, isn't it?" He pried her fingers from the rod of the umbrella, without any effort at all on his part, and took control of it himself. He wrapped his free arm around her waist, pulling her closer to himself, and started leading her forward.

Elena let out another sigh and started moving, knowing she had lost this fight. She stared at the ground as she walked, slightly embarrassed at being this close to Damon. When she had first met him, she had been completely in awe of him. He was gorgeous. Everyone in Mystical Falls knew this. And he could be charming, when he felt it necessary to be. She had even questioned her relationship with Stefan at one point as she fantasized thoughts of being with Damon.

But she knew who Damon really was. He was cruel and cold. He was selfish, egotistical, and chauvinistic. He was a vampire like Stefan, but unlike Stefan, he embraced and enjoyed the monster that resided in him. He would let that side of him take over and he would kill innocent people for their blood. And she hated those things about him.

She shook her head and shivered slightly with the cold. She didn't want to think about being this close to him anymore. Instead, she switched her thoughts over to Stefan, the good vampire, the man she loved, who would be waiting for her inside the mansion. As she pictured his face, the way he would smile at her when he saw her, she felt herself being led off the hard concrete and into the soft, wet, thick grass.

Her head snapped up and saw that she and Damon were now walking parallel to the mansion and into the woods that surrounded the property. They were still three quarters of a mile away from the sparkling lights and music projecting from the home.

She stopped walking and stepped away from Damon as much as she could while still remaining under the umbrella. "What are you doing? Where are you going?" she asked quickly.

Damon rubbed the top of her arm with his free hand, a gesture meant to be comforting, and smiled at her. "I just want to show you something."

Elena narrowed her eyes. "Want to show me what, exactly?"

"Elena, do you have no confidence in me?" he asked, a fake expression of hurt appearing across his face.

"No," Elena responded bluntly.

Damon rolled his eyes. "Look, I'll get you in there so you have oh-so-much fun at the party soon enough. I just want to show you something here really quickly. It's just within the trees."

Elena stood staring at him, then looked towards the mansion, calculating in her mind just how wet she would be when walking through the doors if she decided to walk the rest of the way in the rain.

"Elena," Damon sighed, taking one finger and turning her face back to his. "I promise, you will be safe. And you will like what I'm going to show you." He stared into her eyes and after a moment of still seeing her hesitation he continued, "I mean, really…do you want to actually be at this gala anyway?"

Elena bit down on her lower lip and looked down at the ground. No, she did not want to be at this gala.

"I thought not," he smiled, wrapping his arm back around her waist and starting forward again. This time, she allowed herself to be pulled along.

They walked for several minutes before Elena finally spoke up. "Damon, my feet are killing me in these shoes. I thought you said this was just within the trees?"

Damon shrugged, "Give or take."

Elena's jaw dropped. "Damon," she moaned in a whining manner.

He laughed, "Look, we're almost there. See there up ahead," he nodded towards where the trees started clearing.

They stepped out of the surrounding trees into a neatly kept clearing. In the center of this clearing was an extremely large, white gazebo with an extra-long, extra-wide picnic table placed in the center of it.

Damon led Elena across the clearing and up the steps of the gazebo. He then sat the umbrella down on the concrete flooring without bothering to close it, as she bent down to take off her strappy heels that she had been complaining about hurting her feet during their walk. After she had sat the shoes to the side, he returned to her side, and placed his arm back around her waist.

Elena looked around the gazebo. She noticed that she couldn't see past where the gazebo platform stopped due to the curtain of rain that surrounded them on all four sides. She then looked up and gasped. The roof of the gazebo was made completely of glass. She could see the raindrops splashing against it and the dark sky where several stars shone through the clouds beyond that. It was beautiful.

"Wow," she said quietly to herself.

"I thought you would like it," Damon said.

She jumped very slightly, his voice bringing her out of her momentary stupor. She felt his arm wrapped around her waist and she slowly started walking away, trying to be sly about getting away from his touch. This gazebo was too private. Earlier when he had first wrapped his arm around her, they had been standing beside a line of cars. Here, the rain blocked her from the outside world. It blocked them from the outside world.

"Well… um… this is great, Damon," she said, putting a hand on the picnic table then turning back around to face him. "Thanks for showing me it," she smiled slightly, trying to be polite, "…so I guess we'll be going back now?" She said the last half as a hopeful question, and starting walking towards the umbrella.

Damon reached the umbrella before she could, folded it down, then threw out into the rain and into the trees. He turned back to her, "Or," he began, "we could stay a while."

Elena stood in shock, staring at the place where the curtain of rain had momentarily parted for the umbrella. The woods were pitch black. The umbrella was black. There was no way she would be able to find it. Anger flashed across her face.

"Why the hell did you do that, Damon?" she glared at him.

"Elena," he smirked, moving towards her, "I already told you. I think we should stay a while."

She felt her heart stutter uncomfortably. Damon always knew how to make a girl nervous. He knew just how much charm was needed for her to swoon.

She turned her back towards him to cover the blush creeping up to her cheeks, and pinched the bridge of her nose between her eyes with her thumb and index finger. She was frustrated with his behavior, angry at him for bringing her here, and slightly scared for her life. But at the same time, she could feel her pulse quicken at the thought of being alone with this man, feel the blush that would betray her embarrassment, and started battling to keep down the feelings she first experienced when meeting Damon.

She stood that way for quite a while before lowering her hand and building up some strength. She would demand that he take her to the mansion.

"Damon," she said harshly, while spinning around to face him. She had been fully prepared to berate him. She had not been prepared to be standing nose to nose with him and her strength faltered. "Uh… t-take me to…back to the…the mansion…now… please?" she stammered, her eyes falling to floor between them.

"Elena," he breathed quietly, his cool breath flowing into her face, causing her heart to skip a beat. "I would really, really like to stay here a while."

She fiddled with her fingers in front of her nervously. "Why?" she whispered, trying not to inhale his scent when he spoke.

"Because…" he paused, reaching up between them to lift her chin so that her face was facing up towards him, although her eyes remained down cast, "I like the privacy here."

She exhaled slowly and her body trembled as she took in his words. Privacy. The word echoed in her mind and she let her eyes slowly move from the ground up his body, stopping before reaching his face, and then back down. Earlier she had not allowed herself to really consider how Damon looked tonight.

He looked astonishing.

The black Armani suit fit his frame perfectly. The skinny tie he wore loosely around his neck kept his look youthful. Elena let out another jagged breath. He was incredible looking. Better than any man you'd see on television or in the pages of a magazine. And he was standing only three inches from her.

She heard him let out a slight chuckle and her eyes shot up to his face. "What?" she demanded, taking a step back.

He matched her step back with his step forward, keeping the slight distance between them the same. "You must forget," he started, arching an eyebrow, "I'm a vampire."

She felt her heart jump. He's going to kill me, she instantly thought. "A-and?" she asked.

"And, Elena," he smiled, "I can hear your little heart beat." His smile grew. "Meaning, I can hear every stutter, skip, and momentary stopping it does."

Her eyes searched his face for something further. Why did it matter if he could hear her heart if he was going to stop it from beating indefinitely in just a few moments?

His smile widened even more as he realized she didn't know what he was talking about. "Elena," he started, "your heart gives away how you feel about being this close to me," He took a step forward, leaving just an inch between their bodies, "and it's giving away that you like it."

Realization of what he was talking about hit her hard and her head shook vigorously while a blush crept back up to her cheeks. She attempted to take another step back and instantly ran into the edge of the picnic table. Her hands gripped the edge. She didn't like the feeling of being trapped.

"I do not," she spat, surprised at how steady her voice came out.

He smirked and his eyes lit up as he spoke, "Yes, Elena, you do," he leaned his face towards her, "And trust me, I like it, too."

She tried moving to the left, but he slightly angled his movements so that she couldn't pass.

"Damon, I want to go to the gala now," she said, her eyes returning to the concrete floor.

He stood quietly before lifting a hand and running a finger lightly across the base of her throat. "You're not wearing your necklace, Elena," he said softly.

Her hand snapped up to grasp the place where her necklace should have been. Her thoughts ran wild for a moment trying to figure out why she wasn't wearing it, then she remembered. This necklace does not match. Her eyes shifted back up to his. "And? What? You're going to force me to do something?" Anger replaced her feelings of helplessness.

"No," his hand ran gently down her arm, "I don't think I'm going to need to."

They stood in silence before he placed his hand on her hip and stared into her eyes. Her breathing accelerated, but she didn't look away.

"Elena," his voice and his eyes took on a new softness. "I care about you, and I would never hurt you," his fingers began to make slight rubbing movements on her hip, "and if I'm being perfectly honest, I think about you… a lot."

Elena felt her mind began to swirl. What was he saying? Why wasn't she looking away? Why could she feel herself falling into his eyes? Why was Stefan's image washing away every time she tried to picture him?

Her eyes narrowed slightly, "Damon, are you trying to control my mind?"

He laughed slightly, "No. I'm not."

Elena's face fell in confusion. "You're lying," she said quietly.

"No," he stressed again, "I am not."

She shifted her gaze to the floor again. He has to be lying, she thought to herself. Feelings she thought were long gone began flooding back into her mind and body and she couldn't come up with an understandable explanation as to why she felt them again other than he was doing it.

He cupped her cheek with his hand. "You feel things for me, don't you?" he said slyly, a smirk playing at his lips.

"N-no," Elena stammered. She was convinced he was doing this to her.

He closed the gap between them, pressing his body into hers and her into the picnic table. "Elena," he breathed into her face, "don't lie, dear."

Her eyes slowly moved up from how they were pressed together to meet his eyes again, then back down. Her fingertips clung tightly to the smooth wooden picnic table behind her. She opened her mouth to deny it again, but words didn't come out. She tried several more times with the same result. She was so confused.

Damon smiled. "I knew I wasn't the only one with these feelings," he whispered.

His hand remained on her cheek while the other snaked its way around her waist and to her back. Elena's body shivered against his touch and he smiled again. Slowly, he lowered his face until his was just half an inch from hers.

Elena's eyes lifted again to meet his smoldering gaze. Her knees weakened and she slouched down only slightly as his grip around her waist tightened and he held her in place. I don't want this to happen?, she thought to herself, but even she could hear the question in the statement.

Damon smirked when she didn't push him back, then closed the gap between their lips.

Elena's mind filed with a fuzzy haze that she had never experienced before. Heat raced through her body as his lips pressed against hers. Every thought she had was completely wiped away and she could only concentrate on the kiss. Her hands fell from their positions on the table edge and went limp. She didn't kiss back, but she felt his lips molding around hers with even more pressure. She felt his hands grip tighter as well on her cheek and back and could sense his frustration at the fact she wasn't kissing back.

"Damn it, Elena," he moaned against her lips. "Kiss me," he demanded huskily in between the kisses he placed upon her lips. "I know you want to," he said, his breathing coming out roughly.

Her will to remain still began to falter as his tongue began to run across her lips. He moaned against her mouth as he tasted her. His moan broke her. Elena opened her mouth and returned the pressure between their lips, her hands remaining at her sides. Their tongues danced together and her heart beat rapidly with the excitement she felt coursing through her body.

Damon smiled against her lips as she kissed him back and dropped his hand from her cheek. He placed his hands on either sides of her hips and lifted her gently to sit on the picnic table without breaking their kiss. He went to take a step forward to move between her legs, then realized the gown she wore would not allow such an action. He broke the kiss and looked down, a growl deep within his chest rumbling quietly.

Elena opened her eyes, relieved yet unhappy that the kissing had stopped. "What?" she whispered quietly, her breathing escaping her in uneven pants.

His gleaming eyes met hers. "Your lovely dress," he smiled, "is restricting how close I can get to you," he responded honestly.

Her eyes dropped to her dress that was wrapped tightly around her legs, only allowing her ankles and feet to move freely. "Oh," she breathed. Again, a wave of relief then unhappiness washed through her.

"I could always tear the bottom half off, you know," he whispered seductively.

"You can't!" she gasped, as her eyes widened in fear, and clutched at her dress. "This was my mothers!"

"Okay, okay," he nodded, "No tearing the dress. Understood." He stood quietly, staring down at her garment, before snaking one of the hands at her hips up her side and to the top of her neck. He gingerly fingered the tied straps. "A better idea, anyway, would be no dress at all," he said, staring passionately into her eyes.

Elena felt her head becoming light and body start to melt as she took in his words. He wanted to see her naked.

And what scared her was she wasn't shying away from the idea.

He's doing this to me, she thought. There's no way I can fight this.

Elena placed her hands back on the edge of the picnic table and pushed forward gently so that her bare feet touched back down on the concrete. She stared in his eyes and her body shivered again due to a mix of his proximity and the cold concrete now under her feet.

A flash of excitement shone in Damon's eyes as he gently pulled at the bow around her neck. The silk fabric strips slipped out of the tie easily and he held them for just a moment before dropping them and his hand back to his side.

The silk gown flowed like water down Elena's body and to the floor. On her bottom half, she stood in a black lace thong that she had worn so people wouldn't see her undergarments in the tight fitting dress. On her top half, there was nothing but bare skin.

Damon's lips parted as his jaw went slightly slack at the scene before him. He knew her dress had not really allowed for a bra to be worn, but he didn't really expect there not to be one. But there she stood, her delicate breasts exposed, the nipples hardening with the cold air.

Elena felt her blush creep back over her body as she saw him staring down and she suddenly felt very self-conscious. She started to lift her arms to cross across her chest, but his hands grabbed them and kept them at her sides.

"Elena," he said with a slight groan, "you are beautiful." He smirked and his eyes moved up to meets hers again.

She opened her mouth to respond, but was met with his lips crushing against hers. This time, his kiss was rough and filled with passion. She moaned quietly against his mouth and he flattened his body against hers even more. She could feel his excitement pressing against her bare belly. This brought out another moan from her lips.

Damon pushed her back up the picnic table and leaned her down onto her back. He placed his hands on her stomach and stared down at the girl before him lying on the picnic table, her legs dangling over the edge.

"You know," he smirked, climbing up onto the picnic table and straddling her hips, "if you were any other girl, I would just take you," he said sinisterly, leaning down to her face with his hands placed on either side of her head, "but I want you to really," he whispered into her ear roughly, "really enjoy this."

Elena whimpered softly beneath him, flashes of Stefan reaching portions of her mind that weren't clouded. She lifted her weak arms to push against his chest, knowing that for some reason, she needed to leave this place.

He took her arms and raised them above her head, holding them down with one hand. "Elena, darling, will you please stop trying to fight me?" he asked softly, planting kisses along her neck, stopping occasionally to inhale her scent.

The haze that had filled her mind started swirling again with each kiss placed against her bare skin.

Damon smiled as he sensed her resistance dissolving. He returned his lips to hers and plunged his tongue deep into her mouth, groaning against her lips.

While his right hand continued holding her arms above her, his left glided across her collar bone and down to just above her left breast. He lifted his face from hers to gaze down into her eyes, searching for any trace of fear or resistance.

There was none.

He looked down between their bodies to watch his hand slide down to cup her breast. He could feel her hardened nipple beneath his palm grow even harder with his touch. He gently applied pressure as he began to massage the breast. As his fingertips found her nipple, she writhed beneath him. Damon turned his eyes back to her face.

Elena's head had dropped back, her eyes closed. Her swollen lips began to turn red as she became more and more aroused. He applied more pressure to her nipple with his fingertips, lightly squeezing and flicking, and watched as a deep moan escaped her.

Damon licked his lips, feeling himself growing harder beneath his designer suit pants. He leaned up and removed his jacked, then his tie, dress shirt, and undershirt, so that he was left straddling above her bare-chested.

Elena's breath halted, then sped as she stared at his perfect body. Her fingers twitched as she felt the urge to feel his rippled chest. She started to move her hands to do so, but he leaned back down, again holding her arms above her head. He stared into her eyes.

"Elena," he whispered smoothly into her ear, "do you want me?"

Elena closed her eyes as her body jerked slightly at his words. She could feel herself getting wet beneath her thong. Stefan's image appeared somewhere far in her mind and she didn't respond.

Damon waited for her response. He began to kiss along her jaw line and asked again, "Do you want me, Elena?"

Elena's mouth parted, the fog clouding her mind again and Stefan's face slowly drifting away. She held onto the image and tried ignoring Damon's soft kisses.

Damon let a small snarl escape him. He was an impatient man and he was tired of playing games with Elena while she tried to deny her emotions.

"Elena," he breathed against her ear, "Do," he pressed his body closer to hers, "you," running a hand down her breast and to her wet center, "want me?" he growled, running his palm along the outside of her underwear.

Gasping, Elena arched her back reflexively, and moaned.

"Say it," Damon commanded.

Her body pressed into his and she shook her head. I'm supposed…to be somewhere, Elena thought, trying to push away the raw needs of her body.

Damon parted her legs and moved both of his legs in between them. "Elena!" he yelled, crushing his groin to her wet middle. "Tell me you want me!"

Elena panted as she felt him ram against her. "Damon," she moaned. She felt every inhibition slip away.

Damon released her arms and propped himself up with one hand while his other fondled her breast, "Yes, Elena?" he asked, staring down into her face.

"Unghh," she moaned and arched her back, "I want you! I want you! I want you!" she gasped, chanting what he had told her to say.

Damon suddenly felt overcome with sexual frustration from having to wait for her to agree for so long. He leaned down and placed his mouth around her hardened nipple, sucking the little peak before placing smaller kisses on the soft surrounding mound. He then kissed his way across her chest to her other breast and began licking and sucking that nipple.

Elena's hands moved down from above her head to finally touch the man above her. She ran her hands through his hair as he sucked on her breasts, then ran them down his heavily muscled back, gripping at him tightly whenever a shot a pure pleasure would resonate through her body. She felt one of his hands slip away from her breast, down her stomach, and stop at the hem of her thong.

"Quick question," Damon said, lifting up from his place at her breast and glancing up at her, "were these," he took one finger, pulled the hem of the thong up, and let it snap back down to her skin, "your mothers as well?"

Elena's brows furrowed as she thought about his question, confused as to why he would ask it. "Um…no…" she responded. As soon as the word 'no' left her lips, she heard a ripping sound. Her eyes shot down to her now naked body.

She stared at Damon and he shrugged.

"They were in the way," he said simply.

She turned her eyes to the now shredded undergarment lying on the concrete floor and felt her blush start spreading over her body.

She was completely naked.

Completely naked with Damon Salvatore hovering over her.

Suddenly Damon slammed both of his hands on either side of her face, growled, and pressed his body her even more, holding her completely still.

Elena jumped underneath him from being startled by the sudden movement and noise, her eyes shooting back up to his face. She gasped and pushed against the picnic table with her palms trying unsuccessfully to sit up and move away from him.

Damon's eyes were turning pitch black, reddish-blue veins were appearing across his face, and two pointed teeth were growing in length. All the tale-tale signs of a hungry vampire.

Damon closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths, allowing the gruesome facial features to disappear again and his teeth to return to normal length.

"Elena," he started, opening his eyes to look back at her, "you've got to stop blushing." He lifted a hand that was beside her head and ran it along the side of her body. "Blood appearing that closely to your skin drives me a little crazy," he smirked.

Elena's stiff body relaxed a little into the picnic table as his hunger vanished from his face. Her eyes glanced down to his hand resting on her hip.

Damon continued, "And I would really prefer not to kill you while doing what I'm about to do to you."

Elena's eyes shot back up to his and her body shuddered. "W-what do you mean?" she whispered while the fog that was becoming uncomfortably common started to swirl again in her mind.

Damon grinned, placed a kiss upon her cheek, then moved his lips to whisper softly against her ear, "You'll see."

Elena's eyes fluttered close as he spoke into ear, a chill running through her body again. She sighed as she suddenly felt him planting kisses down her throat, stopping momentarily to suck at her jugular, then down and across her left breast, her stomach, her hip bone, and then…

She gasped and her back arched as Damon ran his tongue between her vaginal lips. Her fingertips dug at the picnic table.

Damon lifted a hand to gently massage her right breast as he kissed and licked her wet center, carefully avoiding the bundle of nerves that would send her into oblivion. He then slowly entered a finger from his left hand into her tight opening.

Elena bucked her hips instinctively, crushing his mouth and hand to her.

Damon smirked against her middle, then entered a second finger into her. His eyes closed as he took in the moan that escaped her lips and he began to gently pull his fingers out, then move them back in.

Elena's mouth fell slack as she panted, every portion of her body alive with electricity. Her mind went blank of anything but the pleasure she was currently experiencing. She groaned again as he began to slip his finger in and out more quickly, curving them ever-so-slightly to hit her g-spot. A bolt of pleasure shot through her as his tongue began to lightly wrap around her clitoris.

Her hands moved up to wrap into his hair. "Damon," she moaned. Suddenly, she felt him stop all movement and lean his head up. She looked down at him and her heart stuttered with how heart-breakingly gorgeous he was. Then a feeling of concern washed over her as she saw the devilish smirk on his face.

"I must warn you, Elena," he started, "I'm not Stefan. I don't always play nice." He bent down to flick her clitoris with his tongue, then looked back up at her, "And I'm not always gentle."

Elena stared at him, only one sentence playing through her mind, I'm not Stefan.

Stefan. He wasn't Stefan. And she loved Stefan. And she should only be doing this with Stefan.

Then, as his tongue touched her sensitive area, the thoughts of Stefan washed away.

"So, Elena, do you want to play this game with me?"

Elena dropped her head back onto the picnic table and nodded. In this moment, the only thing she cared about was how he touched her and how she wanted him to do it more.

Damon chuckled, then gripped her bundle of nerves with his mouth, sucking and flicking it with his tongue simultaneously. His two fingers that were still inside her began to vigorously ram into her and his hand on her breast kneaded it roughly.

Moaning, Elena dug her nails back into the picnic table, wanting the feeling of him over her, touching her, to never stop.

She cried out his name as she felt her body reaching its climax.

Damon sensed how close she was and stood up, removing his mouth and hands from her body.

"What are you doing?!" Elena moaned, gasping and angry that he had stopped right before her orgasm.

"I told you, love," he placed his hands against the picnic tables edge and leaned towards her, "I don't play nice."

He then reached down, unzipped his pants, and smoothly took them and his boxers off.

Elena drew in a quick breath as she stared at his perfect body, her eyes trailing down to his very erect member. Unconsciously, she drew a tongue across her lower lip.

Damon smirked, watching her eyes move over him. He then placed his hands on her hips and lifted her from the table. Slowly, he turned them around, lying back on the table himself and bringing her on top of him, her knees on either side of him.

Elena moaned as her very aroused center brushed against his erection.

"Are you ready?" Damon asked quietly. As soon as Elena started to nod, he lifted her up and rammed her down on his penis.

A cry slipped from Elena's lips as her body surrounded his thick member. Pain and pleasure shot through her.

Damon moved her up and down his body with his hands, groaning with ecstasy at how tight and warm and wet she was.

It took only two thrusts for Elena to reach her first orgasm. "Damon! Ohhh, Damon!" she screamed, her hands running through her hair.

Damon continued to lift her up and push her down forcefully as she yelled his name. He rocked her body slightly as he pushed her on him so that her clitoris was stimulated against his body at the same time. He smiled as he smelled her orgasm and closed his eyes.

Elena threw her hands down onto his chest and dug her nails into his skin as he continued to thrust into her. She gasped for air as she started coming down from her first orgasm.

Damon sat up so that their bodies were pressed together, continuing to lift her up and down. He met her mouth with his and shoved his tongue in.

Kissing him back, Elena started moving up and down his erection by herself, propelling the movement with her knees. Damon, seeing that she was moving without his help, moved his hands between their bodies to pinch and flick at her nipples.

Elena dropped her head back as she felt herself about to come again.

Damon moved his lips to her neck, and inhaled.

Suddenly, Damon stopped his movement and Elena looked back at his face to see the signs of a hungry vampire return.

"Elena," Damon stared into her eyes, "I want to bite you."

Elena gasped and tried to push against his shoulders to get up. He held her still.

"Not because I'm hungry, dear," he gently reached a hand up to stroke her hair. "Because I want all of you. Your body. Your blood. Everything."

Elena tried to look away from his eyes and found that she couldn't. Instead, her mind began to spin and she knew there was no resisting. Slowly, she nodded her head.

Damon placed his lips against her throat. "Thank you," he breathed, and kissed her softly. Gently, he began to lift her body up and down his member again, increasing the speed with each thrust.

Elena's hands gripped at his back as she felt her clitoris rubbing against his body and him pushing inside her. She goaned, almost reaching the peak of her orgasm again.

Damon felt himself getting closer to coming and roughly rammed her down on him. "Elena," he moaned. Just as he was going to explode, he sank his teeth into her neck and groaned loudly.

Elena screamed as she simultaneously felt his teeth enter her, his erection pump under her skin, and her own body tipping over the climax point.

Damon continued to thrust himself into her as he went, letting her blood flow over his tongue and down his throat. He moaned again in bliss.

They continued to sit that way for a few moments, her still around his erection and his teeth still in her skin, each coming down from their high.

Damon moaned and leaned away from her throat, his face back to normal. He leaned forward and kissed her lips, then smirked. "You, Elena, dear, have been the best I've ever had."

Elena blushed and started to climb off of his lap. She blushed harder when he moaned from his still hard member slipping out of her.

She reached a hand up to the puncture wounds on her neck as she slowly picked up her dress and started walking towards her shoes. She heard a whooshing sound, then suddenly Damon was standing behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, and kissing the side of her neck.

"Did I hurt you?" he whispered.

She looked up at him. "Why do you care if you did or didn't?"

His brows furrowed. "Elena, why would I not care?"

"You just made me have sex with you. You just care about yourself," she said bluntly and pulled away from him.

He let her walk away, not moving an inch himself. "What are you talking about? I thought you wanted to do what we just did."

Elena let out a disjointed laugh. "How could I say no while you're controlling my mind?" she responded, bending down to grab her shoes.

Abruptly, she was pinned against a post of the gazebo, Damon pressing his still naked body to hers, and rain running down her back as it dripped from the edge of the gazebo roof.

Damon held her face in his hands, "I already told you," he sneered, "I didn't force you to do anything. Everything you did, you did of your own volition."

Elena stared at him, her mouth hanging open. "B-but…I wouldn't do that… not to Stefan."

Damon chuckled without humor, releasing her face, and started walking towards his clothes. "Oh, Elena. How you underestimate your emotions for me. You would do that to Stefan," he looked back at her with a smirk playing at his lips, "And you did."

Her eyes moved to the floor as she lifted her hand to once again finger the small holes left by Damon.

"And those," he nodded towards her lifted hand, "will be difficult to hide from him." He smiled as he began to shrug on his boxers and pants again. "I mean the sex, you could've lied about, but those…" he chuckled again.

Elena felt tears start to form against her waterline, and she turned her back towards Damon, staring into the curtain of rain. She hung her head, then felt Damon wrapping his arms around her shoulders, his cold chest touching her bare back. He lifted a hand and ran it along her cheek, wiping away a tear. He kissed the top of her hair.

"I'm sorry, Elena," he whispered, "I don't mean to be so cruel."

She shuddered as sobs began to escape her.

"You know, this really was about much more than sex to me."

She turned around to face him and was shocked to find true concern shining from his eyes.

"I care about you so much," he whispered, running his fingers lightly down the side of her arm, leaning down to kiss away another tear.

"I-I don't k-know what to do, Damon," Elena cried, placing her head in the crook of his neck as he wrapped his arms around to her back and held her tightly. "I l-love Stef-fan."

"You love me, too, Elena!" he groaned against her hair.

Elena remained still against his chest, not wanting to agree with him, but not able to deny it either.

He placed his hands on either side of her face and moved her head back to stare into her eyes. "Elena," he breathed into her face, tears continuing to quietly escape her eyes, "you love me as much as you love Stefan. I see it in your eyes." He leaned his forehead against hers and closed his eyes, whispering, "And I love you, too."

Elena stared at his closed eyes, searching her mind for some way to respond, but not being able to comprehend the words that had just left his mouth.

Brusquely, Damon's eyes snapped open and a smirk appeared at his lips as he stared into her eyes, his hands not moving from her face. "Hello, brother."

Elena gasped and jerked away from Damon, searching the gazebo.

Then she saw him. He was across the way, water dripping off of his soaked clothing and hair, his hands hung at his side, a pained expression haunting his facial features.

She couldn't imagine what he was feeling. Here was his brother, staring into the eyes of the girl he loved, while she stood naked in front of him.

"Stefan," she whispered, feeling her breath being kicked out of her body.

As she began to double over, feeling faint, Stefan was beside her, holding her naked body against him for support.

"Elena," he stroked her hair, then his eyes landed on her chest, "where is your necklace?" he whispered. He glared up at Damon, "What did you do to her?!" he yelled.

Damon walked over to his dress shirt and suit jacket, and chuckled, "What a loaded question," he said to himself.

Stefan looked down to Elena and saw the two bite marks. A snarl erupted from his chest.

Authors Note: This was my first fanfiction. Whoo *wipes hand across forehead* And let me tell you, this is not easy stuff to write.

I started out only planning on writing a one-shot, just to give it a go. My story turned out much longer than I had anticipated.

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