Note:This story dosn't really have a meaning.....yet

Chapter 1: The Annual Screaming Contest

One random day in Bootsville, Coop was doing some random Coop thing. Kat was sleeping. Mille was screaming. Burt was trying to get her to shut up. And Mrs. Munson was just counting her gnomes. Dennis was-nevermind who really cares what Dennis was doing?

In a flash of green light this cattish looking thing appeared. Um...yeah it was Eleanor. Just then a bear appeared- Just Kidding. Eleanor looked around confused before jumping into another bush. Then Millie,Coop,and Burt came outside. Kat was on the roof.....sleeping. The circle of Burtonburgers had a great time playing catch until Millie and Coop started fighting and woke Kat. Kat shredded the ball and used his fire claws to set it on fire. Coop didn't notice until he smelled smoke. He screamed and screamed. Then Millie tried to outscream Coop. Then Burt was screaming for them to shut-up. Kat was screaming laughter. Mrs. Munson was screaming for no apparent reason. And Eleanor was.....just confused. Everyone who was screaming just stopped when Kat took out a blackboard and started to scratch it. Everyone looked at him before arguing in whispers. Kat went to the park to start his evil invention. Everyone else started screaming as soon as he was gone.