The Beginning Part 1

If you asked him, sitting on his comfy couch right now, G would tell you that his life was way easier when he was alive then died. He has been shot in the shoulder, stabbed twice, back stabbed by a comrade, and put in more life risking situations than an average person should be in. G thought dying would be the start of a peaceful afterlife, not the start of a long never ending battle.

G sighed. Yes, he was currently a ghost. Well... more like a spirit that just could not find peace with the world. For more than forty years now, (including the years he was alive) he has been kind of stuck in this same house since he moved to Japan with his best friend and one-sided crush, Giotto. Just like now, G was sitting on the same (old) couch he was last laying on before he got a serious headache and died in his sleep.

He really needed a smoke right about now. To bad ghost can not smoke. That would of calm down his nerves, or at least put his mind at ease a bit.

Call G crazy, but he had a small feeling that something was going to happen to him today. Something life changing.

Was he finally going to the afterlife? Nah, G gave up on that forty years ago. Someone finally tearing his house down? No. Strangely enough, people do not care about his house enough to do anything with it.

Then what was it?

He heard a sound from outside! Footsteps? They were walking towards the front door. G hoped it wasn't one of those annoying little children daring each other to go inside the 'Haunted House' again. Those brats were scared of anything. Even a bug.

The front door opened. On alert, G quickly stood up and grabbed a broken glass cup. He did not want to hurt the intruder, just throw it at the wall to scare them. The door opened wider, a bush of brown hair peaked through and seconds later, their whole body came in.

It was a boy. Teenager? No, a young adult. The boy looked very nervous as he quickly glanced around G's house. He kept a hold on the door handle like he was ready to run out any second.

G had to admit that the boy looked very much like a mini younger version of Giotto. With that same bushy hair style ( though Giotto's bangs were slightly longer) and short legs. Heck! Even their face structure was very similar.

Kind of smiling, the boy took one last glance before running out the door.

G did not know it yet, but this was the beginning of his love for the boy.


First it started with simple things like a bunch of men redoing his bathroom. Then this lead to them remodeling all the rooms and replacing things. At first G had tried ways to scare them off via opening and shutting doors to just hiding their tools. It worked the first few times and G was finally able to get some rest.

That is until the Giotto look alike boy started coming along with the 'fixer uppers'.

For some reason G did not want to scare the boy away. He wanted him to keep coming. Because of that, the workers continued their work and before he knew it, all his old and broken down furniture was gone and replaced with brand new ones. Even G's old bedroom set was replaced with a king size bed with a cute little lion cub picture in the middle of the bed spread.

Wait! Cute?

G mentally slapped himself. Since when did he start describing things as cute? If anything, that little lion cub bed spread was just childish for someone of that boy's age. Whatever age he was.

Getting back on topic, his whole world was changing. In only a few months, everything about his house, furniture, his private space was becoming only small fragments of what it use to be. And why? Just because he wanted to seethe small Giotto look alike boy who was planning on moving here. A living, breathing boy planning to move in here!

It was not until after the house improvements were finish that the drama kind of started though.

Three days before he officially moved in, the boy had brought with him who G had thought was just a male friend. The man had pitch black hair with eyes to match. His hand were folded. The man looked around. G instantly did not like him. He carried with him a 'I'm better than you' attitude.

The boy was apparently giving him a tour of the house. They stopped at every room with the boy giving a little speech about every improvement he had made. The black haired man did not seemed that much interested. Half way in the hallway, the man stopped the boy and whispered something into the boy's ear.

At that, the boy instantly started blushing before pointing to his (and formerly G's) bedroom. They then both went in.

For some reason, G did not follow them. A small part of him told himself not to while a bigger part of him knew he was going to be heartbroken if he did follow them to his bedroom. Not that staying away helped much. In a matter of seconds, he could hear moans and sex talk coming from inside the bedroom.

Why couldn't he just die and go to the afterlife like normal people?