Ghostly Encounter

Life Together Part 7

He could hear G banging; practically begging him to come out of his room.

But Tsuna was not going to

Tsuna curled up into a little ball and covered each war with the palm of his hands. His tears were starting to were starting to wet a small portion of his sheets. His stomach was yelling at him as he remember that abandoned box of donuts.

But Tsuna did not care.

He tried not to care. What was he suppose to do now? What was he suppose to say now? Tsuna closed his eyes. Maybe if he kept them shut close long enough he would instantly fall into a deep sleep. This whole day has been a complete disaster and Tsuna was sure it was not going to get any better. The only thing needed now to top it off was for it to start thundering.

Bang. Bang.

It was not working.

"Tsunayoshi I'm sorry." He could hear G -in Gokudera's body- voice against the door. " I didn't know that my feelings would affect you so much."

Tsuna was did not respond. He was not going to.

"I just- I..I been having these feelings for you since I first saw you. Before...before we even officially met. " He could hear G chuckle. "This whole time we were living together I wanted to be with you. I wanted to...I wanted to-"

Tsuna covered his face with a pillow. His tears were getting heavier.

G was crying too. Tsuna could hear it from the whimpering of his voice. " I want to hold you and kiss you like Hibari does. I want to go places around the city like you and your friends do. Everyday I have wanted to just grab you and scream out my feelings. But..But.." There was another bang on the door. "But I couldn't."

"G." Tsuna whispered softly to himself. He slowly slide the pillows off of his face. This was hurting him. The pain in his chest was becoming greater at every word G said. He had cried for so long that he could feel his whole face getting red.

" I could never tell you. I was dead and you weren't. We could never be together no matter how much I tried. I don't want to take Gokudera's body." He let out another chuckle. "Who would want his body anyways."

"G I'm-"

" I had this stupid thought that maybe we could be together if I was able to got outside, but it was stupid. I don't want to see you hurting like this. So please open the door. Forget everything I said. Forget this whole day if you feel like it."

If only he could. Tsuna wanted to open that door. He really wanted to, but he did not want to see G's -not Gokudera's face right now. He knew it would be better if they both did not see each other for awhile.

G stayed standing by Tsuna's door for a full twelve minutes before leaving Tsuna to continue to cry alone. Tsuna knew that if G really wanted to, he could just walk through the door. G knew that too, but there must have been a part of him that really did not want to see Tsuna either; despite what he just said.

Tsuna held his right hand in the air. What exactly did he feel for G? They were friends. They have been roommates for almost two years now. Was that all though? Could he ever have a relationship with G? Could things work out for them?


Tsuna shook his head. There was Hibari he still had to think about. Even though they are apart now, Tsuna still loves Hibari and he knew that would never change. But what about G?

What would Reborn say about this?

"Reborn." Tsuna quickly sat up. He reached for his phone. The second it was unlock Tsuna went for Reborn's name. Reborn would tell him what to do. He always did whenever something was worry Tsuna.


But where would he start? Should he tell Reborn that Hibari and him were taking a break in their relationship? Reborn would just get mad at him and give-

"How may I help you, my idiot former student?"

"Reborn." It felt so weird hearing his voice.

He could hear Reborn laughing on the other end. "Since you hardly call your favorite tutor anymore, I'm gonna guess that you need help on something.

Your my only tutor. "I don't know what to do Reborn."

"And I don't understand what you are saying so I guess were even."

That was Reborn way of saying elaborate. Tsuna sighed "Hibari and I are on a break.

"Did he hurt you?"

"No." Tsuna said as he laid back down on his bed. He suddenly realize how weird it was to lay on his own bed. "But sometimes I wish he did though. Maybe things would be easier then."

"Tsunayoshi explain."

" I have this friend who...who.." Could he say it. "He recently told me he loved me."


"And? Reborn I don't know what to do." Tsuna kicked his feet in the air. "I don't know what to do. This person is one of my best friends. How can I even look at him now without thinking 'Hey, he's in love with me' every second? It hurts me at just the thought of him feeling this way for me."

"I see." He heard Reborn making a deep sigh over the phone. "Are you in love with this person also my idiot student?"

Tsuna felt his grip on his phone losing as it slide down the bed. He felt his body freeze up as he stared at the ceiling. Was he in love with G? That thought truly never crossed Tsuna's mind. But he had Hibari. Tsuna couldn't fall for anyone but Hibari. Hibari was his world. Tsuna has been with Hibari Kyoya before he ever met G.

Suddenly images of G started shooting through his mind. Memories of the time they spent together. Then his chest started hurting again.

No. He loved no one as much as he loved Hibari. But still...

Tsuna reached for his phone and put it back to his ear. "Reborn, what am I suppose to do?"

He heard Reborn sigh for the third time.


G laid down across the sofa. His hands were folded on his chest as he stared up at the ceiling. Before he knew it he was counting the small bumps at the top.

Tsunayoshi did not leave his room at all; not even to use the bathroom. G heard a few sounds coming out he room, but he did not dare bother Tsunayoshi again. If Tsunayoshi ignoring him was the punishment for his sins then G would gladly accept them.

He was still in Gokudera's body. After awhile G had gotten use to the body. He really did not want Gokudera's body though. He really didn't, but there was something that was stopping G from leaving the body. Maybe it was because he knew this could be his last chance he would have at going to the outside world.

It was times like this that made G wish he could just disappear. He had probably messed up his relationship with Tsunayoshi forever. The boy would probably move to live with his parents again. Or Hibari. Anything was possible now. G was sure his life was about to get worse. He was going to be alone again.


G unfolded his hands and place them over his face. If he could kill himself again, he would.


Something touched G's right led and caused him to jump up. There Tsunayoshi was, leaning down while smiling that pretty cute smile directly at him.

"Is this a dream?" It had to be. Why else would Tsunayoshi be here? Was G this obsess that he was seeing illusions of the boy? G grabbed onto the boy, knocking them both down to the floor.

"G!" Tsunayoshi screamed his name as he tried to wiggle out of G's hold. So he was not some illusion.

"Do you want to go out today? We can go get something to eat." Tsunayoshi was trying to get away from his hold. "And catch a movie."

G stared into the boys' eyes. "Are you serious?" This could not be true. Tsunayoshi should still be in his room thinking how horrible a person G was. Now G was for certain he was in a dream.

Tsunayoshi shook his head and stared straight back into G's eyes -which were really Gokudera's- "But promise you will leave Gokudera's body afterward okay."

" I promise." G said. Maybe life decided to be nice to him for one day. For all he knew Tsunayoshi could revert to how he was yesterday any time from now.

"Now get off of me!" Tsunayoshi started wiggling beneath him again. " I want to take a bath before we leave."


The blonde haired boy was named Giotto.

The red haired boy was named G. Nothing else; just G.

The three of them sat at a table in the diner. Gokudera folded his arms and snarled as he looked at the two boys. He hated being around kids; they were so annoying. Gokudera also did not know what to say without making kids cry or scream.

The blonde haired kid, Giotto, rocked himself in his chair as he solely looked at the palm of his own hands. Gokudera could tell the boy was trying his best not to cry and he was actually thankful for that. He did not know how to handle crying people.

The red haired kid, G kept a careful watch on his friend. He would focus his attention slowly on Giotto, then turn at Gokudera for a quick second. Did he honestly think Gokudera wanted to hurt them? Nope. No way.

"So you two." Gokudera started. " Live in this town?"

"Yes." G said though his focus still did not leave his friend though. Giotto only nodded his head as a yes.

"Where is everyone else?"

That was when both boys just seemed to stop. There was a quick look of terror on their face which turned to confusion. They both finally looked at Gokudera, but only G talked. "What are you talking about. Everyone is here."

"This town is completely deserted."

"No it isn't."

"Yes it is."

"Are you blind?"

That was it. Gokudera unfolded his arms and slammed his hands hard on the table. The G brat was definitely getting on his nerves now. Who did he think he was? Gokudera was not blind and he clearly saw that the three of them were the only people in this town. "Listen here kid-"

"No one else matters." G said as he looked down at the floor.

"Huh?" Gokudera stood up.

"No one else matters as long as Giotto is with me."

To be continued in next chapter