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"Leave it to me."


"Hello Kankuro."

The puppeteer continued inspecting his work, "Oh, hi Kagome."

"How are you, Kankuro?"

He shrugged, "Finally got a break, doing a bit of maintenance but pretty much free-" He finally glanced up to see Kagome's smile, wide and bright. The ninja instantly shifted to face the nearest exit. He had good instincts.

"You said that you were free, Kankuro?" But he wasn't the schemer, Temari was, Kagome was sure of that.

"No, no, no, very busy. These are urgent repairs, you see..."

"Kankuro, Kankuro...but we haven't had the time to talk lately...like about your puppets." Puppeteers required finely controlled chakra and while she had nothing of the sort, they had accidentally found out that her miko energy could tamper and ruin the accuracy of a puppeteer's control over their puppet. Kagome tapped a finger on a slender wooden neck. The miko wasn't a ninja but even she knew that she'd have to make a move soon or Temari would increase her play.

"What -" She cut him off with a stare, "um, surveillance?" She continued to stare. "For, you know, protection?"


He cracked, "Temari's idea!"

She smiled, pleased, "So you'll help, right?" He coughed. "Right?"



"Hello Shikamaru."

"How troublesome."

He was sharp indeed.


Kagome sighed; Kankuro was called away for a mission, which completely unravelled her plans. The Shikamaru had sneakily used that opportunity to disappear since she didn't have the necessary helper. This left her sitting at a vacant cafe table and sulking into her melted sundae. That was until she sensed something familiar approaching.

"Stop right there!" Kagome glanced to the speaker and held a hand up to shield her eyes from the sun's glare. "A pretty lady like you should embrace your youth and smile instead!" No, the sun wasn't blinding her, the very, very shiny teeth were. "For I am the beautiful green beast of Konoha! YOSH!" The green-clad 'beast' struck a pose, but then faltered. "Wait, wait a minute...I did everything right, how come I didn't get a sunset background?"

"Um, excuse me?"

He continued rambling on to himself, "...I had the hair, the eyebrows and everything!"

She tried again, "Mr. Uzumaki?"

That snapped him to attention, "How did you know? I've never met you before."

Kagome smiled and bowed slightly from her seat, "My name is Kagome Higurashi and it's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Uzumaki. Gaara talked about you."

Blink. Blink. "...He told you that I have super busy eyebrows?"

She laughed, "No! I know that you're a blond. He told me that you're the same..." Kagome remembered to lower her voice at the end, because while nearly the whole village knew about Gaara, they didn't know who the jinchuriki from Konoha was. The miko grinned, "If you ever have any problems with your furry friend, I'm happy to help."

He beamed, "I knew there was a reason you stuck out, you're awesome Kagome!" He pulled out a chair to sit, leaned toward her and whispered conspiringly. "I'd rather you call me Naruto, but right now I'm training and no one is supposed to know I'm me. Instead, call me..." Naruto paused, scratched his chin and slowly smiled. "Arashi."


After Kagome had explained her dilemma, Naruto had enthusiastically jumped up and announced, "Leave it to me!" Her hopes lifted at the scheming twinkle in his eyes and her smile brightened as he outlined his plan. Temari would soon find out get a taste of her own medicine.

The plan was quite simple. With Naruto's large reserve of chakra and skill with solid shadow clones and transformation, they planned to manipulate Temari into similar and exaggerated situations. Then take many, many picture to distribute to the village. Kagome thought that being unknowingly photographed like she had been was a little on the uncomfortable side. This would let Temari know that while Kagome appreciated the thought behind the blond's schemes, she shouldn't go overboard.


Situation 01

Shadow clones of Temari and a tall, dark-haired man walking by and holding hands for the villagers to see. Her face should be unmistakable, as should the holding hands part.

Situation 03

Instruct the male clone to give Temari clone a kiss.

Situation 05

Have Temari clone to let her fan slip open enough for several witnesses to notice 'Temari' inscribed next to a heart, which would be next to the beginning of another name. Act flustered to attract attention and 'confirm' suspicions.

Situation 06

Meanwhile have the male clone rush into a store to buy a large load of condoms. The items should be visible and distinguishable but appear to be hastily hidden.

Situation 06 amended

Meanwhile have the male clone order a personally crafted mini version of Temari's fan. Stamper out a 'made-up' name while blushing.

Note: Remember to ask to pay later.


The situations were played over a period of two hours to make them appear more natural while Naruto and Kagome would keep Temari preoccupied with conversation, lunch and some realistic, some odd interruptions by other shadow clones. Naruto also planted a few clones as tourists or villagers to point out the scene to another person and make a few comments themselves. The negatives were left at the local pharmacist, which didn't take long for the worker to become curious...

Kankuro entered the house, threw a bundled package to Temari and hurriedly walked past them without making eye-contact. Kagome and 'Arashi' smiled at each other while the blond curiously opened it. Temari remained strangely calm throughout the whole ordeal, merely raising a brow at a select few.

Then she laughed, "I've caught you now, Shikamaru!"

...that wasn't quite the reaction that Kagome and Naruto had anticipated.


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