Chapter 1

The salty sea air stung her face as it blew with the sail causing it to ride the waves at a speed faster than its normal pace. The sky was clear with only the sun in her way as it made its way across the sky on time. She looked out to the vast and clear sea, and with no land in sight, she sighed. For three days now, they've been sailing this part of the Grand Line and what worried her more was that she hadn't seen a single ship on these waters. But, she knew that this wouldn't bother her Captain for he was the only person that could be carefree in a moment of desperation.


She could hear their cook, Sanji, yell like he did every time their Captain was in need for a snack.

The crashing and booming echoed after she heard Luffy shout back, "BUT SANJI! I'M HUNGRY!"

He ran out onto the deck as a frying pan flew past his ear. The commotion stopped as she leaned over the rail of the ship to see the sun reflect off of the dancing waves.

"Oi, Nami, whatcha doing?" Luffy asked as he walked up behind her.

"Nothing, I'm just getting a little fresh air." She told him while she continued to stare out to sea.

"That's no fun." He commented then something crossed his mind. "You should go get me a snack!" He smiled at her as she turned around to face him.

She loved his smile because it could tame and part the ferocious sea, but at the same time, it annoyed her that he could only think about his stomach when they needed to conserve food instead of waste it. So, she tightened her fist and threw it square between his eyes. "Baka," she muttered, "is food all you can think about?"

The punch had caught him off guard, and so he fell backwards and grasped at his face. "Nami," he whined, "please help me. I'm so hungry!"

"How could you be?" She retorted. "You had three helpings at breakfast and nearly five at lunch. You should be grateful that I'm letting you have dinner tonight." She fumed.

He crossed his arms across his chest and pouted like a five year old, which he acted often. Sometimes she couldn't believe that this boy was the one who defeated countless foes that ranked as high as the government with their bounties reaching to the millions.

"Fine, let me see what I can do." She thought of all the times that he rescued and saved her, so giving in to this one little task shouldn't be too hard but at the same time, she knew that she wasn't getting off her debt so easily. Making her way to the galley, she could hear Luffy's cheers of joy shout behind her. It was always easy to please him, just like a five year old.

"Yosh! Thank you Nami!" He called back to her when she crossed the threshold and into Sanji's territory.

"Sanji-kun!" She called and in a heartbeat he was already beside her awaiting for her command.

"Yes, Nami-swan?" He cooed as his eyes grew bright growing with impatience.

"Sanji-kun, I'm awfully hungry. Could you-?"

"Bring you a snack?" He finished for her. "Anything, my sweet." He dashed off after interrupting her and began to brew some coffee and prepare one of his famous "fancy" snacks, as Luffy liked to call them.

The thought of seeing Luffy's face when she would give him the snack excited her in a way. It was like handing a gift to a child on Christmas morning as his features would glow and he would begin to drool. She couldn't help but let out a smile.

"Ah, seeing you smile always brightens my day." Sanji handed her the coffee and beckoned her to sit while he finished with her snack.

She complied with his wishes and sat down at the table. She looked out and saw that Luffy was waiting patiently for her return. Again, she smiled at how simple-minded her Captain could be.

He placed the dish in front of her, breaking her free of her staring.

"Thank you, Sanji-kun." She smiled up at him knowing that this would melt him like butter. "Sanji-kun?" She beckoned as she got up from her seat.


She faced him so that his back was to the threshold and she had a perfect view of Luffy. "Sanji-kun, could you tell me what's in it?" She cooed as she signaled for her Captain with her free hand that wasn't drawing circles on his chest.

"Well…" He started to list all of the ingredients that went into making the whatever-he-called-it as his cheeks flared up with redness.

She could see Luffy's arm stretch, which no other person could do, across the deck and enter the kitchen. It scuttled onto the table and grabbed the plate from where she had been sitting moments ago. Sanji noticed that Nami seemed a bit distracted and turned around to see his Captain's rubber arm make off with Nami's snack.

"Oi!" He yelled and stomped down on the thief causing him to release the plate.

"Sanji! I'm hungry!" Luffy moaned from across the deck as his arm slinked back into place across his chest.

"This is Nami-swan's snack!" He shouted back.

"Sanji-kun let him have it." She blew into his ear causing him to shake and shiver in delight. "It's better than having him eat all of my precious mikans."

"Well, to protect Nami-swan's precious mikans, fine. Oi, Luffy! Come here!"

With one giant leap, Luffy was able to cross the deck and stand right next to the pissed off cook. He smiled his toothy grin and took back the snack from Sanji's grasp, and sat down at the table. Nami could only giggle at how easily her Captain could get his way.

"Pank you, Mami." Luffy said as he chewed on "her" snack.

"Oi, oi, Luffy, if you keep eating like that, you'll get sick." Sanji warned him as he took out a cigarette from his pocket inside his vest and lit it up. He puffed out black smoke after taking a long drag on it.

"LAND HO!" All three of them dashed from the galley as they heard Usopp cry out from the crow's nest.

Nami looked down at her wrist and saw that her Log Posse was indeed pointing to this island.

It seems we're a little ahead of schedule, though. She thought as the crew scattered around preparing to dock.

As soon as they landed, she knew that they weren't going to stay very long since she could see the wanted posters from the docks. But, as always, no one else seemed to care and like always, Luffy was the first to jump from the ship.

"Oi, Luffy!" She called down to her Captain. "We can't stay long, so we're just getting supplies! Wait for me!"

He groaned but she glared at him causing him to pout. Sometimes she felt like she was the Captain.

She turned around to face the others, "Alright, listen up!" She called to them. "We're only here to restock on supplies so unless there is something that you don't need, stay on the ship! The rest of you break down to small groups so that we won't be easily detected." She climbed down the rope ladder first and waited for the others to follow. She knew that Luffy didn't need supplies, but she also knew that he needed to stretch his legs.

"Nami-swan! Wait for me!" Sanji called as he ran over to her. Chopper and Franky were close behind and she figured that the rest of the crew was going to wait on the ship.

"Yosh! Let's go!" Luffy cheered excitedly as he ran off towards the town.

Zoro sat himself down by the mast and leaned his head back to see a cloud roll by. He could see Robin across the deck as she sat down with a book already open. He knew that Usopp was up in the crow's nest looking down as passersby marveled up at the ship. A light breeze blew his hair east. Or was it west? Maybe south, who knew? All he knew was that the wind was blowing as the sun cast shadows across the deck. This was his favorite time of day to take a nap, besides mid-morning.

Just as he closed his eyes to darkness, he felt the ship shift and shake. Opening his eyes, he saw that the clouds had gathered quickly as rain showered down from the heavens. He saw that the ship had drifted from the island, but not to the point where they couldn't get back. Robin had moved inside as Usopp took the helm. Even though his sense of direction wasn't as developed as Nami's, he could tell that they weren't anywhere near the others.

"OI, USOPP!" He screamed so that the Sharp Shooter could hear him. "WHERE ARE WE GOING?"


"Shit…Luffy, I hope you're okay with this." Zoro cursed under his breath.

"Ah! Where's the ship?" Nami squealed as the storm picked up. She could've sworn that they had docked the ship at the place where they were standing now.

"Are you sure this is the right dock?" Luffy asked.

Nami was about ready to punch him in the face for the second time today. "Of course I'm sure. I'm not Zoro and besides, I'm your Navigator!" She fumed as she panicked.

"Don't worry, Nami-swan! I'll find the ship!" Sanji offered. He grabbed both Franky and Chopper and started to run along the docks, leaving Nami and Luffy alone.

"Well, this is great." She muttered as the rain poured down. "They probably went to seek a hiding spot where the waves weren't too rough."

"Don't worry, Nami." Luffy smiled at her and placed his straw hat on top of her head so that she wouldn't get wet, but it was already too late. She was soaked.

"Come on, Luffy." She beckoned for him as she headed back into town. She knew that others would be alright for one night. Besides, she wasn't going to wait for them now.

"Nami-swan, I'm sorry I couldn't find the ship!" Sanji called for her outside her hotel room.

She had enough money, after shopping, for two rooms and so she isolated herself form the men. If it wasn't for Robin being apart of the crew, she would've gone insane from all of the pigs on board.

"Sanji-kun, go back to your room otherwise I'll make you sleep out in the rain!" She threatened so she could have some peace and quiet.

"Aye, aye, sir!" He called and she could hear his footsteps retreat down the hall.

She sighed as she wrapped her wet orange hair into a dry white towel. Before she had gotten into the shower, she had placed her wet clothes by the heating duct. They were still a bit cold and damp, but the heat was doing its magic. She stared out the window as the rain beat harder on the glass. The softness and warmth of the white bathrobe started to warm up her frozen body as the steam from her shower misted throughout her room.

The loud clang of thunder broke her concentration as the flash of lightning brought her to a new thought. Placed by the window was a dresser and she noticed a not too foreign object resting upon it. She saw Luffy's hat and remembered that she forgot to return it.

"Oi, Nami!"

She heard another bang now, but it wasn't outside her window.

"Nami!" He called again.

Luffy had impeccable timing as if he was listening to her every thought. She heard a click at her door and turned around to see the remnants of fingers slide from under her door. The door flew open as Luffy rushed in.

"Luffy!" She screamed as he made his way to the dresser. He picked up his hat and placed it on his head before turning around to smile at her.

"You forgot to give me my hat back." He chuckled as the redness in her cheeks flared up. "What's wrong, Nami? Are you sick?" He saw her blushing and thought that she was coming down with something, so he took one giant stride and was standing right in front of her.

She blushed even harder as she felt his warm hand touch her forehead. Why wasn't she shouting at him to leave? She was too stunned to move or push him away.

"You don't seem warm…" He mumbled to himself. "Should I go get Chopper?" He asked her pointing towards the door.

"No, I'm fine, Luffy. Get out." She told him, but she didn't raise her voice like usual.

He looked quizzically as he saw her skin start to flush instead of burn bright red. "I'll go get Chopper." He said and started to head towards the door.

She put her hand on his shoulder to stop him, but suddenly, she felt really tired and weak. He turned around at her touch just in time to catch her. Darkness washed over her as she heard her Captain shouting her name.

"CHOPPER!" Luffy screamed for his doctor while he was thinking of how happy he was that the little reindeer had come along. He could feel Nami's breathing sped up as he continued to hold her in his arms.

"Luffy? What are you doing in-?" Chopper stopped as he saw Luffy holding Nami in his arms. "What happened?" He asked as he ran up to the two.

"I touched her forehead and she fell asleep. I think she's sick."

"Put her on the bed." The little reindeer ordered and as Luffy put her on the bed, the towel on her head fell off. He started to rummage through his little backpack and cursed when he remembered that most of his medicines were still on the missing ship. "Luffy, could you go into the bathroom and run this under the water?" He handed his Captain the towel that fell off of Nami. "Make sure that it's cold!" He called again as Luffy made his way to the bathroom.

"Oi, what's going on?" Sanji asked when he walked in. He was walking down the hall and saw that Nami's door was open. When he heard all of the screaming, he decided to take a look to see if Nami was alright.

"Nami is sick." The doctor reported as he took out a stethoscope from the bag. He pressed the cold metal against her chest. He had opened her bathrobe a bit, but it didn't reveal anything that Nami would punish him with later.

"My Nami-swan is sick? Why didn't anyone find me?" Sanji started to panic as "his" Nami began to quicken her breaths to short, shallow gasps.

Luffy rushed back from the bathroom with the dripping wet bath towel in his arms. It left a small trail of water as he made his way back over to her bed. He saw that Sanji had come in and was kneeling beside her, grabbing her hand and humming a tune to make her feel better.

"Good. Luffy, put that on her forehead."

"Right." He did as he was told and placed the large, wet towel on her forehead. He saw how her body shivered at the feel of the ice water.

"We have to get her back to the ship." Chopper mumbled. "Otherwise, she might not make it."

"Yosh, then I'll go and find the ship." Luffy said.

"I'll go with you. I won't let my Nami-swan die." Sanji said as he got up from his knees. He pulled out a cigarette, lit it, and took a drag before letting the black smoke rise to the ceiling.

"Don't forget Franky, Luffy. I'll stay here and watch over Nami."

"Right, let's go Sanji."

Chopper watched as both his Captain and the Cook made their way out of the hotel room and down the hall. Hopefully, they brought Franky with them so that he wouldn't have to be alone with him. As much as he liked his new nakama, there was something about him that made him a bit nervous.

"Stay with me…" Nami mumbled in her unconsciousness.

Chopper looked back down at the woman. He could feel her body heat rising more slowly than before and thought if this was progress or not.

"Luffy…" She mumbled.

Damn these winds…

Zoro looked out from within the galley as the remaining crew members took shelter there. Since the winds and the rain weren't letting up, they were going to have to sleep in here tonight even though that the others were still out there in the storm. He couldn't shake this feeling of premonition.

"Kenshi-san?" Robin looked over at him as he continued to stare out into the storm. There was something unusual about his posture that was concerning her. It felt as though he knew something she didn't.

He turned his head around to face her. Her big blue eyes were in his face and that nearly startled him. He never realized how beautiful this woman could be, but he always told himself that beauty always led to danger so he tried to distance himself away from her.

"What's wrong?" She asked in a voice so sweet it sounded like she was a mother worrying for her child.

"Nothing." He told her and turned away to stare out towards the woods not too far from where they docked.

It was a small cove where the waves didn't seem to find interesting, so their ship was safe from any sudden attacks. The forest outside was a barrier between them and regular civilians who could detect and report them, so it served as a very good camouflage.

Both he and Usopp tried their share at cooking that night's dinner, but failed when they both set the food on fire. If Robin wasn't on board, they probably would've set the ship on fire or worse. They could've starved.

Usopp was stupidly braving the winds so that he could tie down any loose cargo below and outside, but Zoro knew that it wasn't necessary. So, he was stuck with her. He tried not to think of her name or face or anything about her so that he wouldn't be sucked into her grasp like the others, especially that ero-cook of theirs. She had everyone wrapped around her finger but him, and he smiled at the thought. He could out stand even the most tempting temptress.

"Kenshi-san, what are you laughing at?" She asked as she, too, smiled at his joy even though she had no idea why he was smirking.

He continued to ignore her as the rhythmic pattern of the wind and rain started to make him tired. But, since he didn't trust this temptress, he pushed his will harder than any training could help so that he could stay awake.

"Kenshi-san, I know you may be ignoring me, but you look a little too tired for that. How about you get some sleep and I'll watch for sunaipa-kun." She smiled at him.

"No, I'll get some sleep when the storm lets up." He muttered even though that even if the storm let up before morning, he wouldn't fall asleep so long as she was in the same room.

"Please, kenshi-san, you would feel better if you had some sleep." She cooed which sounded very convincing, but his will was keeping him going.

"I don't need," he yawned and stretched his arms over his head, "sleep."

"Ahhhh! Finally!" Usopp burst through the galley door, letting in some of the storm behind him. His clothes were soaked while raindrops dripped from his long nose.

"You do know that was completely pointless." Zoro told him as his eyelids began to droop and fail him.

"It wasn't pointless!" He argued back.

"Now, now." Robin held up her hands in defense for Zoro. "No bickering please. We need to survive tonight and I think that comes before fighting." She put her opinion in before teeth were to roll.

"Whatever." Zoro mumbled as he placed his elbow on the table and leaned his head into his hand, closing his eyes in defeat. Since the storm started, he wasn't able to take his afternoon, late afternoon, and evening naps today causing his body to fail and shut down in this great time to defend himself.

Usopp walked over to the corner of the galley and began to tinker with some of his new ideas while Zoro's head fell to the table, hard. Robin giggled and at the sound of the slight noise, he brought his head up immediately. He no longer faced his body towards the door incase of suspicion, so he was now facing Robin and he could see every detail of her temptress face.

Women were nothing but trouble that usually caused men delight in their sins or at least, that's how Zoro sees it. He saw Robin's beautiful eyes rest upon his as she imitated his gesture, cupping her hand underneath her chin to rest quietly and peacefully on the table. When she smiled, she never revealed her teeth so her slim but full lips puckered out to show her happiness as would her teeth if she chose to do so. Her eyes closed as her tan skin reddened a tad, but with Zoro's sharp eyes, he noticed it unlike anyone else. Had she always blushed when she smiled at him?

"Zoro! Robin! Usopp!" A loud and familiar voice was yelling, but it didn't register into the minds of the crew since it was so far away. It sounded more like a murmur.

"Yo, Usopp, did you say something?" Zoro asked the busy Sharp Shooter.

"No, I thought that was you." He replied.

They both looked at the woman whose smile ceased.

"Sencho-kun?" She muttered under her breath.

Zoro looked out at the window and saw nothing but rain and the debris of leaves and branches wash across the deck. He didn't see Luffy or any of the others, but he could hear something a bit more distinct howling just as much as the wind.

"ZORO! ROBIN! USOPP!" The screaming had increased since the last time that they heard it, and now it sounded as though the screaming tripled in size.

Zoro heard his name clearly this time and leapt from his seat. He left the temptress behind in the dry and safe room while he ran out onto the deck to scan the surrounding forest.

"Oi, Luffy! What's going on?" He shouted since he knew that wherever his Captain was he could hear him.

In the matter of seconds of stepping out onto the deck, his hair was drenched causing the built up raindrops to fall into his eyes as the rain made his shirt see through. He gripped all three katanas at his side waiting for the orders he so desperately needed to get through the night.

A shuffling out of the corner of his eye caused him to turn around and nearly slip on the slick wood as he saw someone appear out of the forest. Actually, it was a couple of someones who appeared out of the forest and each one of them was very distinct and familiar. The first to appear was a boy wearing a straw hat while a blond man with black smoke engulfing his head was right behind as was a tall and loud man with blue hair. Three members of the Straw Hat Pirates were in sight, but they were still missing two other people.

"Marimo, get Chopper's medical bag!" Sanji called up to him.

"Luffy, what's going on?" He ignored the perverted cook's call as he turned to his Captain waiting for his command which was the only law that he followed.

"Get Chopper's medicine! Nami's sick!" His Captain shouted up at him as Zoro swore under his breath.

Damn those women…