Brad, Ian, or Ryan (or all of you),

I know you read our fanfictions. I know you do. It's very obvious.

I don't know if you read mine, but I get the slight feeling that you might.

Finn singing the Zombies? My Funny Valentine? Bridge over Troubled Waters? Blackbird? The scarf thing was also creepy, but I know you film the episodes like two weeks before they air, so that might have really been a coincidence.

Plus the party episode was just, wow. Spin the Bottle? Come on. That's fanfiction gold. Plus it went down a little something like one of my fellow Kinn writers scribbled up awhile ago.

Mmmmhmm. Yep. All I have to say is this.

I love Glee, keep making it. I love Kurt, keep having him sing songs!

I usually love your song choices, but I feel like you should avoid repeating artists (i.e. Lady Gaga).

Donovan? Led Zeppelin? Pink Floyd? Bob Dylan?

Aright, fine. I know those guys aren't as easy to musical-theatre-ify, but "Another Brick in The Wall Part 2" would be easy to plug, and I think you could find a place for "Money" and "Wish You Were Here." Donovan is great- "Catch The Wind," "To Sing For You." Zeppelin would be so fun. I bet Rachel could belt out a rock scream if given the opportunity.

And The Who! I love the Who, they're my favourite band ever. You should look into the album "Quadrophenia" even though I know the more accessible Who tunes are on "Who's Next" and "Who Are You." But I think Quadrophenia's the best out there. Maybe even if the someone sang "Let My Love Open The Door," not a Who song, I know, but a Pete Townshend song, which is pretty close.

And I'm missing my punk rock. Of course, again, punk isn't as accessible to all audiences and might not be Glee style in general, but it's still a legitimate musical genre and I feel like you've covered most of them except punk. And I'm not saying I want you to go and do the first Black Flag song you find or X or whatever, but you could do Ramones, I'm sure... hahahaha. Maybe delve into indie some more. I got a taste of Beck and then it was gone. Thom Yorke from Radiohead is really protective over how his music is used so that might be impossible, but whateva, just throwing it out there. Regina Spektor is great and you could use any Arcade Fire song for an amazing group number.

But whatever you do, anyway, I will still love Glee. It's a great show and it's actually inspired me to work for television when I'm older. But I would love more Kurt/Finn scenes. I might accept them not being in love if they can at least share a couple scenes, hahahahaha...

Thank you so much for making Glee exist. It's helped me out of a couple fixes and I think we can all agree that the entire thing just plants a seed of happiness inside of a person. Whenever I watch it, I have a smile for the rest of the day. Huzzah!

Please don't take this as me telling you what to do! I'll love Glee, no matter what happens. There's a chance you don't even read the fics (even though you so do).


P.S. You should get Bo Burnham as a guest artist. He's the best.