Here I Stand

Author's Note- Well, when I started writing this (right now, in other words) I've only watched each Angel Beats episode once, was inspired by it and now I'm writing this fic because of it whether I like it or not, so enjoy (or not)

Such a familiar noise...

There is no way to describe it, other than a gunshot- that's what it is, there is nothing quite like it...

Again a shot rang through the rain, and again the familiar sound of a body falling to the ground, something akin to dead in this... surreal world...

A moment of passion, followed by a moment of silence- that was now, the moment of silence... It didn't last long, but another would take it's place when it was re-established.

The rain began to fall harder, and the pools of blood began to spread. At the sight of the bloodied bodies I became sickened, strange since such a sight never bothered me before when I caused it.

Do I think them... friends?... is this what sorrow feels like?

I looked down and away from the saddening sight- too late. Past my rain-soaked uniform that clung to my skin as if it were a part of me, I could see the pool advancing to my feet.

"Tachibana-san" His words came out like a snake spewing out venom- there was no differentiating friend from foe, innocent from guilty- all was an enemy to him now; this was his world, he spoke what he wanted and nothing could stop him.

I raised my head from the bloodied bodies that lie before him, not quite dead, but they wait for the peace he had promised them a few minutes ago, that was all they could do. Now I focus my attention to him, in his gruesome visage liberally sprayed with blood, and he spoke:

"Do you turn against god? Are you Angel, or are you Tachibana?"

My words didn't come easy, nor did my thoughts.

Murderer! Was the most prominent thought that shot itself to the forward of my brain.

Murderer... Who? Him, or me..?

He's got the gun... He pulled the trigger... but I did nothing to stop him... A moment of weakness from us all was all it took... to end their existence...

He told his story... it was spoken with tears... it was... so melancholy... so saddening... so heart-wrenchingly pitiful... was he speaking the truth? Or was it just a lie to make them all drop their guard..?

"I am..." I spoke, these were just the starting words, what came next I wasn't sure of.

The dying nodded a bit, maybe it was just a negligible shift in position, maybe they wanted a better view of the events taking place, maybe both.

"I am..." Again I repeated, still the words didn't come.

"You are..?" He asked, readying his gun, his cohorts following in suit.

"I am... Tachibana..." I whispered so quietly, i know he didn't hear me, but I know he knew I spoke.

"What!? Speak up, speak so GOD can hear you!" He yelled, damanding me repeat this fateful action- I sided against god.

"GOD IS DEAD!" I shouted, recalling something... I read that somewhere... but where..?

They say if you pray, god will hear; then I prayed, maybe god heard; maybe I was right and he was dead to us all, I would find out in a few moments.

"Then you are just a wayward student in need of discipline... Perhaps... you just need to rest..." He said, reloading is pistol in a practiced fashion then aiming carefully at me.

"Guard skill: Distortion"

Again the familiar sound of a gunshot rings in my ears, but what happens next?

I was right, there is no god to save us, or else there isn't anymore. This whole time, we haven't progressed at all- blood was still being spilled to no greater advancement, there is no peaceful rest in this world- there's just the illusion of it.

The Crucible... was this all just a test of faith..?

A.N.- I'm sure that since there's only 3 other fics for this anime by the time I'm writing this that I'm not appealing to a very big audience, and since this is so abstract I'm appealing to like, 0 people; but I DON'T CARE!!!!! If you actually read this far then congrats, you get nothing.