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Chapter 1, A Musical:

"In one week two weeks Angels will be coming to your city for an inspection. If you are able to show that you can run the UG without any fuck-ups we will not erase your city-An Angel." Hanekoma read the letter to Joshua.

"Why would they want to erase Shibuya?" The pissed off Composer asked.

"Because you almost erased it yourself a few days ago." Hanekoma reminded the Composer.

The Producer and Composer were in the Wildkat in the UG, Joshua had been asked to meet him there fearlier that day.

"So what do we have to do to save the city?" Joshua.

"Well, we should probably have Kariya act as the Conductor, Uzuki could be the Game Master, promote that one band to…"

"Band?" A new voice interrupted Hanekoma.

"Yeah three Reapers are in a band or something." Hanekoma shrugged, he didn't really care all that much about their band it was just easier than remembering their names. "Wait who said that?" He realized that he didn't recognize the voice.

There were three people standing in front of the Wildkat, one was an older man wearing a black-and-white pinstripe suit, the other was a girl wearing a gothic dress with blonde hair, and the third was a man with fluffy black hair wearing a button-up shirt that wasn't completely buttoned-up. The weird thing about it was that they weren't just standing in the street, they were posing.

"Who the hell are you?" Joshua asked, preparing to kill the oddly dressed group.

"Who we are isn't important. What really matters is your city." The older man pulled up a chair and sat a little too close for Joshua's comfort. "I had a city once, but the Angels erased like they will yours."

"Not if we have a successful Game." The annoyed Hanekoma interjected, but was quickly ignored.

"You see young man, the Angels don't just want a game, they want a performance!" The man shouted in an overly dramatic voice.

"No actually I'm an Angel and they really just want to make sure that Joshua can actually be a functioning Composer." Hanekoma continued his attempts at reason.

"So, to save the city of Shibuya you must turn a Game into….A musical!" The strange man shouted again, the shouting was really starting to annoy Hanekoma.

"Alright, but who are you guys?" Joshua asked,.

"Well, my name's Ketsueki." The old man offered Joshua his hand.

"I'm Kurohime." The girl added.

"I'm Albatross." The second man added.

"Right, well how about you guys just go." Hanekoma offered.

"Actually I was hoping to be the Conductor and stage manager of Shibuya." Brad said.

"Absolutely." Joshua said.

"Not?" Hanekoma pleaded hopefully, but he was once again ignored.

"Wonderful." The man replied smoothly.

"This is a really bad idea." Hanekoma sighed, knowing that Joshua wasn't going to listen to reason.

Mr. Monday: Alright, first chapter down, the next one will be where events start actually happening.