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"I'm really, really sorry Rico," Jenny said.

Rico looked at the floor. "Yeah," he said sadly wiping his eye, "I think it's best the we--"

His sentence was cut off by Jenny's kiss. She kissed him on the cheek.

Miley, Lily, and Oliver had arrived and looked at them.

"Whoa," Oliver said when he saw them.

"Aww," Lily said.

"They're back together," Miley squealed, "so cool."

Rico was both surprised and red in the face.

"I want to be more than friends," Jenny told him.

"But I—" he was saying.

"A guy going through all of this trouble deserves a second chance. I believed you but I was having difficulty saying it. I hope you understand," Jenny said.

"Yes I do," he told her, "so, would you still like to finish the date tonight?" he told her hoping that she would say 'yes.'

"Oh I would love to," she said. They kissed again but this time on the lips.

Jenny was finally glad to have found someone that cared for her and she was also greatful to have found wonderful friends that cared for her.

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