Looking into those eyes, eyes that were broken. To any other stranger, it would not mean anything. However, to me… I was slightly shaken by this. Jen then hung his head on his shoulders, lowered his hand down, and now his back was facing mine.

"Nothing. You don't even recognize me." He said so solemnly.

"Just what the hell did that bastard do?" He shouted and stamped his foot in the ground, which left a hole.

I didn't speak. What else was I supposed to say? Then I heard a galloping of hooves. My heart was soon pounding. Something isn't right… I turned my back and dashed out of the alleyway. My heart almost forgot to beat. There slowly, I saw D on his horse, walking away. Away from me. Not even a glance, or a sign of recognition. Nothing. His dark hair wiping behind his face, his hat covering his eyes, and his hands firmly gripped the reins. Stupidly, I stood there as I watched D moved faster on his horse down the long, lonely street.

"No… It can't be" I whispered out loud.

I began to frantically sprint after D. Fear and anger nicked at my heels like bullets. I was running so fast, I didn't bother seeing anyone or hear anyone speak when I crossed his or her paths. My heart was beating so fast, as fast as my feet. I thought it would burst. I reached out a hand; I was close to D's horse, so close to him… But then, D sped up the speed and began to outrun me.

"D! Stop wait! Where are you going?" I shouted but my lungs hurt as I felt them rub against my rib cage. But it didn't stop me running.

I breathed heavily but I was picking up great speed. But… I still never caught up. He was approaching the gate and the old man was shouting and cussing his head off at D because of the speed he was going at. But that didn't stop D; he leapt high over the gates and on the other side. When I caught up the old man was still cursing. I passed through the gate too. That's when I felt cold salty water flow down my cheeks. I was crying…

I followed him. Kept my eyes right on D. Like a bullet, I aimed only for him, but I didn't see what was… WHAM! I ran right into a gate, which kicked me in the stomach. My speed was so fast; I lurched forward over the bar and tumbled on to my back. I choked and coughed, clutching my stomach. The pain was such a shock, I cried a little. I stood up more slowly and looked to where D had gone. He was disappearing. I walked slowly forward all the way until the edge of the high freeway, just when I got to the top, D had already leapt from the fourteen feet high drop off. Now, he was just a black small form on the desert, getting farther and farther away. Tears cascaded down my face; I couldn't believe this. My legs couldn't stop moving forward, as if they still had the desire to catch up to him. I couldn't even stop myself as I skidded down the cracked drop off.

I dangled high above the drop off, with just an arm around a metal stick, protruding from the broken highway. My feet dangled and my stomach ached in pain from the injury I got from the gate. The tears wouldn't stop for my eyes; they could still see him. Getting farther and farther away from me. Why? Where else am I supposed to go? D! I cried within my mind.

The sun was soon setting turning the scenery into a beautiful orange purplish sky. I swung my arm up high and grabbed a deep crack on the surface and hoisted myself up and off the high ledge. I looked back again, and I wasn't surprised at all. Limping back to the city slowly was almost like rewinding myself, the tears stopped and never came back, my arm began to bleed once more, and my knees were scrapped and bruised, along with my stomach.

It was dark when I got to the motel. Sharon was at the desk, she handed me the key and told me that I was paid in advanced to stay here for three months. She acted like I was some other customer, not that I'm bruised, hurt, and abandoned or anything. This woman had no compassion. Then she commented after looking at my arm, "You should get that treated, you know?" Like I was really dumb, "Vampires still roam this area"

She lit a cigarette and the fumes only made me feel worse. I trudged upstairs, unlocked the door, and slammed it hard, hoping the hinges would break into pieces, just how I was feeling now.

Special POV: Aaron's Perspective

He walked through the back of the café, just after Tony patched his bruises and cuts, when he saw Clare. She was banged up too. But she looked far worse. Black and blue were spotted over her skin. Her eyes were big and puffy-from crying? He raised an eyebrow and looked to Sharon who was sitting at her counter smoking. He glared and walked up to the desk.

"What happened?" He asked.

"The Dunpeal left. That's all." She puffed.

"That's all?" Aaron repeated in anger, "Did you not see her? She looks like she went through hell! Why didn't you offer her any help?"

"She's a big girl. She can handle the dump on her own" Sharon pulled out an old magazine and flipped the pages, end of discussion.

Now, Aaron was pissed. He was ready to grab her and slap that bitch. But instead he marched upstairs to Clare's room. But wen he was about to knock, someone grasped his shoulder. It was Sharon.

"Best not go in"

"Why?" He sneered.

"She needs to be alone."

"But she just got dumped and hurt! Physically! What else do you want me to do? Let her get swallowed in her misery?" He raised his voice.

"Just give her some space. Besides, men like you are not trustworthy to make the right decision with a heartbroken girl"

"I'm not-!"

She cut her off with these words; "Any man would get romantically with a woman in depression until it becomes to unbearable to the man. Give at least two days"

Aaron remained wide-eyed as he saw Sharon step down the stairs.

"If she doesn't show herself in two days. You can break down the door if you're so angry" She snickered.

Back to Clare's POV

I can here you. Shut up! Shut up! Let me hear nothing! At least give me some time alone! Please… every second counts now… I clutched my ears, as I lay collapsed on the bed, tired and worn out. I was so exhausted, but to clean and take care of my body was instinct, I didn't know I was dabbing my scabbed arm and my new open wound so precisely, as if I was used to this. I didn't care though. I was so exhausted, and thirsty. Lifting me tire legs off the bed, I went over and grabbed a glass filled with water from the sink. Taking a slow sip and walking over the closed window, I pulled back the curtains. Seeing the gorgeous city light up as the hours ticked on and on, I sat there with the glass soon becoming warm in my hands.

Aside from missing D, I began to miss other things: like my family, the atmosphere of the century I was born in, bustling cities, and new technology. Nothing… left from that era remains here. D… damn you for ditching me. I released a sigh and rested my head against the glass. I can't remember when I fell asleep. But I assume so when I woke and was when I saw vines creep and grow in a fast rate, my heart panicked. I got up and began to scream from the vines that sprouted thorns and broke through the glass. I backed away as it creeps on the floor and towards me. I wanted to run, get away but I couldn't. The vines already had me, wrapped around my legs like smooth ballerina ribbons.

But I saw them pierce my flesh, feeling the thorns go through my muscles and skin made me quake with horror. Then, like a snake one big thorny vine raised its head and there at its very tip pointing to me bloomed a rose. I gasped as I saw its petals unfurl gently and beautifully with a blood stained color. Entranced I raised my hands to it but my heart jumped completely. When in the center of that rose: a thorn, black as ebony, pierced right through my body. I chocked for a scream- nothing came. My body arched completely, the vines disappeared, and so did the rose. And the face of a man appeared in my mind. That was it.

Far away from the deserted city…

D woke with a start, and gripped his head. He thought for a second he heard the girl. Does he name even remember her name? But she did call for him. He knew that the least… But why was he trembling? Ever so slightly. Thank god, parasite was knocked out.

Back in the motel room…

There in his arms she lay there limp as death itself. He grabbed her chin, and checked her pulse. She was still alive. He released a satisfied sigh and he shifted his weight and swooped his right arm under her legs. He could feel it, raw flesh and healing skin under her clothes. He ignored Sharon's comment; all he cared about was that girl. He quickly but gently laid her back down in bed and walked to the small kitchen –there he grabbed a towel, soaked and dampened it in hot water, and came back to her. Her different shirt stained with blood emanating from her arm. He started there. Slowly, he padded the towel on her arm, soaking the blood. Remembering, he quickly got a bucket and run the soaked towel in the bucket. He got up to about two inches of bloody water from her wound. Aaron has seen worse. But when he looked closely at her arm, he saw tiny scars all up her arm, in the shape of tiny holes.

"What the hell have you been through?" He shook his head.

With gentle hands, he placed a heated damp towel on her stomach. Then slowly, he wound a bandage around her arm, he got it from his room given by Tony after his fifth fight that cost stitches. Why the hell was he doing this? Why? She's just a neighbor, a girl next door… he paused. The short images of her small happiness while he talked to her, and how she annoyed the hell out of him, his answer became foggy. She seemed just too sad, and he couldn't stand it. Why though? He couldn't seem to find the answer. When he was done, he went back to his room and collapsed in his chair.

Back to Clare's POV

When I woke up, I felt strange. I felt a tight pressure from my arm and realized a bandage was wrapped around my stomach and my arm. Who did this? I opened my eyes but expected no one there. I sat up slowly and sauntered into the bathroom and splashed my face to clear my cloudy eyes. I changed into… the clothes I first came here. My heart sank deep but I still placed it on. My eyes were cast down when I jumped into my pants but when I looked up to the large one-sided mirror. I jumped. My heart popped when I saw myself and another man behind me. The black-haired noble… and he was smiling sadly at me! His dark eyes looked at me, not me in the mirror but actually I. This must be a hallucination… must be! But my lips moved and I asked, "Who are you?"

He didn't reply but still stared and then raised a hand and pointed to his eye.

I raised an eyebrow. What the hell?

He then smiled and leaned in, close to my ear and I heard him whisper in my ear, "Find me"

Then in a blink of an eye he was gone. I looked around and checked my front apartment door, no sign of anyone entering. My heart wouldn't stop pounding; I could hear it even. Glad I'm alone… sort of. Then a rumble from my stomach drummed out my heartbeat. Okay, I was hungry. I grabbed a warm jacket, locked my apartment, and headed downstairs. Sharon was there, in her normal place, I smiled to her even though she didn't notice but I walked up to her and asked, "Do you know where a snack shop might be?"

She nodded, "Yeah, go down by-, then turn left on-, and then-"

I thanked her and left.

I followed her instructions but when I was almost there, someone came running up towards me. I turned wide-eyed to see Aaron panting before me. I couldn't speak, the last time I saw him was after D left. I clutched my jacket and just stared.

"Y-you sure you should be out?" He panted.

I didn't reply.

"I mean, you were pretty banged up! You had bruises all over you!"

"I'm fine." I turned my back and entered the store.

With Aaron behind me I looked at some snacks I wanted, I laughed when I saw one of my favorites and bought it. I popped one in my mouth, so sweet and I smiled when I stepped out. Aaron was still behind me.

"What do you want?" I scowled.

"Look" He sighed and scuffed the back of his neck, "I know what happened. Don't you wanna get it out? I mean…"

"Aaron, I appreciate your kindness. I really do but I thought you wouldn't care. Because I did annoy you to death!" I scoffed and I felt my nose congest (the first sign that I was going to cry), "I mean, who would care or hang around someone as annoying as me?"

Okay, calm down.

Don't cry. That's it! No more, okay!

I inhaled and then exhaled deeply.

I wasn't going to cry.

"I wouldn't mind." He said.

I looked up with surprised eyes!

He wasn't smiling, but he was honest. His eyes.

"I would think this girl is a lot of fun"


"And, I think she needs some company now."

I swallowed hard.

"Come on, you little prick!" He grabbed my hand and dragged me along the streets of this rundown city.

A few blocks away from the snack shop, Aaron stopped in his tracks. I looked up to his face and asked, "What's wrong?"

He began to nervously laugh, "W-where do you want to go?"

"Find me"

Those words crossed my mind in an instant. And I looked down, if I can find him… where can I look? Oh, it might be stupid but maybe…

"The library…"

"Why that place?"

"I… I need to find someone" Without realizing it, I clutched Aaron's hand.

I was nervous.


Of what?

To know the truth…

About who that man is…

Or was…

So a couple of hours past when we finally reached the library and it was surely not one I've ever seen ever in my life. There that edifice stood tall and grand, as big as a major business office or something. A huge arch made of steel and glass tinted a mint green, I gaped at this cool building. But jerked back to reality when Aaron tugged me along up the stairs and through the revolving doors of the building. We got stuck for a moment until Aaron kicked it with his foot. Walking up to a huge checkout desk, I was surprised anyone was here. Only a few in matter of fact were occupying this huge library. Stories of shelves filled and crammed with books. Dusty here and there, up above was a huge dome made of glass with little sunlight shining but creating a path of specks of light. Then someone peered down with small glasses. An ancient looking man holding a pen in his hand peered at us with beady eyes. I swallowed hard, then Aaron nudged me and I shouted, "Um, I'm looking for someone! Black haired man! Noble with red eyes?"

He didn't respond but looked at me harder.

Did he not hear me?

"A noble! With-"

"Up on the fourth floor, left side, third section. Good day." He said in a routine-like manner and immediately disappeared behind the high desk.

I look to Aaron and said, "You got that didn't you?"

And again another few flights of stairs, dozens of steps covered we made. Finally we made to the section of… NOBLES in golden lettering like all the other names of sections. I sighed in defeat, so the only thing that old fart heard was 'noble'. Grreeeaaattt! I sighed in defeat but Aaron approached the section and pulled out a book.

"So what's the noble's name?" He asked.

"What do you- we can't possibly find him in here! I mean, at least I think we can't…"

I felt something strange.

In the pit of my stomach I knew

I can find who he is in here.

I can.

"Let's get started." I glared and grabbed a huge stack of books and brought them to a near bye table and began to look. I looked at pictures basically of him. Didn't bother with the text only if the noble had no picture. Aaron helped too, a lot. He stopped when he thought he had someone. But we didn't come close until we came to… the current date.

"This library has new stocks on every date even today doesn't it?" I commented when I pulled the book out.

"What do you mean? That is at least 2,000 years ago."

I couldn't breathe.

I looked at the dates and remembered the time I was born, attended school, my first dance party, and everything else. How can it bee 2,000 years ago?

"You okay Clare?"

I dropped the book and grabbed Aaron by the scruff of his shirt.

"I'm not crazy! You hear me! I never was, am or will be! You hear! I'm not!"

"O-okay! No worries. I know you're not" He grinned and looked at me with easy eyes.

He didn't get the picture…

I released him, grabbed the book from the floor and disappeared behind a bookshelf and read my time. I flipped the pages franticly. No official class divisions in America but obvious fact of money divisions, etc. This book was small because, on the last page it wrote:

Date: - Time: -

The Earth was destroyed

Cause: Atomic Bomb – All out War

I chocked and placed a hand on my scared heart. That's impossible. Impossible, that can't be. I dropped the book once again and dashed away from Aaron. That day, that very day I was hanging out with my friend. Just what happened? In a large area with tables I collapsed in the farthest corner. Curling myself into a ball, I quietly cried. I knew. I knew things were different but I couldn't wrap my head around such and insane, crazy, inconceivable idea. I'm really alone. My family is dead. My friends are dead. Why not I? Then I felt a cold hand press down on my shoulder gently. I looked up to see Jen. I swallowed hard and was afraid of him. But he just looked at me and wiped away a tear from my face.

"Well… this is just awkward." I said.

"I'm sorry I approached you in that manner. I assumed you remembered me. But… that appears not to be the case. I know who you are. Well the you I met a thousand years ago"

"So I'm an old hag in a girl's body. That's ew!" I shivered.

"I don't think that's the case with you"


"Because I smelled your blood when you came back from chasing the dunpeal. Your blood smells like a 17-year-old girl. Not a hag. If you were, your blood would smell a lot different."

"And I should believe you?"

"I'm a vampire. An expert for blood" He actually smiled mockingly, showing his white fangs.

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