Author's note: I blame this on watching Hairspray the movie way too much, but I do like to write the crossover that most don't think of. This

Pairings: Buffy/Link and Tracy/Seaweed

Buffy is the slayer and this story will take place in the Hairspray movie universe. Takes place January which is five months before the movie which according to the newspaper started in May.

In the Buffy verse this takes place around the beginning of the second season.

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or Hairspray. I'm just borrowing them for entertainment and am making no money off of this.

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Buffy Summers didn't know why she ended up back in the past. She had been in her room using her time before patrol to study for the big history test she had. Willow was supposed to help her but some kind of family emergency came up and that left Buffy studying alone. She felt herself beginning to fall asleep so she stood and went to open the window. What happened next happened so fast Buffy hadn't had time to react. A bright blue glowing portal opened in her room and a blue streak of energy shot out enveloping her and pulling her in before she could scream or even fight back.

Buffy awoke feeling strange. She was slightly dazed which was probably why it took her a minute to notice where she was and what she was wearing. When she finally came to her senses Buffy noticed that she had been lying on a bed in what looked like a nurse's office. She was wearing a blue dress with white dots all over it. Buffy's face twisted in horror at how ugly the dress was.

"You're awake. How do you feel?" A woman who Buffy assumed was the school nurse asked.

"What happened?" Buffy asked her head was hurting a bit.

"I'm afraid you hit your head on a locker. You've got quite the bump."

Buffy moved her hand to the back of her head and could feel the bump that was there.

"I tried calling your home but no one answered."

"My dad's at work and my mom's dead." Buffy said putting a hand to her head. Her mind was suddenly being filled with new memories that fit where she was. She was now remembering that they moved to Baltimore a week ago to get away from LA. Everything in LA reminded her father of her mother who had been hit by a car while crossing the street.

"Are you all right Dearie?"

"Yeah, would it be okay if I went home for the rest of the day?" Buffy asked not wanting to figure out what was going on while in school.

"I think you should. Do I need to give you a lift home or can you make it on your own?"

"I only live a couple blocks away. I can walk."

The nurse nodded writing Buffy a pass to be excused from the rest of her classes. Buffy took the pass and walked out heading toward the door. She passed several students barely glancing at them. Her head was hurting more, which worried Buffy, because her slayer healing should be kicking in, and the world began to spin. She tried to grab onto something nearby but there was nothing and she felt herself began to fall. Before she could hit the ground she felt a pair of arms wrap around her.

"Whoa there little darlin. You okay?"

Buffy looked up and right into the bluest eyes she had ever seen. A minute passed before the two broke the stare. He helped Buffy to her feet but didn't let go.

"Nice catch." Buffy smiled up at him. "I just got a little dizzy."

"Where were you headed?" He asked and Buffy realized he still hadn't let go.

"Home. The nurse is sending me home and I told her I just lived a couple blocks away and I was going to walk but I got a little dizzy. I'm okay now."

"Are you sure? Why don't you let me take you home?" He said helping Buffy outside and to his car. "I'm Link by the way."

"Buffy, and thanks for the ride."

Link helped her out the door. Buffy shivered a bit but wasn't sure if it was from the cold January air or from the closeness to Link. He escorted her toward the red Corvette convertible and Link opened the door for her. Once he was sure she was in he shut the door and went around and got in on the driver side.

"Which way?" Link asked as they were about to pull out of the school's parking lot.

"Left. Go down about two lights and then turn right."

Link nodded as he turned left out of the parking lot. The car remained silent as they drove. When he made the right turn his passenger sat up a little straighter.

"It's the white and blue house there in the middle on the left."

Link pulled up into the drive and quickly jumped out and was opening her door before she could even make a move to get out. He offered her his hand to help her get out. Buffy offered him a small smile of thanks.

"Thank you for the ride." Buffy managed to mumble out as she felt herself getting lost in those eyes again.

"No problem Lil Darlin."

When Link finally let go of Buffy's hand she began to head to her front door. Using her key she opened the door and turned to see that Link hadn't left yet. She waved to him and he waved back before getting in his car again. Buffy shut the door and ran to the window and watched as he drove off.

Buffy sat up in her bedroom clutching a stuffed cow her father had won for her when she was six at a carnival. She was thinking about the new memories and they felt just as real as the old one. She remembered when she had found out her mother had died and how it tore at her, but she also remembered that she and her mother had moved to Sunnydale when she divorced her father. Her father in this universe was completely different from the uncaring bastard who forgot his daughter's birthday and bangs his secretary on a daily basis. Her father in this universe is a loving caring man who would do anything for his daughter. Buffy felt so confused and the two memories coinciding were giving her another headache. She reached up to the back of her head to find the bump from earlier was completely gone thanks to her slayer healing. A knock on her door drew her out of her thoughts.

"Buffy? Honey, are you in there?" The door opened slowly and her dad peeked his head in and Buffy could see that he was concerned.

"Dad, what are you doing home so early?" Buffy asked. She hadn't heard him come home.

"The school nurse called me at work and told me you hit your head and that she was sending you home. I was worried about you and got here as soon as I could. How are you feeling honey?"

Hank asked moving to sit on the bed. He began looking at her head trying to find the bump.

"I'm fine now daddy. You know I've always been a fast healer. I just have a little bit of a headache."

"Okay, why don't you lay down for a while and I'll start dinner in a little bit?" Hank could see the protest forming because Buffy was always the one to cook which was weird because Buffy never cooked in the other reality. "You need to rest. I'll manage for one night."

Hank kissed his daughter on the forehead and helped her to lie back before pulling the covers over her. Buffy snuggled into the covers as he left the room falling asleep almost immediately.

Link Larkin could not take his mind off of Buffy. When their eyes met he felt the spark and was sure that she felt it too. He had spent the night thinking about her wondering if they had any classes together and why he hadn't noticed her before. She was certainly beautiful enough. The next day at school he had gotten their early hoping to run into her but he never did. When the warning bell rang he knew he'd better hurry off to homeroom. In first period he didn't see her so he figured he didn't have first period with her. Halfway through second period all heads went up. She walked in and handed Mr. Pierce a piece of paper before taking her seat. From that moment on Link's concentration went out the window and he couldn't help looking at her. He lost track of her when the bell rang and didn't find her again until lunch time. She was sitting at a table all by herself not really paying attention to what was going on around her. She was munching on an apple and Link wished more than anything to be that apple and feel Buffy's lips on his. Quickly he went through the line and got his lunch and paid for it. He moved to where Buffy was sitting and stood in front of her.

"Mind if I join you lil darlin?" Link said with his sexiest smile.

"Sure." Buffy barely croaked out.

"Feeling better today?" Link asked as he sat down.

"I am. I've always been a fast healer." Link nodded and began eating his food. Both he and Buffy noticed that more than a few people were staring at them and whispering.

"It looks like we're attracting attention. Why?"

"Because they're a bunch of gossip mongers. So, Buffy, what brings you to our little school?"

"My dad and I moved here from LA about a week ago. He wanted to get as far from LA as possible and his work transferred him here. My turn to ask a question. What made you give me a ride yesterday?"

"The look we shared. I know you felt the spark too and after I dropped you off I couldn't get you out of my head. I would like to get to know you, maybe even get a last name." Link said with a chuckle.

"I did feel it and its Summers. I'm Buffy Summers."

"Link Larkin. Nice to meet you lil darlin."

They shook hands as if this was the first time they had met and the two talked and ate their lunches.

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