The show had already begun and Buffy was making sure everything was ready. She saw that Tracy was inside the Ultra Clutch rocket. Corny was getting ready to announce the winner and Buffy motioned for them to lower Tracy. Just as Corny started to say that Amber had won, Tracy interrupted causing everyone to smile. As Tracy sang Buffy moved carefully over to one of the spotlights she had talked one of the techs into setting up. Tracy finished her song and the lights went out and all you could see was the red light of the camera. Buffy turned one of the spot lights on and had it shining on Link.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the TV audience for your consideration for Miss teenage Hairspray I like to introduce Miss Inez Stubbs."

The lights came back up and Link began dancing with Inez and the crowd seemed really impressed with her dancing especially when Link let her dance by herself. As the music ended the audience applauded loudly for Inez. Corny was handed a new envelope.

"Baltimore you picked a winner. The new Miss Hairspray is…Inez Stubbs!"

From her position in the rafters Buffy was glad that her plan to integrate the show had worked. She now threw confetti down over Inez and Corny, and when the Wicked Witch showed up she moved and turned the whole box of confetti upside down. The remaining confetti fell hitting Velma and Buffy dropped the box too, laughing as it hit Velma in the head. The lights dimmed again a little and this time multiple strobe lights began moving as the Negro day dancers appeared. Buffy had moved by one of the microphones.

"Ladies and Gentlemen the Corny Collins show is now and forever officially integrated!" Buffy said as the lights flashed before coming back up completely.

The music started up again and everyone began dancing. Buffy decided now was a good time to come down and made her way to the ladder that would bring her down behind the stage where the tallies had been counted. She slid down the ladder and watched as everyone danced. Link was standing by Corny back by the podium. She was about to move toward him when she caught what the Wicked Witch said about switching the tallies. The look on her face when Tracy's mom said she was on candid camera was priceless. What was even better was when Mr. Spitzer fired her. Buffy walked over with a smile on her face.

"See a case of the crabs will do that to you every time."

"You! This is all your doing!"

"It is and I'm proud of it. Good luck finding another job like this one because your last answer just blew it." Buffy laughed having remembered what Tracy had told her about her audition.

"Why you little-" Velma raised her hand as if to hit Buffy but before Buffy could even move to stop her, an arm grabbed Velma's wrist.

"If so much as touch a single hair on my child's hair I'll take you to court for every penny you own." Hank said glaring at the woman.

"Daddy!" Buffy said happily. Hank let Velma go and watched as she scrambled quickly away from them.

"I missed you." Hank said hugging his daughter tightly.

"What are you doing back so early?"

"Corny called me when he saw what happened on the news. He told me all about it and I took the first flight I could get, I've been in the audience since the show started."

"I'm glad you were here." Buffy and her father could hear Edna singing and moved to see her as she danced. Inez joined her and Buffy looked at her father. "I'll be right back."

He nodded and watched as Buffy began front flipping onto the stage. The crowd oohed and ahhed as Buffy flipped up sailing over Edna and Inez and twisting in the air. She landed and the crowd and the group on the stage both clapped. Link came over to her smiling and the two began dancing together in front of the camera. Tracy and Seaweed joined them. Corny had run over and grabbed Maybelle and brought her to the stage. She began singing and Buffy pulled Link offstage where her father was waiting.

"Buffy you were great. Watching you dance out there reminded me of your mother. That's where you get it from, and I'm glad to see you and Link worked through your differences." They were both smiling and Link squeezed her hand. "Now, I'm going to see about this assault charge and make sure they dismiss it."

They nodded and watched him go out the door where the cops were waiting. Buffy and Link went back toward the stage where Corny was standing.

"It worked! You did it Buffy!" He said hugging her.

"No we did it all of us together." Buffy said smiling watching as everyone danced.

Maybelle and Inez approached Corny's podium and Corny placed the tiara on Inez's head as the audience applauded. This time it was Link who pulled her out onto the floor to the middle where they danced together and were soon kissing each other as the cameras stopped and the music ended. Buffy thought life couldn't get better than this.

The End (For now).

This is the end for now. There is more I wanted to do with this story and I hope that my muse will let me return to it. For now I gave you the ending the movie gave us.