Nymphadora Tonks Lupin

It was bedtime at the Lupin home, and Tonks was making no progress. Not because Teddy wouldn't cooperate, but because Tonks was having so much fun with him. They were playing with their appearances. Whatever Tonks would change, Teddy would try to copy her. He couldn't quite get them all right though.

Tonks went neon pink, and she watched Teddy blink his eyes a few times, before scrunching his nose. His hair turned to alight, baby pink.

"So close!" Tonks smiled at her son, and she kissed his nose. "Let's try again." This time Tonks changed her hair to a simple, dull gray. Teddy gurgled, and then changed to the right shade.

"Good job, honey!" Tonks laughed and she tickled him. He giggled uncontrollably, before blowing spit bubbles. Tonks laughed.

"Ewe, Teddy!" Tonks exclaimed as she wiped his face up. "Let's try this." Tonks changed her eyes to a deep purple, wondering if Teddy would see the difference. After a moment, Teddy hadn't changed, so Tonks figured he hadn't noticed.

"That's okay." Tonks cooed. "You'll get it one day." Tonks then glanced at the clock. She was surprised at the time.

"We spent more time playing then I thought." Tonks mumbled. She took Teddy up to his room, and set him on the changing table. She changed his nappie, and put him into his pajamas.

"It's time for bed." Tonks cooed. She carried Teddy to his crib and put him in. Teddy had a small music box in his room that Tonks played at night. She had no musical ability, so she used the music box. Tonks opened it and let it play. She kissed his forehead, and nuzzled his nose.

"Love you, Teddy."

-A mother is both playful and responsible-