I looked at thm like they had fish in thier eye sockets. I ran off, leaving them standing there looking frazzled.

Later that night, I heard the other cats talking and I decided to listen in because appearently I wasn't envited.

"Something is up with Tugger," my mo ther complained.

"Yes, we noticed that too," said Cori and Tanto at the same time.

"I know what's wrong..." Etcetera began.

"What?" everybody whispered loudly.

"Tugger's in love,"

"With who?" thy asked her.

"With me..." she said as she sighed.

"Oh shut up, Etcetera." everbody yelled at her.

In your dreams, midget whiskers, I thought.

Etcetera was cute but, soooooooooo annoying. She couldn't ever be my mate, I'd kill myself. Maybe she would hook up with someone...like, Plato. He had his eyes on Victoria, everyone knew that, but she was already hooking up with Sparkle-Butt, Mistoffelees. They were cute together. I felt happy for them. Munkustrap and Demeter had been mates for a while...they already had a bunch of kittens. One was my 'secret lover', Etcetera. Munk was young and working a full time job, which was enogh to support the family, but he couldn't leave his paranoid mate home with, like, 9 kittens. They had made the hard choice to give up all but two of thier kittens. Tumblebrutus, Pouncival and Etcetera went to live with Jelly. The rest went to live with Jennyanydots.

I felt bad for the kittns, but that live wasn't much different from the way I had grown up. My mother was consantly looking in a mirror, my brother, Macavity, was always beating people up, my father was the tribe leader, he didn't have much time to worry about our problems and Munkustrap was always the one getting beat up because he was a goodie-goodie, so, I was practically raising myself. Jelly had helped a lot. She had lived that sort of life too.