To mothers everywhere,

Because a mothers caring,

A mothers loving,

A mothers understanding.

To a mother who devotes her entire life to her children.

A mother who cooks,

just to hear the 'Aws!' and the 'Not nows!'.

A mother who cleans,

just to have another mess 'magically' commence.

A mother who stays up late,

just to care for her child,

as her heart aches with worry.

A mother who holds her child,

never wanting to let go.

A mother who lends her hand,

to help her child up.

A mother who wipes away your tears,

and hides her own.

A mother who does everything

that we take for granted…

she'll never let you down.

A mother who comforts you,

when it's needed most.

because she loves you.

Mothers are strong, they always stand tall.

They make the world a better place.

They take away the bad, and replace it with the good.

The love us always,

through thick and thin.

They fill our hearts & souls

with tender l ve & care,

because they know, that without it, we'd start to rip & tear.

She has love with no end, a heart with no break

She wasn't taught how to love you, she knew it the moment she saw you

Because you're hers, and she's yours.

A mother may not be perfect,

But to you she is.

To you,

You see love,

and care,

and dependability,

and faith,

and hope,

and light,

and the power to bring you through.

She loves you unconditionally, and only wants the best for you. Listen to her, love her, help her, be there for her.

And tell her you love her,

She needs to hear it.